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By: Larissa | September 3, 2014 | (7) Comments


Sacrifice  is the final book in the Elementals series. Unfortunately it wasn’t my favorite (that honor still goes to Spark, with Spirit  close behind) in the series but it still proved to be an entertaining and compulsive read. Did they blame him? Not that it mattered. Michael blamed himself. His fingers felt like icicles, and he flexed them in front of the vent, willing the car to warm up more quickly. They were waiting for him to say something. To do  something. […]

By: Melanie | September 2, 2014 | (40) Comments


Before I get crackin’, here’s the proper review of Falling into Place by Amy Zhang here (which was reviewed by the lovely Celine and FYI, she gave it 5 stars). I cannot even remember the day when I first found out about this book but I have been excited ever since, and I was surely not disappointed. Falling Into Place is one of those books that simultaneously punch you in the gut whilst it digs a deep hole into your heart. Yeah, it’s one […]

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