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Please let me take a moment to congratulate myself for predicting that I would fall into a reviewing and reading slump around this time of the year. *pats self on back* So, earlier on this year, because I am so fabulously great at fortune-telling, I decided to dig a huge gap in the Google Calendar we Midnightians use to organise and schedule posts for the blog for a hiatus in the worry that I’d probably die of reviewing and reading crappy books. […]

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Hey guys! So I recently realised that there hasn’t been a giveaway on the blog for AGES. And because we love you, we decided to give all you readers a bit of love with a giveaway! So below are the books that the winner can chose from and all these books are books that Celine, Larissa or I have read and loved so far this year. Celine’s Picks Larissa’s Picks Mel’s Picks  La Rules: – You must be 13 years or older […]

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So yesterday, the redesign happened! I was actually expecting the new look to be installed in a few days, but Livia (@ Butterfly-O-Meter Designs) was ready to get cracking! I was more than happy to go with because seriously, I just could not wait to see it on the blog. The entire time while Livia was doing her magic, I was rolling on my bed hyperventilating in excitement. Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer  was on Twitter with me to share my craziness. We […]

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Bonjour tout le monde! (I think that’s not exactly correct but hey, I used Google Translate.) Moving on, many of you were all: “Ooh, mystery announcement? TELL ME NOW ERMAHGERD.” when I mentioned it in my Midnight Madness post. But to be completely honest, it’s not that big of an announcement. But still one that is pretty important and exciting for Celine, Larissa and I. I’ve been pretty lame lately, haven’t done a lot of blog commenting, not around much on Twitter, not reading […]

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Today is the day! This post was originally going to go live in three days but I could not hold my excitement in any longer and rescheduled it to today. And I’m sure glad I did because I’m practically dancing and singing in excitement here.  Anyway. Who is this Celine, and who is this Larissa, you ask? Well, just below they have introduced themselves! ——— Hey everyone!   I’m so excited to be part of YA Midnight Reads! It’s been one of […]

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Iron Fey read-along large

Banner credit to Emily of Constellation Chronicles Not long ago, I made a post about books/series that I really needed to read by the end of 2014. In that post, I included six books/series that I really wanted to read by the end of this year. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa was one of them. My best book bloggy friend, Steph @ Chasm of Books left a comment on the post suggesting for us to do a buddy read and so […]

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Hey bibliophiles! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future for YA Midnight Reads. I am currently a 14 year old student and am about to enter Year 9 (freshman–in American terms) in a fortnight. And quite frankly, studying is going to consume most of my time nowadays but I would hate to have YA Midnight Reads barely active. So, I was only left with two other alternatives. To ditch YA Midnight Reads completely (but I wouldn’t be in my right mind to […]

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Hey bibliophiles! I’ve been blogging without really ever stopping for almost a year now, so I feel like I need to take a break for a while. I will still be on Twitter and Goodreads, I won’t stop reading, but I do need to catch some time and just step away from the computer for a week or so. This means I will not be posting reviews or discussion posts, or my book haul either. I still am hosting the Under the Never Sky […]

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