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I read the first book in the series, These Broken Stars, some time ago – long enough that I don’t remember details, but I do remember parts of the plot and also that I was impressed. I will admit that I fully believe that some of the love for this book was influenced by the massive hype surrounding TBS at the time. However, I did also love the book itself: I was a fan of the writing, the mindfuckery (you can wake me up for […]

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Hey everyone! It’s me, and I’m back *insert sunglasses emoji* I bring to you my 2015 End of Year Survey to highlight some of my favourite books from 2015 (and also because I love this kind of thing – yay for surveys!). I’ve been absent for quite a while this year, but I haven’t stopped reading. Thus I present to you my 2015 books-wise: Number Of Books You Read: Definitely 102, maybe 103 when this post goes up. I’ve been in a […]

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When I first heard of Dumplin’, I was really excited. Self-proclaimed fat girl enters beauty pageant? Uhm, how about yes, please. It seemed like the ultimate eff-you to beauty standards and generally awesome. And, well, I must admit I did love that aspect of the book, but I wasn’t completely smitten with it as a whole. My main problem with Dumplin’ is that I just didn’t really click with it. The story is good, the characters are solid, but I just felt this sort of detachment […]

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Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series

    * Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well. And so it begins. The very first sentence of the very first book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I was in love. I remember reading this series for the first time – or rather, reading the first two books (I was rather late to the party) and then waiting waiting waiting for that final book. I fell in love immediately. Like, in […]

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What is the point of a book? Most books, when you finish reading them, leave some kind of mark on you. You know what it was about; you have a feeling about the theme(s). Whether you liked it or not, you usually take something away from a book. A lesson of some kind, even if you disagree with it. But with Don’t Ever Change I just didn’t get that. I closed the book and thought, what was the point? Don’t Ever Change follows Eva, a […]

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The Rest of Us Just Live Here was my first ever Patrick Ness read, and I have to say I’m very impressed. In a letter to the reader, Ness explains that he wanted to explore how it is not to be the chosen one. You know, the people who just live in that one town where strange things always seem to be happening. They’re not exploring alternate dimensions or saving the world – they’re trying to figure out their lives and they hope the […]

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top ten tuesday

Sooooo hello and welcome to our very first Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish! (But because us Midnightians are rebels, we’re each doing 4-5 books making it way more than just 10 books, ehehe.) Seeing as everybody loves lists, we finally decided to join in on the fun (sporadically, as in, y’know, when we feel like it. ‘Cause we’re cool like that *hairflip*). So… *drumroll* here’s our first TTT in which we […]

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Warning: this review contains untagged spoilers and unpopular opinions. Read at your own risk! Oh dear. I am so, so sad to be writing this review. You see, I love Sarah J. Maas. As in, love. Her Throne of Glass series gets more heartbreaking with every book and I’d dare call it one of my favourite series. Naturally, I was extremely excited for A Court of Thorns and Roses, so much so that I preordered it, which I almost never do. As soon as it got to my […]

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