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Discussion review by Melanie and Celine *this review is spoiler-free* Celine: Okay, so… Heir of Fire. I think this is going to be an interesting discussion because it’s pretty much the first time we’ve had differing opinions on a book! 😛 Melanie: Right? I did enjoy it overall, but when I look back and think about it, I didn’t love it that much. One of the main reasons being because it felt really boring for me. This book felt so much slower and the plot […]

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From the disappointment Throne of Glass turned out to be, Crown of Midnight was somewhat scary yet exciting to dig into. After all, how can one 400 paged sequel redeem my love for Maas? Nonetheless, after just one sitting, I devoured this book and I am entirely delighted with the result in the end. Crown of Midnight reintroduces familiar themes from Throne of Glass but also accumulates senses of distrust, brutality and of most high imperativeness, epic swooning. For people who hold […]

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That feeling of ice-cold water being splashed onto your face is a pretty horrible feeling. Throne of Glass is a bit like that, symbolically, I was ready for nice warmth, but I was shocked with the harsh cold that pushed me over. Disappointed and dismayed could be a way to put it. However, that did not mean I detested this novel, for a debut in a worn and wrung out genre, Maas accomplished with some great results, yet the hype had already […]

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