By: Melanie | October 10, 2013 | (11) Comments

Hey people! Here is my second update on what posts have been up on Finding Fright in Books (my co-blog)! I’d really appreciate to see you guys over there, we have guest posts, reviews, giveaways and interviews all to do with Halloween-y books! Finding Fright in Books will be going on for a duration of the Halloween month- October. Here’s the posts up so far… the list goes from oldest post to latest post: Prepare…for Finding Fright in Books! (posted by me) […]

By: Melanie | July 11, 2013 | (36) Comments

Hey people, like the title suggests, I have some news. I AM MOVING TO WORDPRESS!! *cue flailing and squealing* I, for one is very nervous about this change but I have dragged the lovely Ashley @ Nose Graze to basically… do all the work. Some of you may recall me pondering whether I should move or not a few months back but then I gave in as I had mid year exams. I have decided now is the time to take action. The […]

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