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The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly tour

Thank you to the lovely The Fantastic Flying Book Club for hosting this blog tour! Click here for the full tour schedule. Today we have the ever so lovely Stephanie Oakes, author of upcoming release, The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly on the blog! While this book will be her first novel, it has already received so much love and hype. It’s a psychological thriller with with some fairytale retelling incorporated into it – this has been one of my most highly anticipated novels […]

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Discussion Review by Celine and Mel *This is a spoiler-free review* Mel: Liars, Inc. was exactly what I was hoping it to be – a thriller that was actually unpredictable, nail-biting and totally kickass. Celine: Yes! Liars, inc. surprised me, both in terms of plot and how much I enjoyed it. I’m usually not a fan of thrillers/mysteries because they usually choose plot over characters. Mel: Haha I’m the complete opposite, girl. I ADORE ALL ZE MYSTERY THRILLERS! It’s one of my […]

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I was actually not aware that Suma was publishing another book so when I saw this one popping up on Netgalley, I nearly fell out of my seat. No exaggeration, peoples. Seventeen & Gone was when the author stole my heart, and tucked it away some place where I’ll never find it again. And while The Walls Around Us did not deliver the same effect, I am still amazed by Suma’s amazing writer-abilities. Her books are castles, and you’d be mad not to see it that […]

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have a very rocky relationship with Oliver’s books. While she caught my heart with Before I Fall, Panic and the later books in her Delirium trilogy did not have me impressed. So I went into Vanishing Girls very much cautiously, and I ended up getting exactly what I was hoping for. Sometimes day and night reverse. Sometimes up goes down and down goes up, and love turns into hate, and things […]

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Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for hosting this blog tour! This review is completely spoiler free for the series (and all spoilers are hidden in spoiler tags). Books like Every Move restore my faith in YA series enders. Why? Because I’ve just had the worst luck with series enders lately. *cough* Ashes to Ashes, In the Afterlight and Isla and the Happily Ever After *cough* But enough of complaining, let’s talk (or just ramble, in my case, as I’m experiencing a book […]

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Thank you The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club for organizing this tour! This one was calling my name everybody. Historical fiction? Film noir? Murder? The Golden Age of Hollywood? Sign me up. The Film noir aspect of Dead to Me was certainly not disappointing.  Shady side characters you can never trust, ambiguous morals, murder, corruption everywhere, private investigators, femme fatales were all placed within the jungle of an urban city. It felt like the perfect remembrance to Film noir, even encompassing that hard to truly […]

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Being someone who hasn’t read anything by Ally Carter before, I went into this book… not expecting all that much. But knowing that Ms. Carter’s previous books have all been something along the lines of a mystery thriller-y espionage kinda thing, let me assure you now, this isn’t anything like that. Heck, this book is definitely something that I wouldn’t think you’ve picked up beforehand. It’s original right to it’s roots. All Fall Down combines a world of diplomacy and the repercussions of death into […]

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This review is COMPLETELY spoiler free Veronica Mars is a recent addiction and addition to my oh-so-monotonous life. As I write this review, it’s the last day of my summer holidays before I’m back at school for the new school year—and just less than two months earlier when the holidays started, I clicked play on the very first episode of the Veronica Mars TV series. I soon became absolutely smitten with the TV show (maaaaaaybe because of Logan Echolls) and I soon jumped […]

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