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If you have not read Disruption, then please only read the first and last paragraphs of this review. ——— I am a mess right now. Honestly, I have no idea where to begin because Corruption has my mind reeling. But let’s start off with this: I will read anything this woman writes. I’ve read pretty much every novel written by Jess Shirvington with the exception of Empower (the last book to the Violet Eden Chapters) and each book gets better than the next; I can see this […]

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Thank you to the lovely people at HaperCollins Australia for organsing this tour! ——— As most of you already know, I’ve been having the trashiest luck with books. DNFs and 1 stars left and right. But this brilliant, brilliant book totally swept me off my feet. I read this whenever I had the chance; in between classes, while on public transport and even during my Autumn Concert. If you haven’t figured out already, I found Disruption to be insanely addicting. Disruption is […]

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