By: Melanie | January 5, 2016 | (50) Comments


Last year in January (2015) I made a plan to read one short story per month from this anthology/collection/book-thingy (seeing as there were 12 stories and I thought that would be cool (it’s really not)) And, like most of my other plans, it totally failed. So here I am in January 2016 reading my way through the last bunch of stories all in one go because damn, this book has been sitting on my bedside table for long enough. Anyway, I ended […]

By: Larissa | August 28, 2014 | (40) Comments


I’ve just finished this book and I feel as if I’m floating high on cloud nine. I’ll try my best to make this review coherent and not just endless gushing, but it’s quite difficult when Perkins writes these stories that just have such  an emotional impact on my mood. I went from having a semi bad day to feeling completely ecstatic while reading this novel. I think it really says something when an author can create such palpable and real emotions from words. It’s […]

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