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I’ve read all of Sarah Crossan’s novels now, and in my opinion, Apple and Rain is her best work so far. This book is filled with emotions, and is bound to make anyone feel. A tale of coming of age, learning what real love is and different forms of love, Apple and Rain transcended my high expectations. On Christmas Eve eleven years ago, Apple’s mother left Apple. Apple has always hoped that one day, she would come back to save her from […]

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Even though Resist was not as stunning as Crossan’s first instalment, Breathe, Resist was still a thoroughly enjoyable book compact with action, survival and persistence. I just was hoping for a little more from everything. While we are welcomed back to the characters, Bea, Alina and Quinn, we also have a new addition of a voice–the mayor’s son, Ronan. Each of these are all tested and stretched to the maximums of their abilities as they attempt to strive in the writhing, oxygen-deprived […]

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Has anyone seen or read The Lorax? My little sister and I love that movie to bits. What I really enjoyed about The Lorax was how Dr. Seuss built a futuristic world about a life without trees or real, organic environments for children to observe. It opens their minds to a broader topic that we, as older people are endeavouring through. Well at least I hope me sister realised the vital-ness of the movie/book instead of the cute fluffy trees and the […]

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