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Last year in January (2015) I made a plan to read one short story per month from this anthology/collection/book-thingy (seeing as there were 12 stories and I thought that would be cool (it’s really not)) And, like most of my other plans, it totally failed. So here I am in January 2016 reading my way through the last bunch of stories all in one go because damn, this book has been sitting on my bedside table for long enough. Anyway, I ended […]

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Verse books tend to be a hit or miss for me, and in most occasions, I’ve found myself completely sucked into the story, The Realm of Possibility is another one of those verse books that just work. I can’t pretend to know what love is. It just is. The Realm of Possibility is a bit like an anthology, for it follows multiple people’s lives–a different person per poem. The author particularly focuses the teenagers’ love lives and life problems. As expected of David Levithan, what’s more is […]

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We were once like you, only our world wasn’t like yours. You have no idea how close to death you came. A generation or two earlier, you might be here with us. We resent you. You astonish us. I have never read a GLBT book in my life. I have never had an opinion on gay people. I have never needed to. I have never really thought about gay people. I have never. So I thought it was time to read a […]

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