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I don’t even know anymore. Seriously, what the flip was this? The whole time I read this, I was thinking: no No NO NOOOO. A complete disaster? Pretty much, seeing that I DNFed it and cannot think of one major likeable aspect. Not even a minor one. I’ll say you’re wasting your time if you try this. Though please, if you think you’ll be satisfied in the end or are curious, go ahead. But I totally, totally warned you. My first quibble […]

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I remember, when I was younger, I would imagine what it would be like to be completely mute. The idea didn’t seem awfully outrageous. Back then, I was quiet, shy. Anathematized talking. However now, the thought horrifies me. Not only would not having a tongue would mean no ice-cream, but also because I am a crazy chatter-box. If I was mutilated, the world be a reticent, monotonousĀ place. All The Truth That’sĀ In Me, to be labelled as different, would be one of the […]

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I wasn’t necessarily disappointed with Fairytales for Wilde Girls, I was more at loss in anything. Nevertheless, Allyse Near’s debut was rather pleasing despite a number of imperfections. A mix between fantasy and contemporary, despite the gorgeous cover, this novel reaches some grittily suspenseful scenes, with some patience. The highlight of Fairytales for Wilde Girls had to be the writing. Entirely beautiful and detailed, Near’s words seemed practically magical in a sense. A highly commendable aspect here, and definitely made me enjoy […]

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