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HIIIIII I AM BACK FROM MY BLOGGING HIATUS! When you see us Midnightians posting about the same book in a row, that’s saying something. Do you know what that’s saying? It’s saying: YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE IT AS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I mean, sure, I’ve read fabulous books during my 14 (nearly 15!!!) years alive but Dangerous Boys just takes fabulous to the next level. It’s dark and twisted and masterfully written, just like Abigail’s early novel, […]

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Discussion by Melanie and Celine *This review is spoiler-free* Melanie: Abigail Haas doesn’t fail us yet again. This is a piece of perfection. YES YES YES. *flails* It was everything I expected plus more. Celine: I have to admit, my expectations were sky high after the masterpiece that was Dangerous Girls. I was a bit worried, because high expectations usually lead to disappointment. But of course I shouldn’t have worried. This is Abigail Haas, after all. Dangerous Boys blew me away. Melanie: Yeah, I had […]

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Even as I say it, I can hear how cliché it sounds, like I’m stuck in the nightmare of one of those trashy soaps I would watch with my mom as a kid. I swallow back hysterics, try to sound calm and collected. “You believe me, don’t you? You have to make them see.” Dangerous Girls made me feel something I have never felt so strongly before. It’s a complicated mass of jumbled words, exclamation marks and splatters of tears. Being in […]

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