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Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick RiordanThe Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan
Series: The Heroes of Olympus, #5
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, YA
Pages: 528
Source: Bought it
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Though the Greek and Roman crewmembers of the Argo II have made progress in their many quests, they still seem no closer to defeating the earth mother, Gaea. Her giants have risen—all of them—and they're stronger than ever. They must be stopped before the Feast of Spes, when Gaea plans to have two demigods sacrificed in Athens. She needs their blood—the blood of Olympus—in order to wake.

The demigods are having more frequent visions of a terrible battle at Camp Half-Blood. The Roman legion from Camp Jupiter, led by Octavian, is almost within striking distance. Though it is tempting to take the Athena Parthenos to Athens to use as a secret weapon, the friends know that the huge statue belongs back on Long Island, where it "might" be able to stop a war between the two camps.

The Athena Parthenos will go west; the Argo II will go east. The gods, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, are useless. How can a handful of young demigods hope to persevere against Gaea's army of powerful giants? As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over.

This review has ALL The Blood of Olympus spoilers hidden under spoiler tags. For people who have not read The House of Hades, please only read the first and last paragraphs.

EDIT 11/10/14 – My thoughts on the rushed ending, lack of all main characters and the ending in general: View Spoiler »

I cried last night after finishing The Blood of Olympus. I had ran from school straight to the closest bookstore and snagged the book. I might have squealed and flailed a bit, and maybe a few people in passing stared at me weirdly, but this goes down as one of my happiest moments of 2014. As did The House of Hades last year. I live for these books: no joke, I thought and fangirled over The Blood of Olympus pretty much at least once a day over the past year. Don’t believe me? Ask my mum, it was probably her happiest day yesterday as well, because I finally stopped with the fangirling and was hidden away in my room all evening devouring this monster. Honestly, can’t blame her. The reason I cried wasn’t because of anything apart from the slow realisation that the Percy Jackson series have completely come to an end. The Blood of Olympus is the last story from these demigods’ that we’re gonna get. (Well, for now at least.) It totally saddens me, because I’ve been infatuated with this demigod world for so long and well… I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. I WANT THE BOOKS TO CONTINUE FOREVER. Alas, that can’t happen. The bright side is that fandoms exist so everyone can sob together and we can all go visit Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter in our dreams.

This being said, I think the series ended on a very satisfactory note, the doors aren’t closed tight shut. Rick Riordan leaves a satisfying ending but also one that gives us readers plenty of room for imagination. I’d say it’s an open ending in the sense that it still ties up all the loose ends, if that makes any sense. The Blood of Olympus follows our 7 demigods as they must go and stop Gaia from rising as well as battle the giants that Gaia has set into the world. On the other hand we have Reyna, Nico and Coach Hedge who must return the Athena Parthenos back to Long Island in order to stop the Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter from starting a war between them. And, the must all do this before the Feast of Spes, which is on August 1st, just twelve days away.

Percy and Annabeth take the back seat in The Blood of Olympus, my Percabeth half of my heart sobbed endlessly, but it felt suiting that the others got some more shine time. Besides, The Heroes of Olympus isn’t just a Percy Jackson book like the first series, the spin-off series is about all of the 7 demigods: Frank, Hazel, Leo, Piper, Jason as well as Percy and Annabeth. Here, we also get to see what’s going on from Nico and Reyna’s point of view, which was just so exciting. All the characters were developed fantastically, and with what looks to be an overwhelming amount of characters, if you gave me a piece of dialogue, I could name exactly who said it because that’s just how distinct and thoroughly constructed Rick Riordan’s characters are. Leo is certainly a highlight, his humour is brilliant, and the scenes where he is with Percy? Guys, it’s priceless. I need to have more of these two dudes, they had me snorting and chocking on air because they’re just that damn funny.

My only quibble, mind you–VERY SMALL QUIBBLE lies with Frank and Hazel. I adored them in The House of Hades but their relationship and them as individuals, didn’t have much development in here. I wanted more from Frank and Hazel, because they didn’t seem to have as much of an importance in here.

Jason and Piper? Well, let’s just say I like them a more than I did in the previous instalments. It’s never been a problem that I don’t like them, it’s just that Piper said that Jason was better than Percy in a previous book, WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE and Jason…well he’s disliked by association. But, because we got both their’ POVs in The Blood of Olympus, I found myself appreciating them more than before, though that doesn’t mean I like them.

Okay, next bit is about Nico, which I’ve hidden under spoiler tags. View Spoiler »

Action in this book was never-ending. You can never possibly be bored in a Rick Riordan book. If you have, are we even reading the same book? Actually, scrap that. Are we even living on the same universe? It’s impossible, between the humour, the action, the plot and the fabulous characters, who can get bored? I was sitting upright in my bed pretty much talking to the characters on the page. You could say I was completely infatuated.

We need to talk about the ending. The ending was glorious. View Spoiler »

The Blood of Olympus was absolutely fantastic, the characters were as kick-ass and witty as ever, and the plot line kept me flicking the pages as fast as I could. It might look like a HUGE novel, but it flew by quickly. Maybe too quickly. I still want more *cries* Everything that you need in a flawless book is all in here. To all those who haven’t read Percy Jackson, YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES. It’s so worth it, and you haven’t lived until you have. Then, once you start reading the series, tell me so we can be friends again.

5 Stars
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63 Responses to Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

  1. Mel Mel Mel, I read Percy Jackson because of you, and then Kane Chronicles and I started The Lost hero last night, all because of your love for this series and you know what, I only skimmed this, but I’m so so pleased you encouraged me to read Riordan’s work. Thank you so much and I’m so pleased you loved this finale. Are you fangirling over the next series already? 😉 Wonderful review!
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…Book Review – Darkness Becomes HerMy Profile

  2. OMG girl I am sooooo jealous of you right now! I still haven’t been able to go and buy my copy, but it’s great that you loved this one. Well, it is Rick, you can’t expect anything less! I don’t like Jiper at all as well, interesting that you say you warm up to them, so curious now. But wait, Percabeth isn’t as much in here? That makes me really sad 🙁 Anyways awesome review Melanie

  3. Stephanie B says:

    You appreciate Jason and Piper more now? Okay, I can work with that. Lol. But… Jason IS better than Percy. CALEO!!!!! I was insanely happy too. I only feel like Reyna’s story isn’t quite finished, you know?
    Stephanie B recently posted…Review: Her Dark CuriosityMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      NEVAH. That’s one thing I’ll never accept. Percy > Jason. Reyna probably needs a little more tying up, but it’s pretty tough when you have so many characters. YAS CALEO. WE NEED A NOVELLA ON JUST THEM AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURES TOGETHER

  4. zack joned says:

    I totally agree with you on the last book it was amazing!!! XD only regrets are that wish there was a little more pery annabeth action and POV :/ also I wanted a little more on the Leo calypso end I wish the rest of the seven besides Percy could have met her but oh well still was a wonderful book and I enjoyed you review thoroughly 🙂

    • Melanie says:

      yes, that’s very true Zack! But then again, it’s not PJO, it’s HoO, and gotta respect that even though Percabeth has always been pretty much many people’s favourite ship. I guess we can all predict that Caleo meets the rest of the group because Leo couldn’t just not return, it would be so inconsiderate to leave them thinking he’s dead or something. Thanks!

  5. Nara says:

    I just wasn’t ready to let the series go T.T Not to mention that damned novella that tricked me into thinking the book was longer than it actually was (I still haven’t read it because I’m angry at it lol)
    OH MAN THE CALEO FEELS. Definitely wanted more of those (also I kind of wanted awkwardness between Calypso and Percy. Would have been hilarious haha)
    And Nico <3 That boy.
    Nara recently posted…Review: Afterworlds by Scott WesterfeldMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      *high five* cry buddies TOGETHERRR
      OMG right? I was so pissed, like NOOO dammnit i thought I had another 50 pages *sobs more* I haven’t read it either! I still need to calm from this book lel.
      YES, CALEO! I loved that ending, t’was gorgeous.
      So happy for Nico, I love him dearly and cried because he totally deserves Will. I think everyone is shipping it as Solangelo? I LOVE IT.

  6. Aw, this post makes me so happy — and sad. It’s so sad when a favorite series ends!!

    I’ve only read the first few Percy books, but my kids love them and I know how many people just adore them. Okay, I promise to finish them. Maybe in the summer.

    Jen @ YA Romantics
    Jen @ YA Romantics recently posted…Wednesday, Slump Day. Should I keep reading any of these?My Profile

  7. Wow, your really love this series, don’t you. So happy it all ended as you hoped but sad for you as well. I have only read the first two books and I really should get back to them now that they are all out. Hopefully Riordan will do something fantastic that you will love just as much.
    Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings recently posted…Something Wicked Strikes Day #8: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper: Guest Post, Review and Giveaway!My Profile

  8. Tanja says:

    I still haven’t started with this series but I have heard such amazing things about it. I’m so happy that the last one (for now) was that good and that you loved it so much. It’s amazing when you find a series that you enjoy so much. Great review and I hope that you’ll get more books about this world 😉
    Tanja recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#16)My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      TANJA YOU MUST READ IT! It’s the best MG ever. I know a number of peeps who didn’t like how it ended, but I personally loved it! Even though a few tiny flaws here and there, but yeah, very happy 😀 Thanks, girl <33

  9. Mary Claire says:

    I haven’t read the Percy Jackson series yet, so I didn’t read your review because of spoilers. I’ve heard the series is amazing from almost everybody that’s read it. Glad you love it so much! My question for you is this: What are your top three favorite standalone novels and your top three series? Just curious!

    Mary Claire recently posted…ARC Review: Loop by Karen AtkinsMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Mary, you need to! It’s absolutely beautiful in every single way 🙂

      My favourite 3 standalones? The first ones that come to mind are Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Golden by Jessi Kirby. I have way more though!

  10. Malisa says:

    OK, about the ending, did you really like it? I mean, OK I liked it too, but I still have SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Oh gods, I can’t bear this! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?? I can’t believe this was the last book! I’m going to die.. *dies*

    • Melanie says:

      I really did, Malisa. Well, I thought it was typical of Rick to have a open ended ending. But I liked it–it’s not one of those that leave you with so many unanswered questions, it’s more like leaving you with questions with obvious answers–like, would Caleo go and find the others later? Of course, Leo wouldn’t want his friends to think he was dead, he ain’t selfish. What happens after? Well it’s mentioned in the book what Percabeth does, where all the characters go. What do they do? Well they probably go and “fight stuff” like Percy says in the book during the battle and try to have normal lives as best to their ability. I don’t think Rick left questions that needed answers from him specifically. I loved that he let us use our imagination to see the future of our favourite characters. He didn’t close the world, and I appreciate that.

  11. MarburyBlur says:

    Any decent Rick Riordan fan shouldn’t like Piper nor Jason. You just can’t.

    • Jasmine says:

      What do you mean “any decent Rick Riordan fan” shouldn’t like Piper nor Jason? I’m personally more of a Caleo and Percabeth person but still! Jasper is just sweet and I like both qualities of Jason and Piper though there is something about Jason that makes me dislike him sometimes.
      I’ve read the whole PJO and HOO (except for Blood of Olympus) 2 times and I’m starting my third time. I still have to read Blood of Olympus since I can’t get it yet but I blame it on living in Cambodia, a corrupt Country.
      Anybody who is a decent Rick Riordan fan should have their own opinions but also appreciate and not criticize any of his works. Besides, every body has their own opinions. I get that you don’t like Piper and Jason but you shouldn’t say that only Rick Riordan fans that don’t like Jason and Piper are decent fans. That’s just wrong.

      • MarburyBlur says:

        Dude, I wasn’t personally attacking anyone. It was more along the lines of, y’know, a joke. I’m sorry for offending you or any Jasper fans, but from my experience, I don’t know anyone who’s read all of the books up to HoH that likes Jason and Piper. And I wasn’t talking about them as a couple; I was talking about them separately as their own characters.
        Anyways, sorry.

        • Melanie says:

          I definitely see what you meant MarburyBlur, I like to joke with my friend all the time about whether Jiper or Percabeth is better. But it did come out harsh, so please be careful next time. I did come to appreciate them more in this book as indivuals, Piper was a great friend to Annabeth, and c’mon, Percy and Jason’s silent rivalry makes me grin like a fool.

  12. I want to cry with you right now. 🙁

    I’m still reading the book (just took a quick break to read your post) so I didn’t read the spoilers. It’s so strange that I’ve waited for this for a whole year and now that it’s finally here, I don’t want it to end. You’d think after 10+ books (I even read the companion books) I’d get enough of Percy but noooo… I need more!

    I’m a bit miffed that I’m already halfway through the book and yet there’s no Percy or Annabeth POV, but I do agree that the characters are well-developed. I love Leo and I wish him and Percy can have a separate book of jokes or something.

    Oh, Mel. I’m sending you virtual hugs. We both need it!
    Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder recently posted…Book Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (plus photos from my vacation!)My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      I definitely agree, Joy. I didn’t want it to end but at the same time I had to finish it ASAP because c’mon, we’ve been waiting a FREAKING YEAR. Yeah, no Percy or Annabeth POV in here, but it’s understandable because this isn’t PJO anymore, it’s HoO and there are 7 MCs and Nico and Reyna, and it would be seriously hard if they ALL had a POV. Def agree they should have had a little more spotlight, but I don’t really mind because they still had their parts.

      *tight hugs*

  13. Eric says:

    Ok so, this is literally the 1st place I could find. THIS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH. He basically ignored my 2 favorite characters 1st off (Percy and Annabeth) which the series never would have happened without them. Don’t get me wrong. It could have, but everyone’s perspective would have been way way way different. The 2nd thing that was really upsetting was the end of the book (don’t worry no spoilers and remember this is my opinion. Some of you may love it). I felt that he left it way too open. He could have atleast made is seem as if this character left people know about him. UGHHH. Thinking about it pisses me off. Last night though, I found an end to it in my dreams (sounds weird right?). But with that dream came a better ending and because I read your review, I feel that’s what Riordan wanted us to do.

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Eric. I think, that this story wasn’t Percy and Annabeth’s only. It was all of 9 of them. This isn’t PJO, it’s HoO, so we can’t just expect Percabeth to dominate everytime–and house of hades was basically Pecabeth heaven, so we got our fair share. That being said, I still have the fangirl inside that agrees because I wanted a little more of Percy and Annabeth doing stuff and having a greater role, but we couldn’t possibly have all 9 of them narrating because it would be just too hectic. And a then, a lot of people would be complaining about how there were too many POVs and it got too confusing and jumpy. I guess you can just never please everyone. But that’s just my thoughts.

      I totally understand what you mean by the ending. I thought it was nice though, and different for a change to have an open ending where we can use our own imagination and sorta see what happens after the book closed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Eric says:

    Also, pretty much every song I own is going to remind me of the book. It sucks that it all reminds me. I wish I could forget that ending. I would have WAY more satisfied with Percy doing or something. Atleast it would have been an ending that I could say completed the book and wrapped everything up. Nope. It has to be open.

  15. Eric. I completely agree with u. Quite disappointed and unsatisfied with that. Like..y have such a focus on Percy and annabeth in ALL others books and then ignore them in the most important one as such…they went through Tartarus to be pushed back. Idk it seemed a bit rushed in the end. The prophecy was fulfilled but like in PJ the series ended really well…

    • Melanie says:

      I see your argument. Rick did focus on Percabeth quite a lot in book 4, but that’s because they had a main part in it as they were stuck in Tartarus. They sorta have an ending in book 4 too, I mean, their problems and stuff are concluded fairy well in there and here, they’re just more about helping the crew save the world–they don’t exactly have a separate story line in all the previous books.

      The ending felt a little rush when they defeated Gaia, probably a little too much of a build up to it, so many people felt a little disappointed at how quickly it was just resolved. I’m definitely one of those people, but I loved the book regardless

  16. Pili says:

    Now that this one is out and in my Kindle library I can finally binge read The House of Hades and this one together!! Thank you for the warnings for the spoilers and the recommendation to read only the first and last paragraphs!!
    Pili recently posted…First Chapter, First Paragraph #13: Damsel Distressed by Kelsey Macke!!My Profile

  17. zach says:

    I am still crying as I type this I just finished and cant believe that might be the last of Percy Jackson I ever hear. I was happy yet very sad about the ending. I really hope Rick Riordan makes more books involving Percy and the other. I would get on my knees and beg to my little brother to get more of these books. I really think he should make a Carter Kane Percy Jackson crossover series to follow up on the Son Of Sobek and The Staff Of The Serapis. I mean they obviously take place in the same world. You know the funny thing is, I thought I wanted the series to end and end the tension but now just wish it never would although Rick could think of doing like Percy’s son or something for a future book or any of the seven’s sons or daughters for all I care I JUST NEED more!!!
    zach recently posted…Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick RiordanMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      I think I heard there might be a Carter and Percy cross-over in the distant future? Can never be sure of rumours these days until the man himself says it on his social media. I definitely want more! His next books are actually Norse Mythology and follow Magnus CHASE, and I’m quite sure Magnus is Annabeth’s cousin that she mentioned in this book.

  18. Emily says:

    I just finished the book not 10 minutes ago, so many feelings! I cried a little at the end, mostly from pure happiness but also despair that the series is over. Getting POV’s from Nico and Reyna was such a wonderful surprise for me, I love and respect them both so much more now!! After all the craziness which was the end of the book, that one lovely scene with those two lovely people just made it for me. So much love for this book and this series!!! <3

    • Melanie says:

      Yes right? I cried for similar reasons, mainly just disbelief that it’s well and truly the last book. I really loved Reyna and Nico’s POVs, their friendship was nicely constructed too.

  19. Sad to see that this amazing series is finally at an end. 🙁
    Though I did enjoy the book for the most part, particularly Nico and Reyna’s POV’s. I felt that Percy, Annabeth, Frank and Hazel were hardly mentioned. I know this is about 7 demigods not just Percy, but I think his and Annabeth were pushed to the side in this story and then brought out when their blood was needed (even that was anticlimactic).
    The thing I loved most about The Last Olympian, was the amazing epic battle finale. In this, the Gods appear from the sky and within a couple of chapters the Giants are defeated. Then Zeus does a volleyball spike to propel the Argo II to Half-Blood Hill to defeat Gaia before she even does any damage!
    I’m sorry I felt a little underwhelmed with the conclusion, considering this moment was 5 books in the making.
    Its been a great series and despite my issues with the finale I did enjoy it on a whole. I’m not whether I’m going to read the Magnus Chase novels, because even though I’m interested in Norse Mythology, I think I’ve outgrown Riordan’s style.
    Here’s my review of BoO …
    Richard Humphreys recently posted…Bloody BrilliantMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Nico and Reyna’s POVs were definitely one of my favourites as well along with Leo, because c’mon, he’s so damn hilarious.
      I agree with what you mean about the last olympian having a seriously epic finale. The way they defeated Gaia was pretty quick after so much build up, but I was pretty satisfied at the same time because it’s kinda obvious they’re gonna suceed, I was more interested in the characters themselves, if anything.
      I definitely see what you’re getting at!

  20. Calaya says:

    Agreed with Richard. I finished the book yesterday and I have to agree it was all very exciting to read but I expected more. Maybe I over estimated it or I’m just getting older but I wanted to see more out of Percy and Annabeth like the old days in the first series! In fact we saw little of Frank and Hazel too. And I love Frank! So I was a bit disappointed that only a few of the characters had major roles in this book. And to me, Gaea was way too easy. Either she was full of schist or the Demigods were way stronger than they felt. In the end, it was epic but it still didn’t tie itself together. It felt like a rush. And it’s clear that there will be more to tell in the future. A third Percy Jackson series to come! 😀

  21. Bob says:

    TBH I think the last book was a disappointment. It was to vague and felt rushed. There wasn’t enough emphasis on Percy, annabeth, hazel and frank. Rick riordan should have made two final books, would have been more detailed and better.

  22. Bob says:

    If not two books, then at least a part 1, part 2 like the Harry potter deathly hallows movie.
    Also another thing. With this I was able to put it down and go eat my lunch, whereas with the previous books I would read the front cover to the back with out stopping.

    Also can someone tell me when rick riordan started writing romance novels?

  23. Bob says:

    The blood of Olympus was way to predictable.
    And a happy ending for everyone. Really?
    As much as it pleased me that people had a happy ending, it made the book soft, more like a fairy tale.
    I am not saying that everyone dies, I’m saying that a few people have to die in order for the book to be more realistic.

  24. Aryan says:

    Hhm at least i m nt d only one who was disappointed In the lack of percabeth ….seriously , it was like reading the lost hero again and hopping on d edge of the seat waiting for mr. Jackson to soop in and make some use of his all-fluid-poisen Control powers , only it never came to that. Even the anti-poseidon gaint was defeated by jason . Man ! I was disappointed. In rick’s favor , he did try to make jason and piper more loveble. Even i dont know why i hate piper so much (doesnt matter How beautiful i picture her in my mind ). I wish rick would write another series to make up for all the rushing.

  25. Daphne says:

    I’m literally tearing up from reading your review. You understand this agony! Some of my other friends read Percy Jackson, but they really don’t care that it’s ending. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS MADNESS! I feel like a part of me is dying. Percy Jackson was my childhood, and now….. Gah. Anyways, I definitely agree that the ending felt rushed. I was waiting for this epic showdown, and it did happen, but it happened so fast. Percy and Nico are still my favorite characters. I was a bit sad that Percy didn’t have much to say in this book, but I get it too. This isn’t only about him anymore. A little weird that they decided to put “Percy Jackson’s final battle begins” on the cover though, when it really wasn’t focused on him. As for Nico, I just love how his story played out. Now that I’ve written you an essay, I shall take my leave. xD
    Daphne recently posted…Snow Like Ashes by Sara RaaschMy Profile

  26. James says:

    Oh my Deus, Oh my Deus, Oh my Deus!!


    That ending was just… How can you do that to us Rick? I mean seriously? And to everyone back at camp as well. Though I am happy for Leo and everything, the end left me a bit confused as to the following. A) what are he and Calypso are going to do now? B) what is going to happen to all the people at camp? C) Rick didn’t resolve the whole ‘Percy must face his flaw’ thingy D)I WANTED REYNICO TO HAPPEN!! SADNESS!! At least they have a bromance (thats not the right word) going now. E) Oh and the Amazons and the Hunters, are they still all alright? (well not all of them)

    I could go on but I think that covers it. Oh and is Festus now the size of the ship?

  27. Mel, I have this on my shelf but I’m scared to read it? Maybe it sounds dumb but when I do it’s gonna be OVER AND I CANT HANDLE THAT, but I know I’ll break and read it soon. When I do, I’m coming back or tweeting u so we can DM over the ending and whatever other cray things happen (bc I just know there’s lots). I’m hopeful the ending is a bit open, but do u really think he will write more? I heard he’s starting a new series with Norse Gods. Any thoughts on that? Of course if it’s true it’s auto TBR since its Rick, but yeah lol. 🙂
    Great review Mel! PERCABETH FOREVER <3
    Diamond Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Book Review: The Fall by Bethany GriffinMy Profile

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  29. Marek Stoklasa says:

    Nice review, but honestly, I think you are looking at this thru pink glasses, its over, last book, you are nostalgic already, so you go a little easy on it. And while i respect your opinion, I disagree.

    I loved just about every Last Olympian and Heroes of Olympus books (maybe except Lost Hero, did not like that one as much), and I have to say, Blood of Olympus, is not only incredibly dissapoiniting finale to such a series, but also the weakes book of them all by far. At the end of every other book I felt full, satisfied, I had questions sure, but I was satisfied with what iv got in that one book, here, i am not only left wanting more, but upset at how it all went down, rarely i disagreed with Rick when it came to pacing and character development, but this time i could not bring myself to even enjoy the story, I just had to keep rolling my eyes and prayed for Piper to stop talking.

    I already made a long post at one discussion forum, but i do not feel like that was enough of rambling so I decided to bother you with my opinion here as well, alebit in a bit shorter version, so just to share my frustrations, I will make a few points, curious if you will agre.

    -Lack of Percy and Annabeth PoV. I know, Hazel and Frank did not get any either (which mind you, is not an excuse, its even worse that 4 out of 7 main charachters did not get a PoV) but Percy and Annabeth are the characters that most of us, I assume, care about the most. The entire last series was dedicated to them, I started reading HoO because of them and they are simply incredibly badass. I know, there is 7 heroes this time, sure, I did not except Percy to be the one to go all boss on Gaias ass (as awesome as that would have been), but i at least expected all of them to contribute. To make it short, Percy and Annabeth, not Jason and Piper…

    -Jason and Piper. While i have to say I enjoyed Reinas and Nickos part a lot, it was the most fun i had in the book, at first i was mad at those parts for being there instead of other PoVs, than i realized, its not these parts that are to blame, its the Jason and Piper ones. Let me say, I do not dislike Jason, he is ok, but he is rather bland. Who i do dislike is Piper, her character is always weak, no matter how much you try to make her badass, she is just faking it and very boringly at that, Piper is not able to carry the narrative for any extended period of time, without it stopping to a crawl. So again, no just no.

    -Making others basically useless. Last book we got an insight into Percys powers agian, while i was pissed that Rick wrote him dropping his sword when he saw Tartarus, i could get over it, because of the badass moment he had with the poison. There was much to talk about between Percy and Annabeth, and I also really belived that this will play some role… To make it short, again. Percy is the main character imho, he always was. He is in the middle on the frikin cover, it says “Percy Jacksons final battle beings”, but he is barely in it. The same goes for Annabeth, Hazel and Frank. Not only that, they make them into whimps, what the hell is up with the chapters with Percy and Jason being under water and Piper and Annabeth in the ruins, its like Rick was trying to make Piper and Jason look more cool by making Percy and An look lame, literally forcing us to like them. Same goes for Hazel and Frank, always bascially of screen defeating some generic monsters at best, Frank changing into random animals.
    I could go on and on, but i think you get the jist.

    -Lastly, all the unfullfiled foreshadowing, all the prohecies, all the plot holes, character specific duties and the lameass final fight. That pretty much sums it up, what happened to all the foreshadowing, in just about every book, some god came to one of our heroes and told them something that we as readers did not know, but basically came translated as, yours will be the hardest job, whatever you do, it will depend on you, how this all ends. What about Percys major flaw, that he isnt able to let go, was that the bit with him being like,”no we cant let them go alone fight with Gaia,” than someone saying,”but we need to let them go.” and Percy being like,”ok”. And that was it. What about Franks life burning quick and bright, what about him having to make the tought decision and lead them all, what about Hazel being supposed to die and meeting Thanathon again… I dont even remember half of the stuff. All of them had something speficic to do, instead it just seemed like Rick wanted to force the trio from Lost Hero to finish the job, no matter how lame it would come across. There was so much said, so much going on, that i did not really belive he would be able to tie up all the loose ends, but it did not seem he even tried.

    This book was very dissapointing for me, seemed rushed (being one of the shortest book out of the ten), Ricks head was simply already in the Norse gods series, not here. The ending wasnt good, very little was tied up and we got almost no insight into what happened after, what about all the gods, Apollo, all our characters etc, just way too many things to complain about.
    And above all, seems like the love for Percy is kinda gone, he is supposed to be the hero, thats how we all saw him, he is the strongest demigod in our eyes, if he did not feel like writing him anymore, or thought he took the character as far as he could, just do not write him into the story, Rick should have known we will expect this story to still be Percys in a big part.

    After this last book, for the first time i feel like I dont want to go back and read the books again, or listen to the audiobooks, I fell like im done, not satisfied in the least, just done.
    Hope this is comprehensible, its very late at night here. Here are my thoughts, if you have read this, good job, thanks for reading my rant 😀

  30. Alizeh says:


    I really enjoyed your review! I thought the same about this- I loved it, but I wish there was more frank and hazel. By the way, I just started a blog and I reviewed the blood of olympus on it- if you could take a look at it I’d b grateful!


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  32. Emil says:

    what is the highlight of the story

  33. Courtney Gaub says:

    This book was amazing. I’m sad to see the Percy Jackson series go but I was a great ending I loved it so much. I loved everything about the book ughhhh I can’t even describe how much I love those books

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