By: Melanie | December 16, 2015 | (46) Comments

The Guide to Surviving a Book Buying Ban

Welcome, my fellow booknerds, to the guide you’ve all been looking for… THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING A BOOK BUYING BAN. Yup, we’ve all been there. The time when you ‘accidentally’ walked right into a bookstore or ‘accidentally’ clicked on that enticing email link that The Book Depository sent you… AND BOUGHT ALL THE BOOKS. It happens. You go book crazy… and then completely broke. *nods sagely* Step 1 Set a goal for yourself. How long are you planning to be on this […]

By: Celine | August 26, 2015 | (17) Comments

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series

    * Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well. And so it begins. The very first sentence of the very first book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I was in love. I remember reading this series for the first time – or rather, reading the first two books (I was rather late to the party) and then waiting waiting waiting for that final book. I fell in love immediately. Like, in […]

By: Melanie | July 15, 2015 | (107) Comments

When You Need to Cry Over a Book in Public

C’mon… we’ve all had that one time. (Or… if you’re like me… MULTIPLE times.) Most of the time, reading in public is no trouble at all. It’s almost as if you were still back at home all snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea reading. Almost. But sometimes… we’ve all had those moments where things just get all kinds of awkwaaaaard. Because awkward is forever. Like that time when you’re reading along happily and you reach an incredibly EMOTIONAL scene, and you can’t help […]

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things to say to piss off a ya reader

Believe it or not, being a reader of YA books is hard. Why? Because sometimes the smallest of things that the people around you say just make you wanna go… DON’T DIS MA YA FICTION, YO. So, what exactly makes me want to set fire to my head like Anger from Inside Out up there? Comments like these: I don’t read YA, they’re all the same thing… Okay. I get it. There are some similar YA novels out there. So yes, I […]

By: Melanie | May 5, 2015 | (94) Comments

How Book Blog

Because Mel here thinks she knows much more about blogging than she did since she began (*cough* not really) today’s post consists of a quick run down of how to book blog from Mel’s point of view. Here we go! Step 1. If you haven’t already, make a website. Obviously, in order to book blog the cool way, you need to have a blog. comes highly recommended if you’re not too sure about the whole blogging scheme; and if you’re willing […]

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Admit it, you’re crazy in love. 1. You must own ALL the editions THEY’RE MINE. ALLLLLL MINE. 2. Whenever someone asks you for a book recommendation you take that opportunity to rave about the book Let’s be honest here; you’d rave about the book anyway. 3. And then you throw the book at them to read, of course Read the book, dammit! 4. Everyone is sick of you fangirling over that book But whatever, they don’t matter anyway. BUT THE BOOK DOES. 5. […]

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16 signs that you're more obsessed with your top than your own life

Before I go any further, OTP means your One True Pairing, a.k.a. your ultimate ship. 1. You thought “Pshhht my OTP is my life,” when you read that post title. There’s no life without my OTP 2. You think about your OTP more than you’d like to admit. Nah you guys go, I’ll just sit here and daydream about my two favourite people in the universe 3. You link everything in your everyday life back to your OTP. OMG look at that patch of grass, […]

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The other day I was talking to be IRL friends about what presents I was planning on sending to some of my fellow bloggy bffls. So there I was, just listing off the things that I was including in the packages. What I said went something like this: “Books–duh–, a necklace–perhaps a Mockingjay pendant?–, some pens…and some swag.” Aaaaand their responses are summed up perfectly by these gifs. And I was like…  It occurred to be that, us book people have a […]

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