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Discussion Review by Larissa and Mel **There are no major spoilers (just very mild ones) that will ruin your enjoyment of the book. ** Larissa: Okay I just finished this book and I’m giving it three stars. This was probably my least favourite of the Blood of Eden series. Mel: Yeah, I ended up giving this 3 stars as well. I guess nothing can come to compare with The Eternity Cure. Larissa: I found it to be quite mediocre compared with my […]

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Grim is an anthology written by some great YA authors. The short stories that make up it are all fairy tale retellings. I enjoyed all of them to a point, with the exception of one. Some of the stories were a little bit more enjoyable and memorable than others though. Therefore, I will give a quick review of each to showcase my feelings towards each story. The Key By Rachel Hawkins,  a retell of Bluebeard I wasn’t sure of what to expect with Rachel, […]

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