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Last year in January (2015) I made a plan to read one short story per month from this anthology/collection/book-thingy (seeing as there were 12 stories and I thought that would be cool (it’s really not)) And, like most of my other plans, it totally failed. So here I am in January 2016 reading my way through the last bunch of stories all in one go because damn, this book has been sitting on my bedside table for long enough. Anyway, I ended […]

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*this review ended up quite lengthy, so I ended up bolding important points for those who don’t want/don’t have the time to read everything This is my first read by Holly Black, and I’m most certainly impressed. She has an undeniable and unique writing style. It’s one that fits the magical and wondrous, yet, creepy and dark world of this novel to a tee. With her words she’ll hook you, alike how a will-o’-the-wisp lures entranced and unsuspecting humans from safe paths. …..Okay, […]

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When reading a book, one expects the following: 1) an original storyline and 2) one that will not make you fall asleep one chapter in. The Iron Trial, despite being co-written by two totally capable authors, just didn’t make 1) or 2) happen. Harry Potter, anyone? I bet we all saw this one coming, regardless whether you’ve read the book yet or not. It’s about tweens, it’s got magic, it’s got 3 freaking kids on the front cover and in the background, […]

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