By: Melanie | October 14, 2013 | (24) Comments


Even though Resist was not as stunning as Crossan’s first instalment, Breathe, Resist was still a thoroughly enjoyable book compact with action, survival and persistence. I just was hoping for a little more from everything. While we are welcomed back to the characters, Bea, Alina and Quinn, we also have a new addition of a voice–the mayor’s son, Ronan. Each of these are all tested and stretched to the maximums of their abilities as they attempt to strive in the writhing, oxygen-deprived […]

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Has anyone seen or read The Lorax? My little sister and I love that movie to bits. What I really enjoyed about The Lorax was how Dr. Seuss built a futuristic world about a life without trees or real, organic environments for children to observe. It opens their minds to a broader topic that we, as older people are endeavouring through. Well at least I hope me sister realised the vital-ness of the movie/book instead of the cute fluffy trees and the […]

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