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I have read Hodge’s debut novel, Cruel Beauty, twice, one time disliking it and one time loving it. They were very different reading experiences, but one thing remained the same: Rosamund Hodge knows how to build a complex and intricate world, and she can write. She continues this trend with her latest, Crimson Bound. I fell in love with Crimson Bound from the very first sentence. Hodge’s writing is distant and atmospheric, wild and lush. There is a certain quality to it that completely immerses […]

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Writing a Bad Girl/Good Boy Romance by Rosamund Hodge Everybody loves a bad boy. We’ve all heard this, and while it might not be true that absolutely everyone loves bad boys, they are certainly very popular. From Mr. Rochester on down to Loki, men who spit at the rules and do what they want have thrilled and fascinated audiences. And so has the trope of the good girl/bad boy romance–because what’s more exciting than the tension of the boy who’s almost entirely […]

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Fairytale retellings have always been a hit or miss for me and Cruel Beauty totally met my expectations. Cruel Beauty contains; a love story, a destiny and betrayal as well as one brilliantly constructed protagonist and love triangle–that I must admit was rather enjoyable than annoying. Hundreds of years ago the country of Arcadia had been cursed and was controlled by demons and still has been ever since. The price of demons–The Gentle Lord is known for making bargains with desperate people, […]

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