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Goodbye Larissa

I will no longer be blogging at YA Midnight Reads. God, that is so heartbreaking to type. My reasons (even to this day) for my decision is cluttered, which I suppose with me is expected. Hah, I’ve never been the one to make simple clear cut choices and just move on without even a glance back. My decisions are often messy, with several reasons intertwined into some sort of semblance of a possible end game and a whole lot of questioning. It’s […]

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Discussion Review by Melanie and Larissa *this review is spoiler-free*  Growing up, I believed in miracles. I guess I don’t anymore. Larissa: The author’s ability to immerse me in this story was incredible. I could definitely feel the claustrophobic nature of both the cult and prison setting. For me it elevated the novel in a way that can only be described as harrowing. Melanie: Yes!! I absolutely adored Oakes’ writing. I read it in one sitting because it’s one of those books that suck […]

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Horror is a genre within YA that I personally believe brims with unexplored possibility. As a bit of a horror buff myself, I do love the genre itself but even more so the impact it can have on the reader. From personal experience I’ve felt the aftereffects of well done horror far past the credits of a movie or the closing words of a novel. I suppose my personal definition of a successful horror then would be if it elicited undeniable long-lasting fear. I […]

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This novel had quite the premise, it appealed to me on every level. I mean come on, historical fiction coupled up with a complex blackmail scenario? Sign me up. Unfortunately with Tangled Webs I found myself simply unable to finish it. I ended up marking it as DNF at 30 percent just because I was so, so, so detached and bored out of my mind. The biggest issue for me was definitely the writing in this one. It just read as so bland and typical, […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a weekly discussion post of all things bookish (though sometimes not-so-bookish) ——— Throughout your life, you’re gonna have a whole lot of haters. So why be one to yourself too? STOP the self-hate and START loving yourselves, y’all. No prince in shining armor is going to notice how much you’re hurting and how “beautifully broken” you are and rescue you. You have to be your own hero in this story. And you should […]

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I adored the first installment of this series, Stolen Songbird. I easily gave it five stars and it shone as one of my 2014 favorites. It was because of my complete adoration for the first novel that my expectations for Hidden Huntress were set sky high. However, unfortunately my hopes were dashed as this book seemed quite typical of that horrible second book syndrome us YA readers all know of and fear. A big issue for me in Hidden Huntress is the fact I really […]

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Okay, I’m in a baking mood. So, let me introduce to you today’s recipe: the formulaic and completely forgettable The Night We Said Yes.  Begin by preheating your contemporary romance trope oven to a mild 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Begin mixing everything into a large glass bowl. For this recipe, you’ll need the very bland Ella™ vanilla flavoring.  The vanilla is the main ingredient and will wow you with its overwhelmingly paper like personality. Ella™ is inseparable from the next ingredient, though it’ll pale in comparison of course […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a weekly discussion post of all things bookish (though sometimes not-so-bookish) ——— Alright, this is me we’re talking about so by now we all know when Larissa does a discussion that it either doesn’t relate to books at all, or does so in some very roundabout way but always has some sort of feministic angle. Fuck yeah. Now that we got that established let’s get into my (inevitably long) addition to Discussing Through Midnight. Which is […]

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