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Excerpt: “What time do you get off work?” he asked. I turned and narrowed my eyes at him. “I close at six. Then I have to balance the register, so around six thirty.” Ethan looked down at his hands for a second, then glanced up at me through his thick lashes. “You want to get something to eat when you’re done?” I licked my lips, his dark brown eyes pulling me in. I tore my gaze away and tried to focus on […]

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Two Roads, L. M. Augustine’s latest, offered a humorous dialogue, sweet revenge plotting and a cute romance. However this novel is not all just a romance, this novel deals with dark issues in an unpitying way such as death and self-esteem. Despite this, the label of NA did not really seem to work for me and authentic-y was questioned as I progressed through. Unlike Click To Subscribe, the author creates two characters that are complete enemies and slowly, throughout the story, draw […]

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Here are two excerpts of Uninvited by Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers: 1. A few serious looking lifters, wearing do rags over top of their heads, paused to watch us enter the main floor of the gym. I would have thought the wind was blowing through our hair like how it happens in movies by the way their mouths dropped at the sight of us. Feeling like hot stuff, I tried to hold back a smile until he led us off to […]

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Going into Click to Subscribe, I already had this gut feeling that I was going love this book. Naturally, I was right. After a long anticipated wait, I dug right in, ditching all other books upon receiving the ARC. L. M. introduces readers into a completely new take on best friend romance to a more realistic and emotionally driven level. Click To Subscribe promises a clean YA romance that will either keep you crying or laughing throughout. Heck, I was laughing and […]

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