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When I first heard of Dumplin’, I was really excited. Self-proclaimed fat girl enters beauty pageant? Uhm, how about yes, please. It seemed like the ultimate eff-you to beauty standards and generally awesome. And, well, I must admit I did love that aspect of the book, but I wasn’t completely smitten with it as a whole. My main problem with Dumplin’ is that I just didn’t really click with it. The story is good, the characters are solid, but I just felt this sort of detachment […]

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I have read Hodge’s debut novel, Cruel Beauty, twice, one time disliking it and one time loving it. They were very different reading experiences, but one thing remained the same: Rosamund Hodge knows how to build a complex and intricate world, and she can write. She continues this trend with her latest, Crimson Bound. I fell in love with Crimson Bound from the very first sentence. Hodge’s writing is distant and atmospheric, wild and lush. There is a certain quality to it that completely immerses […]

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Writing a Bad Girl/Good Boy Romance by Rosamund Hodge Everybody loves a bad boy. We’ve all heard this, and while it might not be true that absolutely everyone loves bad boys, they are certainly very popular. From Mr. Rochester on down to Loki, men who spit at the rules and do what they want have thrilled and fascinated audiences. And so has the trope of the good girl/bad boy romance–because what’s more exciting than the tension of the boy who’s almost entirely […]

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Well. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to review this. There is so little I can say without spoiling, but I’m going to try regardless. 99 Days is about Molly Barlow, who returns to Star Lake after spending some time elsewhere. She is not happy to be back, especially since just about everyone seems to hate her. The reason for that is that she did some… stupid things a while back. (I have to be vague about this, sorry guys.) And now she’s back, and she’s […]

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I’ll just start off with the thing I want to say most: None of the Above is such an important book. I myself have always been lucky, in the sense that if I want to see myself reflected in fiction, I don’t have to look far. There are plenty of girl protagonists, there are plenty of white protagonists – so many books on my shelf reflect me in that way. But there are also people who have to look very, very hard to see themselves in […]

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Discussion review by Celine and Larissa *this review is spoiler-free* Larissa: I was so pleased to receive and read this book from a giveaway at the Midnight Garden. I had high expectations and for the first time in awhile all of them were met. I can say in utter and complete honesty that Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda truly was a brilliant and emotional read that I’d recommend to anybody. Celine: I was really excited for this one, because I looove LGBT books. […]

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I have no idea how to review Little Peach properly. The book itself didn’t manage to really get me, as the writing style and such weren’t really my thing, but on the other hand this is such an important and powerful subject… I am conflicted. One thing is certain, and that is that this is an important book. Little Peach tackles a tough subject, but it’s a subject that needs to be tackled. After all, this happens to girls all over the world, every day. Every single […]

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I had high expectations for My Heart and Other Black Holes. Generally books about these kind of issues really get to me and make me really emotional, so My Heart (not going to type it out every time) had a lot to live up to. Did it deliver? Yes and no. My main problem was that it didn’t really move me. I cared, but it just never got to the point where I couldn’t stop reading and everything had to be okay. I just didn’t get really emotional like I’d […]

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