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Cloudwish interview q

Hey guys! I have a super duper special author on the blog today – she’s one of my favourite Aussie authors of ever, and her name is Fiona Wood. She has written Six Impossible Things and Wildlife, and coming out on September 1st (TOMORROW!!) is Cloudwish. She writes the best contemporary novels that are just so raw and honest and real – and if you haven’t picked up one of her books, YOU ARE INSANE. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER AND GO AND GRAB A […]

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Why Graffiti Moon isn’t more well-known I do not know, because it’s honestly fantastic. I picked this up on a lazy afternoon spent reading in the sun, thinking I might like it. I read it in one evening, completely absorbed by the story and characters. In a way, Graffiti Moon reminded me a bit of Melina Marchetta (she said, having read a grand total of two of Marchetta’s books). Not in terms of plot or even that heartbreak quality Marchetta seems to have, but because of […]

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Shadowfell is my first book by Juliet Marillier. Before the publisher contacted me about the third book of this series, and I admit, I had no clue who this author was.  But now, I can definitely see where all the love for Juliet Marillier is coming from. I thought of betrayal and how it came so easily – in a word, a glance, a gesture. It’s the writing. Juliet Marillier writes beautifully and I devoured every word of it; this was probably […]

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After all the praises I heard from The Demon Trappers, I was truly convinced that Briar Rose would be an outstanding read. However, that was not the case. Briar Rose has been obsessed with fairy tales from a young age–however she does not live in one. With her parents following her every move, and not letting her go anywhere near the boy she once played with all the time. But it’s worse as her ex-boyfriend has been spreading fake rumours around and […]

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The amount of twists Kinslayer occupies makes me wonder how I will progress through writing this review. This book twisted my guts. (I uPUNagise) This book twisted my brain till all it could do was react with fangirling squeals. It’s no lie that I wasn’t exactly expecting a wow-factor after finishing this read; Stormdancer was difficult in terms of long descriptions and awkward sentence structure and redundancy. Nonetheless, despite a few small flaws, Kinslayer has redeemed my love for this series and […]

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