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By: Melanie | December 4, 2014 | (18) Comments

Can you believe it, guys? 2014 IS ALMOST OVER. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS REALIZATION RIGHT NOW. But, seeing as another year has passed…it’s time to celebrate the awesomeness of 2014’s YA debut authors! Below, I’ve listed some of the awesome YA debut releases that came out this year that I highly recommend or have heard fantastic things about. Someone will get the pleasure of winning one of these listed books, so yaaaaay! Le Rules: 1. No cheating–you will be caught […]

By: Larissa | December 3, 2014 | (30) Comments


Having read The Great Gatsby  and adoring the beautiful novel, I was admittedly skeptical for a modern take on the classic tale- especially it being in the young adult genre. I was afraid that this novel would pale in comparison, quite frankly. It certainly wouldn’t include the atmospheric and poignant descriptions of the roaring twenties and the inevitable impossibility and resulting failure from trying to achieve the American Dream. However, I think that Even in Paradise stands on its own from The Great Gatsby and […]

By: Melanie | December 2, 2014 | (23) Comments


Shirley Marr is officially another favourite author of mine. And, she also happens to be an Aussie author, who would’ve guessed? I swapped my heart for a bargaining chip a long time ago. And here I am turning it over and over again in my hand, not sure what to trade it in for. Fury goes down as one of those books that I find severely underhyped. I actually had not heard of Shirley Marr’s novels until she approached me about reviewing […]

By: Melanie | December 1, 2014 | (44) Comments


It’s been a while since I’ve read Something Real but the story has stayed with me this whole time. This book has pretty much everything from family, friend and romantic relationships as well as diversity, a little humour but a lot of depth as well. Chloe and her family are the stars of the reality TV show, Baker’s Dozen. The TV show has been running ever since Chloe was young and goes by the name, Bonnie™, on the show. The show was cancelled […]

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