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Horror is a genre within YA that I personally believe brims with unexplored possibility. As a bit of a horror buff myself, I do love the genre itself but even more so the impact it can have on the reader. From personal experience I’ve felt the aftereffects of well done horror far past the credits of a movie or the closing words of a novel. I suppose my personal definition of a successful horror then would be if it elicited undeniable long-lasting fear. I […]

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And this, my friends, is why I give authors second chances. I am so glad that I decided to give Becca Fitzpatrick’s work another go despite having abhorred her Hush, Hush series. I wouldn’t go as far to say that Black Ice wasn’t problematic, but despite it’s issues it was a thrilling and relatively fast-paced read. Black Ice is a mystery thriller with (surprisingly) no paranormal aspects at all. I originally believed that this was of the paranormal genre (because silly Mel didn’t bother to carefully read the […]

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I’m going to keep this review real short and sharp because in all honesty, this book is not worth my time. 1. The main character is basically everything you don’t want in a person. Introducing Aidan Flood, whiny, rude and absolutely inept. I get that Aidan was bullied a lot, but maaaaan I was getting sick of Aidan and his constant whining about LITERALLY EVERYTHING. His narrative voice was most definitely not like a 17 year old because he felt more immature than my eight year […]

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Before I go into my review, let me just clear up that this is a new adult novel. The characters have finished high school and most of them are twentyish, there’s a bit of sex that was described a little more than what you’d find in a YA novel. Just mentioning this because Goodreads has it shelved most as YA and that’s definitely not correct. I would have liked to know beforehand, y’know? Nonetheless, that didn’t affect my enjoyment. Anyway. I’m quite […]

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YA Midnight Reads

Suspenseful and somewhat eerie, Kim Kane and Marion Roberts’ Cry Blue Murder was a uniquely told mystery thriller that follows two girls who bond a close friendship through a disappearance of a girl. I was immediately captivated by the synopsis and how creepy it sounded–a killer on the loose abducting school girls? Sounds pretty darn amazing, especially for the mystery lover that I am. Cry Blue Murder was told completely by emails, documents, newspaper articles, lists etc. This isn’t your typical novel. […]

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~Thank you to The Unofficial Book Fan Club for hosting this tour!~ Ooh I don’t even know where to begin with this. Being a total wimp, I found myself underneath the covers while reading this. If you want a book with a creep factor, here is one you want to consider. The opening of this book starts out really well. We are in the perspective a girl who has been murdered and her body is being dragged from the murder scene across an […]

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HIIIIII I AM BACK FROM MY BLOGGING HIATUS! When you see us Midnightians posting about the same book in a row, that’s saying something. Do you know what that’s saying? It’s saying: YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE IT AS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I mean, sure, I’ve read fabulous books during my 14 (nearly 15!!!) years alive but Dangerous Boys just takes fabulous to the next level. It’s dark and twisted and masterfully written, just like Abigail’s early novel, […]

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I’ve been having a whole lot of books that I feel range between 2-3 lately, and I’m really not sure what to rate them. Though I do believe this one is closer to the 2.5 side of things, I have decided to be nice [; Also, despite faults I managed to have a lot of fun. There was also a undeniable compulsive writing style that immersed you in the story. Even at a large 400+ page story, I found myself flying through pages. […]

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