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The time has come to search for a new co-blogger! Celine and I need help to hold up this Midnightian book fort, so we’ve decided to open up applications in search for a new Midnightian aka co-blogger! Come and join us in our shenanigans and fun. What’s in it for you You’ll have a platform in which you can post book reviews, discussion posts etc… anything, as long as it is book-related Access to YA Midnight Reads’ blog statistics for ARCs and […]

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It’s 2016! (Well… it has been for a whole week now but shhhhhhh let’s forget how delayed this post is.) I’m one of those people who are super duper enthusiastic at the start of each year, have everything organised and planned and am already falling behind in homework and life in general the first week in. I’m one of those people who buy gazillions of planners and diaries at the start of the year and never touch a single one of them […]

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Goodbye Larissa

I will no longer be blogging at YA Midnight Reads. God, that is so heartbreaking to type. My reasons (even to this day) for my decision is cluttered, which I suppose with me is expected. Hah, I’ve never been the one to make simple clear cut choices and just move on without even a glance back. My decisions are often messy, with several reasons intertwined into some sort of semblance of a possible end game and a whole lot of questioning. It’s […]

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YA Midnight Reads Revamp FP

Hello hello hello! Remember us? Those three lunatics who are infatuated with books? Yeah, we’re back. AND LOOK AT THE PRETTY DESIGN WE BROUGHT BACK WITH US. And of course, it could have only been designed and coded with the help of the Great and Powerful Mitchii. So girl, THANK YOU SO MUCH for dealing with all my emails and questions and everything in general. You rock. <33 If anyone is considering a new look for their blog, I recommend you check out […]

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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.14.44 pm

Hello my fellow booknerds! I signed up to be on this blog hop a while back and quite recently, YA Midnight Reads reached 1000 bloglovin’ followers so this giveaway is not only a celebration of all the YA romance novels, but also a celebration of us reaching this milestone. Thank you so much to everyone who follows our blog–we love you all dearly <33 Here are the books you can win La Rules: 1. No cheating! We will find duplicate entires and […]

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I swear, I should probably just move my birthday to January as well because it’s clearly birthday month here at YMR. Anyhoo, today is Larissa’s EIGHTEENTH birthday and it’s totally a big deal. WHY? BECAUSE SUDDENLY YOU CAN DO ALL THE THINGS. No really, I’ve done my research and seriously girl, ENJOY THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS DAY AND EMBRACE ALL THE AMAZING THINGS YOU CAN NOW DO . Top 3 Things a 18 Year Old Canadian Can Now Do You can buy […]

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AKA Mel writes a birthday message to Celine via gifs and fails as expected. (BUT IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNT’S RIGHT?!) So basically OH and make sure you…andand get all the presents…but don’t get too greedy like Dudley…but most importantly, be fabulousand So yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELINE! Please remember to party hard even though you have exams coming up. I mean, if Dumbledore can party hard, then you should be able to as well. You’re one of the best co-bloggers anyone could […]

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TODAY IS AN AWESOME DAY. Do you want to know why? Of course you do. You probably already guessed it from the title but oh well. Anyway, today is an awesome day because it is MELANIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!! *parties*   5 Reasons Melanie is awesome and you should all wish her a happy birthday: 1. She is the best and funniest person to talk to and we can talk about ANYTHING. For some strange reason, our conversations always tend to lead to one […]

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