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By: Melanie | November 29, 2014 | (30) Comments


“There is no ending to this story because, as I’ve realised, stories don’t have endings, only beginnings.” Amy hasn’t had the easiest life. She lives with her superstitious single Chinese mother with barely enough money to feed themselves. Her ‘best friend’, Rebecca doesn’t exactly help either; her mood changes as rapidly as her hair colour. Rebecca seems to attract all the boys, and Amy has always just been that nameless girl who follows Rebecca around at school. Yet, when Amy finds and […]

By: Celine | November 28, 2014 | (33) Comments

discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a discussion post of all things bookish. ——— Earlier this year, Larissa wrote a post called Importance of YA which everyone should read if they haven’t already, because it’s an amazing post. Today I just want to say that I completely agree with her, and I want to add some more reasons to the list of why YA is so important. Everyone knows the typical YA heroine – she’s shy, socially awkward and bookish […]

By: Melanie | November 27, 2014 | (28) Comments


I went from start to finish with a grin on my face when reading this. Yep, The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl (gosh that’s a mouthful) is one of those feel good contemporary reads. If that hasn’t sold you, I know exactly what will: IT’S AUSSIE YA! Clearly you need to read it now, yes? And to all of those who are going ‘nope’ because they think they’re oh-so-fabulous (but deep down have already got their money out ready to buy a copy), let me […]

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I wouldn’t really call this a review, because this is more like me spilling everything that is going on in my head in relation to this book. Celine will be doing a proper review of it very early on next year, so keep an eye out for that. Spoiler: she loved it. So here is my first taste of Marcus Sedgwick’s writing. And my thoughts on it? I like his writing style verrah much. I’ve heard that this style it distinct from […]

By: Celine | November 25, 2014 | (24) Comments


We’ve been tagged by the lovely Gina from Behind the Pages to do this Bookish Idenity Tag! Thanks Gina 😀 Which dystopian/fantastical world would you live in? Celine Tough one! Obviously I would like to live in no dystopian society at all, because the word dystopian literally means that it’s the kind of society you don’t want to live in. However, when you’re asking me about fantastical worlds… The no-brainer is obviously the world of Harry Potter. (I swear, my letter got lost in the mail. […]

By: Melanie | November 23, 2014 | (34) Comments

midnight madness newsletter

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week ——— Latest Happenings Melanie It has been a while so… I have missed you, my friends. This week was crazy hectic with 6 assignments/exams happening so I wasn’t around much, and…*whispers* I only read one book. I KNOW. SHAME ON YOU, MEL, SHAME ON YOU. But, that being said, it was an awesome read, so it sort of is okay…right? RIGHT?! RIGHT??!! But don’t […]

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If you have not read Disruption, then please only read the first and last paragraphs of this review. ——— I am a mess right now. Honestly, I have no idea where to begin because Corruption has my mind reeling. But let’s start off with this: I will read anything this woman writes. I’ve read pretty much every novel written by Jess Shirvington with the exception of Empower (the last book to the Violet Eden Chapters) and each book gets better than the next; I can see this […]

By: Celine | November 16, 2014 | (22) Comments

midnight madness newsletter

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week ——— Latest Happenings Celine Whew! So, that was an exam week. I’m completely brain dead now, after having done nothing but study, study and study some more for a week straight. Seriously, I didn’t even have time to read. But… it’s over for now, so I can sit back and relax (hahahahaha who am I kidding, I’ve got way too much to do). And […]

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