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The Geek Girl series are some of those books that are perfect for a lazy day; they read easily and fly by in one sitting, and are stuffed with cuteness. While I do have my nitpicks, Picture Perfect was a highly enjoyable read, and I’m very curious about what Holly Smale has in store for us next. Ever since Harriet stopped modelling, her life has pretty much gotten back to how it started; with her best friend, Nat, stalker, Toby and Alexa […]

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The Geek Girl series has always been those books that I turn to when I’m feeling down or just lazy in general to work my brain with dark conspiracies and run down worlds. Model Misfit was exactly what I needed–typically fun and drama-filled. What I love about Holly Smale’s debut series is how she always starts her books with something shocking and not really in Harriet’s character. It really helps draw readers into the novel. In Geek Girl, Harriet’s story begins with […]

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geek gi:k/ informal noun noun: geek; plural noun: geeks an unfashionable or socially inept person. Geek Girl is another one of those reads that have a bucket full of flaws, but is so entertaining and laid back that some of them just disappear. And that’s totally cool every now and again. An imperfectly perfect novel. Harriet Manners is a geek; even the Oxford English Dictionary is in complete agreement. Without a taste in fashion, one only friend and a brain full of […]

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