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Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for hosting this blog tour! This review is completely spoiler free for the series (and all spoilers are hidden in spoiler tags). Books like Every Move restore my faith in YA series enders. Why? Because I’ve just had the worst luck with series enders lately. *cough* Ashes to Ashes, In the Afterlight and Isla and the Happily Ever After *cough* But enough of complaining, let’s talk (or just ramble, in my case, as I’m experiencing a book […]

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Huge thanks to Allen and Unwin Australia for hosting this tour! Wow. Every Word was definitely not what I expected. If you are a little unsure about whether you want to read this book–especially if you weren’t a crazy fan of book 1, let me persuade you otherwise. Every Word is powerfully absorbing and possesses just the perfect amount of intrigue, action and romance. If you love crime novels, this book is most certainly for you. The book starts off not long […]

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My feet lose contact with the plank and I scream. Every Breath fell in the pit between realistic and unrealistic. Yes, this novel has no supernatural elements but the whole way it was written; the way the plot was incorporated seemed like quite a mouthful to swallow. This being said, Every Breath was an exciting whodunit read with a more action-motion side to it. Mind you, I can tell an action murder mystery is something hard to accomplish- Ellie Marney’s debut is […]

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