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If you are an author, publicist or publisher wanting to contact us for a review, this is the page for you.

YA Midnight Reads is primarily a young-adult review website, hence the given name (YA Midnight Reads). However, our site does consist of some middle-grade and adult literature reviews. Our reviews are 100% honest and are critical. We do not receive or accept any compensation for our reviews.

What we are willing to read for review

  • YA
  • NA (must be appropriate for teens)
  • MG
  • Adult (must be appropriate for teens)

What we will not accept

  • Self-help
  • Graphic novels/comic books
  • Erotica
  • Non-fiction
  • Short stories/novellas
  • Autobiographies or biographies

Other notes to consider

  • We prefer hard copies, however, we will read e-copies as well (hardcopies have greater priority)
  • If it is an e-review copy, please note that we have e-readers so .mobi files are preferable
  • Melanie lives in Australia, Celine lives in the Netherlands and Larissa in Canada.
  • We rarely accept review requests from indie-authors
  • We also will accept audiobooks for review
  • We will not share the book to anyone unless you have requested
  • We will not post the review if it’s under 3 stars until your consent. (This only applies for author requests or to those who have requested in their email)
  • Our time is tight so we will only be responding to emails where we are accepting your review request
  • We are currently fully booked till April, 2016 according to our calendar. However, we do have room to shuffle reviews around.

What to expect in our reviews

  • A book info
  • A book Cover
  • A buy link and a Goodreads link
  • A thank you to the source who sent us the book
  • An honest and critical review of at least 4 paragraphs long (or 3 paragraphs long for mini reviews)
  • An honest rating out of 5 stars

We are also open to blog tour requests! Just follow the criteria above, and send us an email.

Once you have read over our review policy, you can reach us via email which can be found on our contact page.

One Response to Review Policy

  1. Dear Midnightians,

    I wonder if you might be interested in reviewing an action adventure young adult ebook called The Secret of Sinbad’s Cave. Imagine Famous Five meets Treasure Island set in New Zealand – with a mystical twist. Here’s a quick synopsis:

    Nat Sheppard’s world is turned upside down on the first day of the school holidays by the discovery of a secret room containing cave maps with clues to an ancient treasure. But Nat and her friends soon discover they’re not the only ones chasing the jewels. Professional treasure hunters are on the trail – and they’re prepared to eliminate anyone in their way.

    Let me know if you would be interested. Thank you so much for your time.

    Warm regards,

    Brydie Walker Bain
    Waitomo Caves
    New Zealand

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