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It has been a while so…

I have missed you, my friends. This week was crazy hectic with 6 assignments/exams happening so I wasn’t around much, and…*whispers* I only read one book.


But, that being said, it was an awesome read, so it sort of is okay…right? RIGHT?! RIGHT??!!

But don’t worry, I’ll have that fixed this week after Tuesday because I’ll literally have nothing to do with my life after that. WHOOPDEDOO! I’ll never leave you guys again, pinkie promise.


Hey people! I’m still missing everybody and wish I had more time to spend with y’all. Work has been crazy, unsurprisingly. Who knew that working part time at a toy store near Christmas (according to retail times, not the actual calender) would be crazy? [; Had to do a midnight shift the other day which was just plain odd. I find that working in a toy store that I shouldn’t be the type to buy last minute gifts. Yet, already I can tell that I have all of these things to buy and not enough time/creative thoughts to do it before Christmas ooops.

I’ve finished applying to all of my university choices and now I must wait. I’m the most impatient person ever so this is quite tough. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF MY DREAM FUTURE IS GOING TO BE A REALITY.

Boys. Need I say more? They’re driving me insane. Okay.

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Bookish News

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably missed out on the Insurgent teaser trailer.

Honestly speaking though, it was awfully disappointing. Like please, just stop. The movie better be better than this excuse of a teaser trailer.

The DUFF has also been turned into a movie and the trailer was released this week as well.

I actually didn’t know that it was becoming a movie until just recently, and I’m not really sure what to think of the trailer, especially since I haven’t read the book yet. It sounds pretty cliche, but hey, I’ll bite.

In other news, (but totally not bookish news), THE PITCH PERFECT 2 TRAILER ALSO CAME OUT O.M.G.

I’ve watched this way too many times…

New on the Shelves



I couldn’t help but buy a new set of The Heroes of Olympus…the temptation was too much. I also bought myself a copy of Crown of Midnight, because the version I owned was an ARC, and didn’t match the rest of the series. Thank you kindly Kristen of My Friends are Fiction for The Cure for Dreaming! It is absolutely gorgeous in person. And of course, thank you to all the publishers for the other books that are now prettying up my shelves.



~Thanks to Penguin Canada!~

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And that’s it from us for this week. Link us to your wrap-ups and hauls for us to check out!

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34 Responses to Midnight Madness Newsletter (73)

  1. Looks like you’re both very busy! Hopefully you’ll both be able to have a break, soon. 🙂

    HOW HORRIBLE WAS THAT INSURGENT TRAILER? I just can’t…just no. I really like the look of The Duff movie. I think it’ll be fun and oh my good lord, PITCH PERFECT 2. I want it. Also, SO MANY GOOD BOOKS, MEL! And Larissa! You have An Ember in the Ashes! SQUEEEE. I really want that one, hope you enjoy! Looking forward to your review. 🙂
    Ebony @ Daring Damsels recently posted…What’s Your Opinion on Weekly Recaps?My Profile

    • Also, Larissa! Good luck with getting into your dream university – I’m sure you’ll be happy with wherever you end up going to school. 😀 I’m actually starting university next year, too. I was supposed to start this year, but was forced to defer and take a gap year. Even though I knew I had my place, I was still a little worried I hadn’t deferred properly. 😛 Hahaha. I actually got an email on Friday to confirm that I still want my place in the course, and that has made me extremely happy and a little nervous. Since it’s the time of early offers, I get to enrol next week instead of in Februray. What do you hope to major in? (If you don’t mind me asking. 🙂 )

    • Larissa says:

      I never have read or seen anything Divergent wise #confessions haha. And Ember in the Ashes is sadly only a preview. It’s 48 pages and eNDS ON THE BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER FKLJSKLFJDSLKF. Hopefully when the full ARC comes available I can get it.

      Aww that’s awesome that you’re still in the course (: I bet it must be all kinds of exciting. My end goal is law! But I live in Canada and need at least a bachelor of some sort in order to even apply to law school. So I’m going for a bachelor of arts. I’m deciding to go into a Law & Society major offered by only a few schools in Canada as I think it’ll best prepare me for Law. Ahhhhh fk;dslkfjdlskj

  2. That Insurgent trailer was indeed horrible. The SGI alone wasn’t good. T_T Jurassic Park’s SGI effects were way better and that ones made in the 90’s. Sigh. BUT PITCH PERFECT 2!!! 😀 OH did you see the Cinderella trailer too? 😀
    Bieke @ Istyria book blog recently posted…Review: Insignia by S.J. KincaidMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      Yeah I haven’t even read the books/seen the movies and even I know it was horrible quality. Lol Jurassic Park is a classic ;p I just love Dinosaurs okay. I’m excited for Pitch Perfect 2, though tbh a little nervous. I mean it kinda just looks like more of the same. Oooo haven’t seen the Cinderella trailer yet but I’ll check it out c;

  3. The Duff! You’re right. It is pretty cliché. I just hope the film will give the book justice…though I don’t know how that could be an impossibility. I mean, it’s pretty simple. *shrugs*

    Have a great week, ladies!
    Joy (Joyousreads) recently posted…In Which There Were No BooksMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      I never read the book but it seems like a great premise. Hopefully the movie sticks with it and doesn’t muck up too badly. Fingers crossed.

      Thanks Joy! <33

  4. I’m disappointed by the Insurgent trailer as well, but at least it doesn’t show ALL the best scenes already – which always bothers me. The DUFF looks pretty interesting and I CAN’T WAIT FOR PITCH PERFECT 2. I love ‘fat’ Amy, haha.

    Oeeeeh, an amber in the ashes, I’m very curious about that one. The cure for dreaming is amazing, I really liked the pictures. Welcome back Mel 😀 Good luck with your busy job Larissa.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Review 302. Kasie West – Pivot Point series.My Profile

    • Larissa says:

      Yeah that trailer was very mediocre. I’m excited for The DUFF and Pitch Perfect 2 also. I just hope that Pitch Perfect will be made in a way that really isn’t the same as the first movie. “Fat” Amy is hilarious and awesome.

      It’s actually just a preview sadly /: Only 48 pages and ends on a cliffhanger. Hopefully when physical full ARCs come I can get my hands on them. Thanks Mel <33

  5. Jillyn says:

    I can’t wait to read Black Ice and Captive. Enjoy all your new additions!

    Jillyn @ Bitches n Prose

  6. At least you got over the exam/assignment hurdle Mel! Pretty soon it’s summer break and you can just kick back and relax so enjoy!! 😉 I really need to get started on Dangerous Boys…Soon!

    OMG THE WAITING IS THE WORST, LARISSA. I’m doing the waiting right now and I just can’t. It scares me. So much. BUT GOOD LUCK!
    Jess @My Reading Dress recently posted…Seeking Saturday’s Read #13: What Became of Juicing, Christmas Hoarding and Devouring VillainsMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      RIGHT OH MY GOD JESS. We’re waiting twins who are dying. It’s terrifying BECAUSE YOU JUST LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU’LL BE NEXT YEAR. AHHHH. Thanks girl, and good luck to you also <33

  7. I loved This Shattered World! Can’t wait to see your review, Mel.
    Also Ember in Ashes sounds amazing. Fingers crossed!
    I haven’t read The DUFF either, but the movie looks pretty cute. Supposedly their completely different though lol.
    Pitch Perfect 2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <– That is all.

    Happy reading, girls!
    Danielle @ Love at First Page recently posted…Review: The Book of IvyMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      Ember in Ashes is actually just a preview sadly /: Only 48 pages and ends on a cliffhanger. Hopefully when physical complete ARCs come I can get my hands on them.

      I’m in the exact same frame of mind considering The DUFF and pitch perfect 2 haha (:

      Thanks Danielle, same to ya

  8. Jasprit says:

    I’m sorry things have been crazy busy for you both, I totally know the feeling, I’ve been either squeezing in reading wherever I can or Christmas shopping wherever I can! I’m glad that you’ll be able to read all the books Mel soon, I’m literally counting down the days to the Christmas break, when I’ll be able to do the same! I of course being out of the loop, have missed all these trailers, but look forward to catching up now! I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Jasprit recently posted…Showcase Sunday: #63My Profile

  9. I am SUPER excited about Pitch Perfect 2. I just loved the first one. I’m excited about The Duff- it was a good book.
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Put Me In a Story this Holiday Season (Big Giveaway)My Profile

  10. AN EMBER IN THE ASHES! You must love it and let me know! What great hauls you have. I’m really curious about Captive…most of the reviews have been positive so very eager to hear your thoughts. Have a great week ladies!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Stacking the ShelvesMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      It’s actually just a preview sadly /: Only 48 pages and ends on a crazy cliffhanger. Hopefully when physical full ARCs come I can get my hands on them. Because so far it was amazing okay.

  11. WELCOME BACK MEL! <3 We've all been missing you for the past few days. Glad you're back!

    Larissa – aww…I hope your schedule gets easier and that you find time to read and relax. And good luck with college applications! How nerve-wrecking! I'm sure that you'll get into your dream college because you're so intelligent and well-written. Keep us updated, okay? <3

    And I agree. That Insurgent teaser was just…meh. It’s not my favorite series (*everyone gasps*), but the first movie was decent enough, so…we’ll see, right? 😐

    AND THERE’S GOING TO BE A PITCH PERFECT 2?!?! *mind blown*
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…The Young ElitesMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      Thanks Zoe! I sure hope so too haha c: Getting into my top choice would be wonderful, because honestly it’s the only choice where I can one hundred percent see myself. And awww <33 The fact that you complimented my writing abilites makes me even more happy as the program I'm aiming for is definitely writing and reading based (LAW- ahhhh.)

  12. Valerie says:

    I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK ON UNIVERSITIES LARISSA!!! Also, Mel that is a beautiful set of The Heroes of Olympus books!
    Valerie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #14 (Or How I Am Drowning in Piles and Piles of Work)My Profile

  13. This time of year is always especially hectic, and I can only imagine how cray-cray working in a toy store must be, Larissa! You are one brave cookie. I can’t wait to check-out your review of Waistcoats and Weaponry; I’m hoping to give Carriger’s Steampunk YA series a try SOON, maybe even in audio. Have an excellent week ladies!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Early Review: Black Widow by Jenifer EstepMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      That’s certainly true girl! And yes, it’s so unbelievably busy. It’s a really fun series, but the first two were a bit better in my eyes. Thank you (:

  14. Don’t feel bad, I only read one book last week and my life wasn’t nearly as nuts. Working in a toy store sounds fun, but not during Christmas. Boys are annoying, it’s a product of the species. I wish you luck with your entrances! Don’t worry, I’m sure it will turn out fine. 🙂

    Peeks out from rock, there’s an Insurgent trailer?

    Nice Haul Melanie! My Son of Neptune doesn’t match and it drives me nuts, so I totally understand. I can’t wait to read an Ember in the Ashes! So lucky!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Indie Book Review: The Empyrean Key By JL TomlinsonMy Profile

  15. I was so disappointed by that Insurgent trailer even though I know it was only a teaser. And I know this is stupid but I HATE her hair. And where is Four???
    Enjoy your new books and have a happy week ladies!
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Review: On the Edge by Allison van Diepen!My Profile

  16. Rashika says:

    Omg Larissa, you’re applying to universities, YOU’RE GROWING UP. *tackle hugs* *sniffles* I am sure you’ll get in! 😀 Even if it isn’t your top choice (which I hope it will be). You’re done with the hard bit.. for now. Applications are always a pain in the ass.

    *high fives*

    MELLLL You’ll be back too! My vacation started today and for the next 6 weeks, I am a free bird. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I can actually talk to people again and it feels weird. But don’t worry, I only read 2-3 books last week and two of them were pretty quick reads so yeah … 😛

    I am looking forward to stopping by your guyses blog on a more regular basis now.

    *tackle hugs*
    *walks away while whistling*
    Rashika recently posted…Author Interview with Anthony Ryan + GiveawayMy Profile

    • Larissa says:

      YESSSS! Wee little Larissa is graduating this year and going into the big bad world of uni ahhhh. Yes, now I just got to wait, how nerve-wracking. Thanks for believing in me chicka.


  17. Amber Elise says:

    The problem with the Insurgent trailer is that it’s like 995 CGI. Nothing looks natural. I still haven’t read the book yet.

    Welcome back Mel! 🙂

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  18. Alise says:

    Psh, Melanie, you are awesome for even fitting in one book during all that school stress. Larissa, aw man, midnight shift? That really bites. Do you actually get business then? I used to work at a pet hotel and felt so bad for the overnight shift (someone always had to be there to monitor the animals) Good luck with applications!

    The Heroes of Olympus look so pretty all together…. MUST RESIST. Enjoy your new books, ladies 😀
    Alise recently posted…How I Conquered My Year Long Buying Ban (for the most part)My Profile

  19. Megan says:

    Mel: YOU’RE NOT ALONE. I’ve been slacking on both reading and blogging these past few weeks, too. College applications have been driving me crazy, so I can totally relate to how busy you feel right now. D: I’m glad you’re finally free, though! Hopefully I won’t abandon the blogosphere for too long, too, so I can catch up with your posts!

    Larissa: Wooh, that midnight shift definitely sounds fishy… And yay for applying to all your universities! I don’t know how the unis in Canada work, but there’s so much you need to do for unis in the U.S. It’s crazy. Can’t wait until I wrap all of mine up, as well. What are you planning on studying?

    Yeah, I just watched the Insurgent teaser trailer and it was a disappointment. The visual effects weren’t that great, and for those who haven’t read the book, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell what the hell is going on. Even I’ve read the book and I couldn’t tell what was happening. T_T At least we had Pitch Perfect 2 to cheer us up, right? Loved the first movie so much, and I have a feeling that the second one is going to be just as good. Cheesy, but entertaining. xD

    DUDEEEEE. You need to stahp. Your Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus obsession is getting to me. Every time I step into the bookstore, my sister needs to physically pry me away from getting my own copies of HoO. (My friend owns them, so I really don’t need to buy them, lol.) MY SELF-CONTROL ISN’T GOING TO LAST. And I can’t wait to hear what you think of Mosquitoland, Larissa! It’s such a cool-sounding book, even though I hate mosquitoes with a passion. xD

    Thanks for mentioning my post, too! <3
    Megan recently posted…Ordinary or Weird Names?My Profile

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