By: Melanie | January 7, 2015 | (37) Comments


Thank you The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club for organising this tour! If you love a good revenge story, this is definitely a book you want to check out.  Gone Too Far starts off on a promising note. Piper Woods discovers a notebook on the ground on her way to class one day, and what she thought was a generic notebook that probably contains someone’s finals notes actually is filled with the true stories about several of the students that attend Piper’s high […]

By: Melanie | October 12, 2013 | (24) Comments


This tour was hosted by Sourcebooks Fire. What would you do if six months of your life has been wiped out? Who would you tell–would you tell? When Chloe falls asleep in the middle of school and wakes up lying in the snow, in complete confusion of how she got there and why Adam was by her side. After all, she always thought Adam as a complete creepo. Soon, she finds out that she is dating Blake, a boy who she’d only dared […]

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