By: Celine | November 13, 2014 | (23) Comments


Top Seven Things I Thought While Reading This Book 1. “This is adorable!” Because seriously, IT WAS. It was written with a similar tone to Ask Again Later, which was just completely adorable and fluffy, and Top Ten Clues was no different. I just love the happy, cutesy feel of Czukas’ books. 2. “These characters are amazing.” Top Ten Clues follows a group of teenagers, working at a store called GoodFoods. All of these teens had just such unique personalities, and I loved it. Put these people […]

By: Melanie | March 3, 2014 | (37) Comments


Thank you to the lovely people at Merp Squad Tours who made this tour possible! It is a universal truth that a person cannot run in clogs, but that didn’t stop me from trying. If you love banter, this book is for you. If you love cute romances, this book is for you. If you love fluffy contemporaries, this book was written for you. Ask Again Later is one of the best light contemporaries I’ve ever read. Also read in over 2 […]

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