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Discussion Review by Celine and Mel *This is a spoiler-free review* Mel: Liars, Inc. was exactly what I was hoping it to be – a thriller that was actually unpredictable, nail-biting and totally kickass. Celine: Yes! Liars, inc. surprised me, both in terms of plot and how much I enjoyed it. I’m usually not a fan of thrillers/mysteries because they usually choose plot over characters. Mel: Haha I’m the complete opposite, girl. I ADORE ALL ZE MYSTERY THRILLERS! It’s one of my […]

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YA Midnight Reads

Hey everyone! We’re totally stoked (sorry) to have Paula here on the blog today. You may remember The Art of Lainey, which Melanie and I (Celine) reviewed together and loved! You might be surprised because this is Halloween Week and The Art of Lainey was mostly cute and fluffy, but Paula actually has another book coming out next year that you may have heard of. I mean, I’ve been fangirling about that for a while now, because obviously it’s going to be amazing. Either way, I’m […]

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Discussion Review by Melanie and Celine *This review is spoiler-free* Melanie: How awesome and adorable was The Art of Lainey? I. LOVED. Every. Bit. (Well majority of it, anyway.) Celine: It was SUPER awesome and adorable! It was just so fluffy and cute and MICAH. But more on that later. Melanie: Eeep that name just makes me want to get up from my desk and do a mini fangirly dance 😛 Celine: (Micaaaaaahhhhhh!) Melanie: Lainey was a brilliant protagonist. She was so fun and I liked how we […]

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