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YA Midnight Reads

Suspenseful and somewhat eerie, Kim Kane and Marion Roberts’ Cry Blue Murder was a uniquely told mystery thriller that follows two girls who bond a close friendship through a disappearance of a girl. I was immediately captivated by the synopsis and how creepy it sounded–a killer on the loose abducting school girls? Sounds pretty darn amazing, especially for the mystery lover that I am. Cry Blue Murder was told completely by emails, documents, newspaper articles, lists etc. This isn’t your typical novel. […]

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Keep a close eye on Claire Zorn, guys, this author is going places. The Protected is my first novel by Claire Zorn, and it blew me away. This story centers around fifteen year old Hannah, whose sister passed away a year ago and is still trying to pick herself and her family up from the wreckage. Hannah’s life has never been easy. Before the accident, she was bullied, treated like nothing different to a toy, just prodded and mocked at. After the […]

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