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Thanks Xpresso Book Tours for hosting this tour! Click here for the rest of the tour. Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks is one of those super cute, swoon-worthy contemporaries that you can pick up at any point in the series, and love them just as much as the next person. For me, I started reading her books since Racing Savannah (book 4) and this book, Jesse’s Girl is undoubtedly my favourite one up to date. While the first 5 books have all been about sports, this one is different […]

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The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly tour

Thank you to the lovely The Fantastic Flying Book Club for hosting this blog tour! Click here for the full tour schedule. Today we have the ever so lovely Stephanie Oakes, author of upcoming release, The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly on the blog! While this book will be her first novel, it has already received so much love and hype. It’s a psychological thriller with with some fairytale retelling incorporated into it – this has been one of my most highly anticipated novels […]

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Thanks to The Fantastic Flying Book Club for hosting this tour! Click here to follow the rest of the tour. If I were to list all the reasons why I think everyone should read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, we’d be here till we all were just a pile of skin and bones. Since I don’t want that to happen, here’s just 5 of the main reasons why Sarah Ockler’s new book is glorious: 1. It’s a contemporary novel that’s a loose retelling of The Little […]

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Crimson Bound banner

Writing a Bad Girl/Good Boy Romance by Rosamund Hodge Everybody loves a bad boy. We’ve all heard this, and while it might not be true that absolutely everyone loves bad boys, they are certainly very popular. From Mr. Rochester on down to Loki, men who spit at the rules and do what they want have thrilled and fascinated audiences. And so has the trope of the good girl/bad boy romance–because what’s more exciting than the tension of the boy who’s almost entirely […]

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Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for hosting this blog tour! This review is completely spoiler free for the series (and all spoilers are hidden in spoiler tags). Books like Every Move restore my faith in YA series enders. Why? Because I’ve just had the worst luck with series enders lately. *cough* Ashes to Ashes, In the Afterlight and Isla and the Happily Ever After *cough* But enough of complaining, let’s talk (or just ramble, in my case, as I’m experiencing a book […]

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Thank you The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club for organizing this tour! This one was calling my name everybody. Historical fiction? Film noir? Murder? The Golden Age of Hollywood? Sign me up. The Film noir aspect of Dead to Me was certainly not disappointing.  Shady side characters you can never trust, ambiguous morals, murder, corruption everywhere, private investigators, femme fatales were all placed within the jungle of an urban city. It felt like the perfect remembrance to Film noir, even encompassing that hard to truly […]

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Thank you Rockstar Book Tours for organising this blog tour! Discussion Review by Celine and Mel **This review is spoiler-free** Max blinked. “You’re…Satan.” “Well, I’m a Satan. There are six hundred and sixty-six of us not that anyone’s counting. But you people always seem to want to lump us together into one all-powerful, malevolent being, so I like to give my audience what it wants.” He started to sink into a deep bow, but he burped in the middle of it and […]

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Thank you The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club for organising this tour! If you love a good revenge story, this is definitely a book you want to check out.  Gone Too Far starts off on a promising note. Piper Woods discovers a notebook on the ground on her way to class one day, and what she thought was a generic notebook that probably contains someone’s finals notes actually is filled with the true stories about several of the students that attend Piper’s high […]

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