By: Melanie | August 8, 2013 | (13) Comments


Two Roads, L. M. Augustine’s latest, offered a humorous dialogue, sweet revenge plotting and a cute romance. However this novel is not all just a romance, this novel deals with dark issues in an unpitying way such as death and self-esteem. Despite this, the label of NA did not really seem to work for me and authentic-y was questioned as I progressed through. Unlike Click To Subscribe, the author creates two characters that are complete enemies and slowly, throughout the story, draw […]

By: Melanie | May 9, 2013 | (17) Comments


Going into Click to Subscribe, I already had this gut feeling that I was going love this book. Naturally, I was right. After a long anticipated wait, I dug right in, ditching all other books upon receiving the ARC. L. M. introduces readers into a completely new take on best friend romance to a more realistic and emotionally driven level. Click To Subscribe promises a clean YA romance that will either keep you crying or laughing throughout. Heck, I was laughing and […]

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