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Verse books tend to be a hit or miss for me, and in most occasions, I’ve found myself completely sucked into the story, The Realm of Possibility is another one of those verse books that just work. I can’t pretend to know what love is. It just is. The Realm of Possibility is a bit like an anthology, for it follows multiple people’s lives–a different person per poem. The author particularly focuses the teenagers’ love lives and life problems. As expected of David Levithan, what’s more is […]

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This is one of those times where not reading the synopsis because I want to go in as blind as possible wasn’t the greatest idea. If I had read the synopsis, I would have known that Kiss of Broken Glass is actually told in verse, which was a big surprise for me. I have to admit I had a bit of trouble with that. Though I enjoy poetry once in a while, I’m not a huge poetry-reader and I always feel the style stands […]

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This is how they will go. This is how she will go: on. The light almost speaking, and March halfway gone, the green fields beyond, and the staying. Jenny Hubbard is a fantastic writer. I’ll give her that. She can form sentences out of nowhere and still make it sound poetic and beautiful and grand. The poems that are inserted here and there are just another example of her talent. I really wanted to love And We Stay because of that. The […]

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