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16 signs that you're more obsessed with your top than your own life

Before I go any further, OTP means your One True Pairing, a.k.a. your ultimate ship.

1. You thought “Pshhht my OTP is my life,” when you read that post title.

There’s no life without my OTP

2. You think about your OTP more than you’d like to admit.

Nah you guys go, I’ll just sit here and daydream about my two favourite people in the universe

3. You link everything in your everyday life back to your OTP.

OMG look at that patch of grass, guys! IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THE PATCH OF GRASS WHERE ANNABETH JUDO FLIPPED PERCY!!!! This patch of grass is sacred. NO ONE GO NEAR IT. ITS MIIIIINE. *pets grass*

4. Your friends worry about your wellbeing constantly.

*shakes head* They just don’t understand how beautiful my OTP is…

5. Then you decide that those friends suck and you dump them. You go and make new friends that share your same OTP passion instead.

Time to go find some people who can fully appreciate the beauty in this world, ugh

6. You compare your own relationships with your OTP to determine if he/she is ‘The One’.

And this is why you’re probably single

7. And you instantly dislike and judge anyone who doesn’t ship/ know your OTP.

There’s something wrong with you…seriously…

8. But it’s even worse when some CRITICISES your OTP.

I keep a handgun in my bag just incase any haters come a’hating. I suggest all y’all do the same.

9. But, we all know the worst is when your OTP break up.


10. Then you start getting real angry


11. And you start being pissed at everyone who dares to even look at you.

You say to everyone who looks at you funny.

12. But deep down inside you know that the writer is just playing with your feels.

We must have faith *sniffles*

13. And when they do get back together all is well again.


14. Then you find another OTP to fangirl over.


15. You want to just explode with joy.


16. And the cycle repeats…


Let’s Talk OTPs 

Anyone who knows me, knows my OTP is Percabeth. (Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan) Anyone who never knew that until just now, I’m sorry but you clearly don’t know me. Why do I say that? BECAUSE THIS OTP IS MY LIFE. You know me, you know Percabeth. And vice versa. Honestly, I think Percabeth has been my ship from the second I put down the first novel in the series, The Lightning Thief. The cheesy Mel likes to say it was “OTP at first sight” because that was my first ever OTP, and it has stayed as my no. 1 OTP to this very day. Percabeth is one of those most beautiful ships that are so freakishly swoon worthy and adorable, AND SLOW BURN, BABY! My no. 1 favourite relationship trope. Percabeth also contains my no. 2 fave relationship trope too. Hate to love. IT IS THE BESSSST.

As for my favourite TV OTP that honour goes to Bellarke of course (Bellamy and Clarke from CW’s The 100). Once again, it sorta has this hate to love thing going on. I mean, Clarke did not like Bellamy at all at the start for his attitude and way of doing things was simply horrid but YAY for character arcs and character building, for now Bellamy is like the only person Clarke can trust. They don’t love each other yet (heck, Bellarke hasn’t even had their first kiss) but THEY HUGGED!!! The slow burn is verrah sloooow but it totally gets you right in the feels. BELLARKE WILL HAPPEN. IT MUST.

So what about you? Who are your book and TV show OTPs?

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176 Responses to 16 Signs That You’re More Obsessed With Your OTP Than Your Own Life

  1. *applauds* *stun claps* WHAT IS THIS MAGIC I HAVE STUMBLED UPON??!!! MELLYBEAN MY DEAR, YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PERSON ON EARTH FOR WRITING THIS POST. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!!!!! This just shows that I have no life, have a lot of problems, and that I probably come under the definition of the word tragic but PFFFFT. WE DON’T CARE DO WE??!! OUT OTPS MORE THEN MAKE UP FOR IT. We shall be tragicans together!!
    Ella @ Once Upon a Time recently posted…Review: Every Breath by Ellie Marney (ALL THE FEEEEEEELS.)My Profile

  2. Hilary says:

    HAHAHAHA! That’s TOTALLY NOT ME. *slinks away in a dark corner to continue shipping my OTP*
    My ultimate book OTPs:
    1. Percabeth <333
    2. Harry and Voldemort (HA! I'm joking.)
    3. Ari and Dante because YES.
    4. Kestrel and Arin from Winner's Curse
    5. And probably a bunch more but I can't think of any right now.

    TV OTPs:
    Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy.
    Hilary recently posted…Review/Discussion: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire SáenzMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Pfffft yeah, this is so not anyone. Who can be that crazy about their OTP? 😉 YES I love Ari and Dante and Kestrel and Arin! They’re bootiful couples. xD

      • Luna says:

        What did I just find? This is like heaven! I swear that you are the best person ever.
        My ships are
        Percy and Annabeth,
        Neville and Luna
        Ron and Cho (I know, bit strange)
        Harry and Katie (also a bit strange)
        Squaishey and Stampy
        #troylerforlife Troye and Tyler

      • Caitlin says:


    • Jord says:

      Meredith and Derek are goals but my main OTPs are Lexie/Jackson and Teddy/Henry

    • hannah says:

      omg i am instantly friends with you cause your tv otp is meredith and derek

  3. I don’t instantly dislike people who are not on my ship, but at the same time I don’t get why they don’t see it :p Like, when some people don’t ship Celaena/Chaol, HOW? The thing with this ship is that you never sure what’s going to happen, so I prepare for some painful situations and tears, haha.

    One of my favorites is Sybella/Beast from the His fair assassin series by Robin LaFevers, this OTP is in Dark Triumph. They are amazing together. So much respect and they complete each other.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Review 214. Merrie Haskell – The princess curse.My Profile

  4. Cynthia says:

    Bahahaha. I love all these GIF’s. I know exactly how you feel. There have been plenty of times I get in debates about characters from books as if they are real people. But they are real!
    Cynthia recently posted…Teaser TuesdayMy Profile

  5. So yeah, glad to know there’s a whole community of people who shares my same problem x’D
    Cause if someone doesn’t like my OTP: Not mad, but get out of the room right now and may the door hit your ass when you walk away u.u
    My OTP right now is Emma and Julian from Lady Midnight. And the book isn’t out yet!! See?? As I was saying, I have a problem. And I’m happy. Oh yeah!
    Frannie Pan @ In Clouds of Pages recently posted…“Written in red” – Anne BishopMy Profile

  6. Hahaha oh Mel you are so hilarious! These gifs are so great, I love the one with Dean! And when was Elena and Blair together? I’ve clearly missed something lol. I do have quite a few couples that I ship, but I don’t know if any are my OTP. I do love Rose and Dimitri but I don’t know, I don’t feel as strong about them as you do about Percabeth. Which reminds me, I really must continue my Heroes of Olympus series…great post Mel!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…All Fall Down by Ally Carter Review: Not About SpiesMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Glad to make you laugh, Jeann! Yeah I dunno about the Elena and Blair GIF either. Maybe someone made an edit or something. YES FINISH THE HOO SERIES. I DEMAND YOU.

  7. I love this post, ebcause it made me realize that I’m not obsessed at all. I just ship people casually xD
    Felicia (asillygil) recently posted…Chapter 40: How I was left outside aloneMy Profile

  8. Wattle says:

    I was going to make a coherent comment and then I got distracted by aaaaalllll the .gifs!

    A friend of mine and I go through similar OTP phases, usually around the same time. Or I’ll say something like ‘OMG HAVE YOU WATCHED THIS THING?! YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS THING AND SQUEE WITH ME!’ or vice versa, and then we blame each other for being total enablers.
    Wattle recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #12My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      heheheheeh yes all the gifs have come to attack your feels.



    And my OTP? Jamie and Claire from Outlander series. I have never ever shipped anyone so hard as this couple 🙂
    Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing recently posted…Two Quick “YA ROMANCE” ReviewsMy Profile

  10. YESS! YESS! A million times yes to all of these! This just made my morning! 😀
    Nick @ Nick’s Book Blog recently posted…Review : Rebellion by Stephanie DiazMy Profile

  11. Kezia says:

    BRILLIANT POST, MELANIE!! <33 Percabeth is my #1 bookish ship as well!! Goshh I grew up fangirling about these two I can't believe we won't be able to read about them again D: (Oh wait, or maybe we still can. In Riordan's Norse series since the MC's last name is Chase — the same as Annabeth! But probably not so much…)
    Kezia recently posted…My fanfiction addictionMy Profile

  12. I have ships but I don’t think I have an OTP and that may be a healthy thing lolz XDD
    Bieke @ Istyria book blog recently posted…Bookish Babble: BullyingMy Profile

  13. Faye M. says:

    I never got into the OTP thing until I watched The 100. Holy cannonballs, Bellamy and Clarke just turned my life around and showed me the light. Now, I pretty much google images of them regularly on tumblr BECAUSE THEY’RE JUST SO ADORABLE AND GAH ASDFGHJKL; They give me all the feels! I never thought I’d relate to this post if you asked me last year, but now I do. I really, really do. BELLARKE ALL THE WAY!
    Faye M. recently posted…Random Things in Motion #12: If you had the power to save the world, would you take that responsibility?My Profile

  14. Oh, God. This IS my life! 😉

    But yeah, gotta love OTPs. The two main stars of Emma Approved are together in real life and I ship them so hard, it’s not even normal. Not to mention OTPs on TV shows and books–the list is TOO LONG.

    LOVE this post, though! 😀
    Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings recently posted…ARC Review: The Trouble with Love by Lauren LayneMy Profile

  15. I had a huge Cheshire cat grin on my face while reading this…still do while typing. This is the best post I have ever come across the blog-o-sphere. This should be shared everywhere.You were describing me with all of my ships and even with books because I ship books too…I better not be the only one that ships books. Mel, you freaking outdid yourself with this post. I think I love you girl. You are awesome. This post is my life!
    Genesis @ GenGen’s Book Blog recently posted…{Blog Tour} ARC Review + Giveaway: Ever Locked by Jeannie KayeMy Profile

  16. Forgot to mention my OTP’s! Okay so Wessa, Sizzy, Malec, Asher and Eve from the Revelation series, Diego and Faith from Before You (the most painful OTP I have every come acrossed but darn it, I love them and they are so perfect and they just gahh!). So yeah..those are my OTP’s 😀

  17. Irish says:

    I can definitely relate with this especially with 9 and 10! I rarely choose OTP that will NOT end up together, I want to avoid that heartache. However, I have experienced this lately with one of the Manga that I’m reading. The heroine choose the second guy! But I was shipping her with the first guy. You can’t imagine the heartbreak I went through that ending. It broke my heart to million pieces and until now, whenever I hear news about the first guy, I can’t help but feel sad about it.
    Irish recently posted…2015 Book ChallengesMy Profile

  18. Right now, I’m obsessed with Olicity and I can’t actually relate to anyone who doesn’t agree, you know? THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER.
    Kate @ Ex Libris recently posted…I’ll Meet You There By Heather DemetriosMy Profile

  19. This is me with Bellarke! That hug was the best damn hug ever!
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Review: Rebound by Noelle August!My Profile

  20. OTPs ARE my life! It’s why I hate love triangles SO much, because no one better get in the way of my ship, damn it!

    “You compare your own relationships with your OTP to determine if he/she is ‘The One’.”

    I have a very bad feeling that this will be a problem for me in the future. D:

    My OTPs? Oh dear. Any of Melina Marchetta’s couples, but mostly Jonah/Taylor. Tarver/Lilac. Josh/Skylar most recently. I have too many to name. I can’t help it! I get so attached!
    Danielle @ Love at First Page recently posted…I’ll Meet You There Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway!My Profile

  21. PERCABETHHHHH <3 <3 <3 Definitely my OTP too. Those two are the BEST depiction of real teenage love. Their relatkonship is so real it's almost unbearable. If anyone knowshowtowrite teenage relationships, it's RickRiordan. Iloce themm.
    Caitlin (Books and Window Seats) recently posted…I love a good romance….mostlyMy Profile

  22. Ah, Bellarke! Bellarke is new to me, last season I was pretty “meh” about them, but now? I need it to happen. Like, tomorrow, perhaps? (We all know this is not going to happen tomorrow. Or probably until at LEAST the season finale. But probably longer.)

    I get really into OTPs too, mainly because I want one myself! I have always been a hopeless romantic, and OTPs get me through the day 😉 My all time, #1, no question is Katniss and Peeta. But there are so many others, it would take me way too long to list them all! I am planning a posts about my favorite couples on Friday though, so I guess I should really get my list better organized!

    Also, these gifs are perfection and truth.
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…What’s (Bookish) Love Got to Do With It?My Profile

  23. OMG THIS IS 1000% CORRECT AND YOUR GIF USAGE HAD ME LAUGHING ALL OVER THE PLACE. *applauds wildly* I have too many OTPs. Well, pfft, there’s never too many, but I feel like I ship most people equally. Except for Chaol and Celaena from Throne of Glass. I ship them most awfully and the fact that they’re broken up makes me screech. I JUST WANT TO SHIP ALL THE SHIPS, OKAY??!
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Fairest by Marissa Meyer Is A Deliciously Villainous PrequelMy Profile

  24. You nailed it with this post. This is a 100% accurate description of me.
    I ship soooo many couples:
    -Percabeth (still haven’t read BoO because I’m not ready for the series to end)
    -Day and June from Legend
    -Arin and Kestral from The Winner’s Curse
    -Ed and Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist
    -Roy and Riza from Fullmetal Alchemist
    -Adelina and Enzo from The Young ELites
    -Kat and Hale from Heist Society
    -Zach and Cammie from Gallagher Girls
    -Meghan and Ash from The Iron Fey series
    Soooo many OTPs! Just thinking about them puts a massive grin on my face!
    Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted…Review | Volition by Lily ParadisMy Profile

  25. Diamond says:

    PERCABETH IS MY OTP TOO. This is why we are friendssssss. lol jk, there’s also our love of MLP. WHO SAYS IT’S BIZARRE. lol. actually, i don’t even know if you still like MLP? ahahaha just giving you crap.
    BUT let’s get back to Percabeth….I do daydream about them…like, will I ever find my percy? which is kind of weird, since I’m 28. but whatever. you know what I mean, yo. OTP at first sight! LOVE THAT. I want to re-read the entire series (again) after reading Blood of Olympus I feel bereft…but I need to read other books…so it’s SO hard…
    oh and I love the gifs you used in this post, they made me smile. 😀

  26. I don’t think I have found that one OTP for me yet. There are plenty I ship, but no OTP…I know, I’m sad 🙁 I WANNA KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BREATHE THE FANDOM waaaah. I will keep searching! 😛
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Book Review: Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria AveyardMy Profile

  27. Nara says:

    Also Megan and David from the Reckoners series. I SHIP THEM SO HARD.
    Nara recently posted…Review: There Will Be Lies by Nick LakeMy Profile

  28. Maya says:

    OMG Percabeth is my OTP too! And I knew I was more obsessed with my otp than with my life as soon as in the title image I saw that sketch of Percy and Annabeth and just leaped up in joy (metaphorically;))! It’s so nice to meet someone with the same OTP and someone who just gets how perfectly Rick Riordan built up their beautiful, hilarious, moving and just right relationship:) I want a Percy Jackson! He’s always on the top of my book boyfriends list because he’s so kind, funny, smart and Percy in every way!
    And it’s so hard to deal with anyone criticizing the Percy Jackson series- it’s like a literal shot to the heart:P
    They are the best slow-burn, friends to more than friends- basically everything that could be romance!
    LOVE this post Melanie!;)
    Maya recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: RomanceMy Profile

  29. “6. You compare your own relationships with your OTP to determine if he/she is ‘The One’.

    And this is why you’re probably single”

    I just died Melanie! This whole post mad me laugh so hard (and nod along knowingly) but the above was my favorite:) My poor husband has a lot to live up to, my book boyfriends are spectacularly epic. He does okay though, I think I’ll keep him 😉

    LOVE IT!
    Jenny @ Supernatural Snark recently posted…What’s Your Winner’s Curse? Blog Tour + GiveawayMy Profile

  30. Kirsty-Marie says:

    I only just read started reading Percy Jackson, so I’m not a Percabeth shipper (yet- please don’t shoot me.) My first ever OTP that I can remember was Liz/Max from the Roswell High books (this makes me feel really old, but since I didn’t read them until I was like 13, I feel a little better about that, ha.) Think they were my first TV show ship too, weirdly. Then I think it was Veronica/Logan (and now in book form too.) And then Romitri, haven’t watched the VA movie (and kind of don’t plan to form what I’ve heard) but I think my current book OTP (and still obsessing over) is CHAOL AENA. TV show, Once Upon a Time because Captain Swan, and I’ve just started The 100, so totally starting to ship Bellarke too. Haven’t gotten to that hug yet, so I have that to look forward too. 😉 But indeed, IT MUST HAPPEN.
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#81)My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      I am shooting you dagger eyes, Kristy-Marie. YOU BETTER JUMP ON THE PERCABETH BANDWAGON SOON. Hahaha just kidding I won’t mince you, but I miiiight have to chop you up instead. YEAAAAS CHAOLENA IS A BEAUTIFUL OTP I THINK I’LL FORGIVE YOU FOR NOT JUMPING ON THE PERCABETH BANDWAGON YET.

  31. Lily says:

    Haha–I laughed so hard reading this post. I definitely have my ships but I don’t know if i’m full on OTP-ing??? (can I call it that?) LOL, quiet yet. I ship hardcore ship a certain ToG couple. Like HARDCORE. So maybe i’m on my way??
    Lily recently posted…The Conspiracy of Us (Untitled #1):ReviewMy Profile

  32. This was amazing. I laughed all throughout. The Dean gif lol!
    Yes, Percy and Annabeth are the best OTP but they have always been. They are meant to be together and I love them both so much. I’m still hesitant to watch the 100 because I got ruined a certain death and it just makes me anxious. I feel like I would be on the edge of my seat all throughout the show.
    Warren and Juliet <3
    Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind recently posted…Mini Challenge: Romeo Oh Romeo! Love for Books ReadathonMy Profile

  33. Maddy E says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever spiritually connected to a post this much. OTP is love, OTP is life. What would I do without those many minutes of longing stares and personal space invasions? (yes my otp is Destiel. I am proud.)(wait but also Phan. TOO MANY OTPs)
    Maddy E recently posted…Do Other People’s Reviews Affect Your Opinion?My Profile

  34. Maddy E says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever connected to a post on such a spiritual level. OTPs are love, OTPs are life. How would I live without copious amounts of longing stares and personal space invasions? Yes, that means I ship Destiel and I am PROUD. Wait but also Phan. Basically what I’m trying to say is I have too many OTPs.
    Maddy E recently posted…Do Other People’s Reviews Affect Your Opinion?My Profile

  35. Laura says:

    Yes!! Percabeth and Bellarke forever!! I love all the gifs 😀

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks
    Laura recently posted…WWW (5)My Profile

  36. YOU’RE BRILLIANT, MELANIE. Seriously, this post is amazing to look at and read. Man, those gifs are so perfect. I shipped PJ and Anna too, once upon a time, but I don’t care about them anymore really. XD Sorry! But I’m shipping damn hard Alec & Magnus. DAMN DAMN hard. ^^
    Lola @ Hit or Miss Books recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#8)My Profile

  37. YES TO ALL OF THESE. Mel, you rock. Just thought I should let you know <33
    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books recently posted…ARC Review ~ Red Queen by Victoria AveyardMy Profile

  38. Ah, I do like the slow burn romances. I’m a bit obsessed with this british soap opera called Hollyoaks so one of my all time OTP’s was this couple John Paul and Craig. Ah, it was beautiful. Now JP’s back and Craig isn’t…but still.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini TaylorMy Profile

  39. YES TO ALL OF THIS. Except number 5. I try my best to convert them first XD

    As to what my OTPs are… I HAVE SO MANY. Percabeth is definitely one. And I won’t name any more or we’ll be here for days 😛
    Bec @ Readers in Wonderland recently posted…Review: Second Star by Alyssa B. SheinmelMy Profile

  40. JennRenee says:

    I just love your post. Okay so call me old or whatever but I didn’t know this existed. It makes sense I get it. I guess mine would be more on television, Clark and Lois from smallville was my all time favorite, I am a huge superman fan. Books… I think i read to many to quickly. I invest when I am reading then move on. I have to admit though. I was that way with Twilight Bella and Edward. Don’t judge. It was the first real romance driven book I had read and I was like um 30’s. So yea never been much of a romantic. Do love your post though!
    JennRenee recently posted…Thoughts On Thursday #3My Profile

  41. Benish K says:

    LOOL your gifs are so cute<3 I really liked this post, it's hilarious! I like Rose & Dimitri from Vampire Academy.
    Benish K recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday #4 ♥ A Wicked ThingMy Profile

  42. This post is made of awesome. Wonderful GIF usage. I have not seen 100 and so feel that I’m missing so much from my life. I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long not understanding the hoopla from Twitter. I need to make the time and watch.
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Interview + Giveaway- Becky Wallace author of The StoryspinnerMy Profile

  43. Jasprit says:

    hahahah I love this post Melanie! You should see the number of times someone’s trying to get my attention and I’m all wrapped up in my own world, or I’m just sitting there with a big dopey grin on my face just thinking of my Otp, some of these gifs are me exactly!
    Jasprit recently posted…Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

  44. KayCee K. says:

    First I must say, I enjoyed this post more then I should have because I’ve been on the roller-coaster of feelings oh so many times. There is nothing simple about being a fan. Being a fan is so much more then just liking something; I don’t thinking some people understand this. In my family I’m the huge fangirl of so many things and have been seen crying, laughing and more feelings over books, T.V. shows and movies more times then I can count but other then a character dying your; favorite couple splitting could be the hardest thing! I hate is when it happens. When you see them together but there not to together it’s heart breaking! Thank you so much for this post as it reminds me that even thought I’m the only one in my house, I’m not the only one in the world! xox
    KayCee K. recently posted…Review: The Raven BoysMy Profile

  45. Kelly says:

    Bellarke! I could ship those two until the cows come home. My ultimate book ship is both Arin and Kestral or Celaena and Chaol. Of course Percy and Annabeth, that just goes without saying. I only watch a few shows on TV, The 100 being one and The Walking Dead. Daryl and Carol are my ultimate ship. They’ve been dancing around each other for five seasons now, come on! It’s a zombie apocalypse, characters are being killed off left, right and center, how about giving the fans a little love here.

    I just realised, I think The Walking Dead might be my fandom. That counts, right?
    Awesome post Mel, made me burst out laughing <3
    Kelly recently posted…HUGE Aussie Only Giveaway – Hooray, I’m a Year Younger!My Profile

  46. Haha, first of all I love this post so much! It’s the best!

    And Percabeth! Nothing beats Percy and Annabeth. I remember reading the end of Last Olympian (when they get thrown in the lake) at least a dozen times when I first read the book because… Swoon!

    I have to say though, that my number one OTP has to be Ronan and Adam from the Raven Cycle, technically they aren’t together but there are hints! TV show wise, I have to say either Felicity and Oliver from Arrow or Stefan and Caroline from Vampire Diaries!
    Shay @ The Story Goes… recently posted…An Original Tag: Bookentines Day, A Valentines Tag!My Profile

  47. Chezzy says:

    Great post melon! haha! My OTPs are Leia and Han Solo (Star Wars), Quinn and Puck (Glee), Eugene and Rapunzel (Tangled) and Edward and Winry (FMA). Yes I have many. I think Percabeth is great also! xxx

  48. Oh my, this post is everything! I don’t dislike people who don’t ship my ship but I do wonder just why don’t they do. Argh.

    My first ever TV show OTP was Chair was Gossip Girl and I still love them but my always and forever OTP will be Bellarke from The 100. *high five* The slowest of burns and damn, I’m hooked! The ship is my life.

    As for books, Pynch from The Raven Cycle is my OTP and I’ve declared 2015 to be the year of Pynch because I want them to kiss so bad. I’ll go sit in a corner now.
    Sana // artsy musings of a bibliophile recently posted…Review: Red Queen by Victoria AveyardMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      *HIGH FIVES YOU* WE NEED BELLARKE LIKE, ASAP. Oh yes and this reminds me that I need to read The Raven Boys. It’s definitely a series that I wanna tackle by the end of this year!

  49. Loved this post Mel!I agree with every single point!
    My OTP is Adrian and Sydney from Bloodlines.I am utterly obsessed with them to the point where my phone password is often hacked by my friends as they’ve all guessed that it will be Sydrian.

    And,that other day while I was in my school computer lab,a worker delivered a package to the teacher who was not in the lab at that time.So he just left the parcel on the table,and I soon noticed that the parcel was from Sydney and someone called Adrian has sent it.
    As soon as I saw it I started to fangirl and begged the teacher to give me the mail cover to take home while my friends were sitting next to me with their heads in their hands.
    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales recently posted…How reading changed my views on lifeMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Thank you, Mishma! Yesss, I need to read Bloodlines! I’m planning to do a readalong with a fellow blog friend, actually.


  50. Amber Elise says:

    OMG I love all of these gifs! I admit, I’m not that crazy about my OTPs, but I am FIERCELY protective of them. Especially when it comes to Darkling/Alina. No one can tell me ANYTHING about them.

  51. I don’t think I do this. Is this actually a thing?

    I’m so old. Gah.
    La Coccinelle @ The Ladybug Reads… recently posted…Review – Watch the SkyMy Profile

  52. For some unknown reason, on my laptop your blog appears as mobile version…it’s weird. Anyway, I’m so happy you are starting the revelation series by Randi Cooley Wilson. It is one of my favorite series. The first book is kind of slow because they are introducing every information on the gargoyles. The other books have more action and romance. I hope you like it!
    Genesis @ GenGen’s Book Blog recently posted…Love for Books Readathon Mini Challenge #1: PoetryMy Profile

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  54. Kyra says:

    YES TO THIS POST!!! I’m currently reading the second to last book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy and I am completely obsessed with it and I started playing a song I liked and I started immediately thinking about this one character’s relationship with the other character and then I started getting all teary-eyed. I’m basically relating everything I see and hear to that series at the moment haha! ;D

    And YES, Percabeth is utter perfection!!!
    Kyra recently posted…Discussion Post: 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Book-LoverMy Profile

  55. PERCABETH YES. I love them. They’re too adorable. This post is all kinds of amazing. And I’m going through #9 right now thanks to Arrow… you have no idea how much I’m suffering. I love this post <3
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Books to Read to Forget You’re Single on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  56. *test test* the site said my comment was posted but I don’t see it….
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Books to Read to Forget You’re Single on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

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  58. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is very interesting. I haven’t seen the last couple of episodes, because I’ve been busy, but I think they would make a cute couple 🙂 I think Twitter would explode if they ever kissed haha.
    My favorite TV OTP though would have to be Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time! THEY ARE SO CUTE AND I LOVE HOOK!!
    Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts recently posted…WordPress Starter ThemesMy Profile

  59. Sydney says:

    OTPs are EVERYTHING to me. It’s almost sad, actually, how much time I devote to my OTPs. I have no regrets though. ;D And all of these things are true, too. My friends laugh at how much I love these fictional relationships, but they know it’s just my “thing.” It pleases me that they understand these things, and a few of them even relate!

    So, my ultimate OTPs are as follows:
    1. Destiel (Dean/Castiel from Supernatural)
    2. Pynch (Ronan/Adam from The Raven Cycle)
    3. Gallavich (Mickey/Ian from Shameless)
    4. LoVe (Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars)

    Seriously. If you want to get me emotionally riled up, just bring any of these 4 ships up, particularly the first 2. I become a mess, an absolute mess.

    Awesome post! I completely related, and you had me laughing. (Honestly, any chance I get to talk about my OTPs is a good chance.)
    Sydney recently posted…Tales of a BooksellerMy Profile

  60. I can relate to all of these because I am a Percabeth shipper too and because when I ship, I ship hard. Right now, I am obsessed with a few Korean dramas and by obsessed, I mean doing research online to check if my OTPs are dating in real life or just how close they are in real life. And I download gazillions of wallpapers to use on my laptop, tablet and phone. I have stopped questioning my behavior and just embraced the fact that shipping makes me very, very happy. Anyone who tells me that I’m crazy earns a death glare from me.
    Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder recently posted…‘Dork in Disguise’ is a dorky but cute Middle-Grade readMy Profile

  61. Annie says:

    Excuse this lame comment but I don’t really know how to follow up with that awesomeness… like best post ever, Mel! I just finished Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight so CELAENA AND CHAOL are at the top of my mind and I’ve never shipped a pair so hard as I do them. They’re just so perfect and I – UGH. And Bluesey of course and Rose and Dimitri. Annnndddd that’s it. I don’t honestly have that many OTPs bc very few pairs actually get me to have that intense feeling for them.
    Annie recently posted…Love-A-Thon 2015: Introductory QuestionnaireMy Profile

  62. Emily says:

    my shipping methods are extremely complicated, so i have too many otps that i can handle, and yet i love all of them the same. i noticed that percabeth is your top priority, but along with them i ship frazel and caleo. i watch way too many tv shows, anime, and read too many books and become obsessed with them and thus my otp list grows. have you ever watched once upon a time? that show has me shipping left and right, constantly changing ships. first emma’s with graham, oh look at that, he’s dead. then we flashback to emma with neal and they are so adorable!!! but wait, it appears that hook is in love with emma. gahhh!! this show is so frustrating!! i’m just in a hard place right now. i started watching psych on netflix 2 weeks ago and i just finished it yesterday and it’s hard to cope with the emptiness inside. speaking of which, i ship shules (shawn and juliet from psych) so hard it hurts!!

  63. Nirvana says:

    OTP as in One True Pairing?

    NOPE. I THINK IT SHOULD BE INFINITY TRUE PAIRINGS. I ship way too many people for my own good xD PERCABETH IS LIFE. Totally shipped it the moment where it all began with Annabeth saying “You drool when you sleep”

    Gaahhh saghfdsahkla <3
    Nirvana recently posted…3 Mini-Reviews || evil pigs, pretty noses and other thingsMy Profile

  64. Jess says:

    I know this is kind of late, but I thought I’d share.

    Ash and Misty. They’re from pokemon, if you don’t know. Also, Jessie and James. Also from Pokemon.

    Kohaku and Chihiro. They’re from a movie called ‘Spirited Away’.

    Sheeta and Pazu. They’re from ‘Castle in the Sky’, a movie made by the same studio as ‘Spirited Away’.

    Sherlock and John.

    Akane and Ranma. From a manga called ‘Ranma 1/2’.

    Tomoe Ame and Usagi. From a comic called ‘Usagi Yo Jimbo’.

    So, yeah.

  65. emily says:


  66. If the candidate is running some other loans then those installments would get subtracted from the net gain how much does wellbutrin cost mv brown said u-m weed collaborated with detroit public schools, but stated it’s unclear at this time whether or not the cases are related.
    how much does wellbutrin cost mv recently posted…how much does wellbutrin cost mvMy Profile

  67. Cynthia says:

    How has no one here mentioned the OTP to end all OTPs, Elsanna? Has no one else here seen Frozen?

    Okay, now that that’s somewhat out of my system(EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I CAN’T STOP FANGIRLING), these ALL apply to me. Like, I can never have a gf who isn’t into this again. XD I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW!!!

  68. Alex says:

    That was WAY too accurate

    Phan is my OTP Phan is ma Lyfe

    Lovely and 1000000% accurate piece. I loved this!!!
    Alex recently posted…TestMy Profile

  69. C says:

    Solangelo is my ultimate OTP. Then it’s Percabeth, then Fax (Maximum Ride).

  70. Jani'ce says:

    Okay, so I can’t believe no one has mentioned this but my ultimate OTP *drumroll please*


    I swear on everything their romance made my head explode! I was soo happy when the finally got together and it couldn’t have been more PERFECT and OMG OMG OMG OMG AHSHXJXHXBRHHFNEDHBRNCJKDICJNE

    phew….kay I’m done.

  71. Jani'ce says:

    Oh, and how could I forget my beloved Aang & Katara from ATLA. I cried over that series finale for weeks. Mostly because I knew I had nothing better to do with my life….so I went back to the first episode of the first season and took the ride all over again! *sigh*
    Ok, no I’m really done

  72. otps_r_lyfe says:


  73. Buse says:

    My OTP is Jessick ( The Walking Dead) I guess.. Everybody finds that weird, but I think its lovely. I hope Kirkman wouldn’t kill Jessie..

  74. Chris Cannon says:

    I just found this blog. I’m obviously late to the party, but I love it.

  75. Fangirl TO THE EXTREME says:

    My one OTP is a creepypasta/Slenderverse thing:


  76. Modiru Girun says:

    My true OTP is Papyrus x Sans. I don’t read too many books or watch too many shows/movies, but I also ship Elsanna and Pearl x Amethyst (but Amedot is slowly winning over)

    • That Undertale Shipper says:

      Um, not to be rude or anything, but why do you ship Papyrus and Sans? I mean, they ARE brothers. I can get that you ship them platonically though.

  77. Haya says:

    I have never met anyone before who also ships Blarke. Percabeth is, and always will be, my no. 1 OTP. After that it’s definitely Blarke, Wessa, Olicity, Malec, Clagnus, …. I could go on FOREVER.

  78. J says:

    SO RELATABLE man. I just read this and I was like, damn… I need to get a life – oh wait my OTP IS my life – hah.

    The sad thing is that I never get to have #13… My ships don’t just sink, they crash and burn. Curse my attraction to (love)-hate relationships.

    My OTPs? A lot of them are actually from anime :p also once I say it I just start spasming and I’ll probably write a load of rubbish about it in the comment box and make a fool of myself so I probably shouldn’t

    (trying to exercise self-control here)

  79. Lili-Rose says:

    My OTP are:
    – Destiel (Dean and Castiel from Supernatural)
    – Sastiel (Sam and Castiel from Supernatural)
    – Sabriel (Sam and Gabriel from Supernatural)
    – Debriel (Dean and Gabriel from Supernatural)
    – Klamille (Klaus and Camille from The Originals, MY LIFE IS RUINED!)
    – Haylijah (Elijah and Hayley from Supernatural)


  80. Ragnarok says:


  81. a lost soul says:


  82. Jordan says:

    Literally all my OTPs are gay except Grey’s Antomy
    Top 5 OTPs:
    -Lexie X Jackson (GA)
    -JohnDave (Homestuck)
    -Tenry (GA)
    -Malec (TMI)
    -Rosemary (Homestuck)

    I literally obsess over every OTP I have and me and my friends exchange our different OTPs and since a lot of mine are weird (Mikasa X Hanji from AOT for example) we get in a lot of fights.

    • Dawnfire5212 says:

      Oml frEAKING JOHNDAVE AND ROSEMARY ARE MY LIFEEEE HAAAA okay I’m glad SOMEONE finally mentioned Homestuck (lol I’m a few years too late but I honestly don’t even care).

  83. Tyler says:

    Jonnor from the fosters

  84. Chris says:

    Blitzstone is my newest one I’m dYING (I’ve read every. Single. Fic. And I’m out of art and text posts.. Kill mE)

  85. Cece says:

    Gawd! You just narrated my life and made the last GIF my happy ending. I can’t even say I’m a big GoT fan but boy do my insides explode when Jaime looks at Brienne.

  86. Mickey says:

    My Book OTPS
    1.Luna Lovegood/Harry Potter
    2. Ron/Hermione
    Movie OTPs
    1.Beca/Chloe (pitch perfect)
    2. Jake/Emma (Miss Peregrines)
    1.Lapis/Peridot (Steven Universe)
    2.Pearl/Amethyst (Steven Universe)
    3. Star/Marco (SVTFOE)
    Video Game OTPS
    1. Chloe Price/Max Caulfield (pricefield)
    2.Sans/Toriel (Undertale)

  87. Nicole says:

    Oh God yes. Me me me.
    My OTPS(everyone would probably think I’m stupid for shipping some of them but whatever. I don’t give a crap if you disagree because I’ll always defend my OTPs):
    1. Tony/Kate(NCIS)
    2. Meredith/Derek(GA)
    3. Lexie/Mark(GA)
    4. Abby/McGee(NCIS)
    5. Callie/Arizona(GA)
    6. Monica/Chandler(Friends)
    7. Ross/Rachel(Friends)
    8. Rigby/Eileen(Regular Show)
    9. Gibbs/Shannon(NCIS)
    10. Sheldon/Amy(The Big Bang Theory)
    11. Leonard/Penny(The Big Bang Theory)

    • Colleen says:

      Lexie and mark😭😭😭💔R.I.P

    • Nicole says:

      Looking back on this post with my list of otps, I have to change something. Instead of McGee/Abby(I only see them as friends now), I’d replace them with Jim and Pam on The Office + Dwight and Angela too.

      • Nicole says:

        Also scratch off the couples on the Big Bang theory. I actually hate that show now. I also forgot Lily and Marshall from HIMYM and Eric and Donna on that 70s show too. (Sorry if I keep changing, but I keep adding and changing otps)

        • Nicole says:

          And taking off Meredith and Derek too. I’m so wishy-washy. lol. Does anyone else have this problem where they change their minds about some otps?

          • Nicole says:

            I’m also scratching off Eric and Donna now too. Seriously though, why do I keep changing my mind on otps?!? lol

            • Nicole says:

              I think I figured my list out. I am just making a new one because I was very wishy-washy about what couples I shipped but I now know who my otps are. I wish I could delete this thread I made. lol

  88. Anonymous says:

    Omg yes. This is the whole Steven Universe fandom. Ever heard of Garnet? Yeah. She’s basically a personified version of my OTP. It’s canon. It’s also spoiler-y, though.

  89. Nicole Macasocol says:

    These signs are definitely fvcking true. My forever otp LiChard ToT (Lily James and Richard Madden) you may know them in disney’s Cinderella live action movie (2015) they are so fvcking perfect together
    !!! Im dying they both have gf and bf but i don’t care. I cry evertime when i saw them with their gf or bf. Now I feel so hopeless. I was happy because Richard has no gf yet nut Lily is still stayin’ strong to her bf (Matt Smith).. like im dying T_T why cant they date or get married rn T_T I’ve been waiting since i was in 5th grade and now im in 7th grade T_T .. well i must expect a sequel to the movie (Cinderella 2015) . That makes me happy cause they get to work together again -_-

  90. That Undertale shipper says:

    I love percabeth and soriel. Omg they are so perfect for each other.

  91. I love percabeth and soriel. I have created child and I don’t know if that is good or bad thing.
    For soriel.

  92. Riley Taylor says:


    although despite its pure perfectness, Solangelo is still 100% my OTP

  93. Savannah says:

    My OTP will always be Solangelo

  94. Clyde says:

    My OTPs
    1) Captain Swan – OUAT (This is my OTP. The show recently ended and Im so sad)
    2) Olicity – Arrow (They nearly got married and then broke up, I hope the writers are just playing with us)
    3) Deckerstar – Lucifer (These guys are a match made it heaven…. literally)
    Rest of my ships in no particular order:
    Clexa – The 100 (RIP Lexa <3)
    Destiel – Supernatural
    Clace – Shadow Hunters (You aren't sibling gosh dang it)
    Malec – Shadow Hunters
    Bellarke- The 100
    Klaroline – The Vampire Diaries
    Delena- The Vampire Diaries
    Christine/Phantom – Phantom of the Opera

  95. Colleen says:

    My OTPs:
    Rilaya-Girl meets world
    Camren-5th Harmony
    Swan queen-Once upon a time
    Merder-Grey’s Anatomy
    The roses-Youtubers
    (There’s more, I’m just lazy)
    *no particular order

  96. I love this btw THE DAN GIF. DAN AND PHIL ARE MY OTP I HAVE A PROBLEM…like my notification is phil:i love you dan i have DO MUCH CEAP LIKE I CANT EVEN

  97. My OTP isn’t just TV – they WERE on a TV show. And my favourite play. And in history.

    I’m very proud of them for stabbing a tyrant and being hella gay for each other. Play, tv show – doesn’t matter, hell, they were even hella gay in a documentary about their last battle. Their bond is that strong.

  98. DestielK says:

    But…What if your OTP isn’t canon? (ex: Destiel 🙁 )

  99. DANGERUZbirdy says:

    Rivaere (AoT) and Briemund (GoT).

  100. Dork says:

    I ship Clexa from The 100. Only problem is, half my OTP died. Then they came back. Then they died again. WTF JASON ROTHENBERG (director)

    Yeah, so I’m completely dead inside now.
    Dork recently posted…Giveaway: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra ClareMy Profile

  101. IAmMaria says:

    1. Aarmau (Aphmau X Aaron) (Aphmau (That’s a youtuber that makes Minecraft role plays))
    2. Starco (Star X Marco) (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
    3. Haleb (Hanna X Caleb) (Pretty Little Liars)
    4. Spoby (Spencer X Toby) (Pretty Little Liars)
    5. Ezria (Ezra X Aria) (Pretty Little Liars)
    6. Travlyn (Travis X Katelyn) (Aphmau)
    7. Zane~Chan (Zane X Kawaii~Chan) (Aphmau)
    8. Branikki (Brandon X Nikki) (Dork Diaries)

  102. FictionalPerson says:

    Book OTP’s
    Clace(My literal life)
    Dorian and really anybody
    Alucard and Rhy
    Meredith and Derek
    Ted and the mother
    Micheal and Jane
    Mary and Francis
    Captain Swan
    Manon and Dorian

  103. Emma J Richardson *AKA Fangirl Of All Rick Riordan Books* says:

    Oh my Gosh, that is totally me! I have so many OTPs BTW. Adrienette, Ladynoir, Marichat & Ladrien from Miraculous
    Percabeth, Solangelo, Jasper, Frazel, Thaluke, Caleo & Brason, Tysa, Melon,Gruniper from Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus
    FierroChase/Beatrice, Gallery, Samirr, Rick & Blitzstone from Magnus Chase Gods Of Asgard
    Salt/Sabis & Zarter from The Kane Chronicles
    Some might wonder why i have fierrochase/beatrice but a true magnus chase and the gods of olympus fangirl/boy will most likely know why. Some asked rick riordan what alex and magnus’ ship should be and he said “How about Beatrice? That’s a lovely name.”
    Also, just wanted to say this. The 3rd book in the Magnus Chase series is The Ship Of The Dead right? At first I thought it was because of Loki’s ship, Nagelfar but then realized it was because of this. We all know Magnus and Alex would be a great couple right? So they would be ship right? Also, they are dead so it is literally, A Ship Of The Dead.
    And (i know, my comment is super long) I put rick in the part about magnus chase gods of olympus. Thats because of Jack and Riptide.
    If you have any questions about my other ships then just ask me.

  104. Oh my Gosh, that is totally me! I have so many OTPs BTW. Adrienette, Ladynoir, Marichat & Ladrien from Miraculous
    Percabeth, Solangelo, Jasper, Frazel, Thaluke, Caleo & Brason, Tysa, Melon,Gruniper from Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus
    FierroChase/Beatrice, Gallery, Samirr, Rick & Blitzstone from Magnus Chase Gods Of Asgard
    Salt/Sabis & Zarter from The Kane Chronicles
    Some might wonder why i have fierrochase/beatrice but a true magnus chase and the gods of olympus fangirl/boy will most likely know why. Some asked rick riordan what alex and magnus’ ship should be and he said “How about Beatrice? That’s a lovely name.”
    Also, just wanted to say this. The 3rd book in the Magnus Chase series is The Ship Of The Dead right? At first I thought it was because of Loki’s ship, Nagelfar but then realized it was because of this. We all know Magnus and Alex would be a great couple right? So they would be ship right? Also, they are dead so it is literally, A Ship Of The Dead.
    And (i know, my comment is super long) I put rick in the part about magnus chase gods of olympus. Thats because of Jack and Riptide.
    If you have any questions about my other ships then just ask me.
    Branikki-Dork Diaries

    I also have more ships but do not know their official ship names.
    Harry/Ginny-Harry Potter
    Ron/Hermione-Harry Potter

    And then more that i do not remember at the time (i swear i have so many ships right now i have such a hard time remembering them all. i mean, i just posted 28 ships and have like a dozen more.)

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