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By: Melanie | August 31, 2014 | (22) Comments

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This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week ——— Latest Happenings Mel Last night I got the opportunity to watch Vampire Academy. Aaaaaand…no. I wasn’t expecting much from what I heard from all of you guys but ugh *shudders* it just didn’t work out. They tried to make it funny but it just turned out not funny at all because it was so corny and the acting just wasn’t convincing enough […]

By: Melanie | August 30, 2014 | (18) Comments


Keep a close eye on Claire Zorn, guys, this author is going places. The Protected is my first novel by Claire Zorn, and it blew me away. This story centers around fifteen year old Hannah, whose sister passed away a year ago and is still trying to pick herself and her family up from the wreckage. Hannah’s life has never been easy. Before the accident, she was bullied, treated like nothing different to a toy, just prodded and mocked at. After the […]

By: Larissa | August 28, 2014 | (40) Comments


I’ve just finished this book and I feel as if I’m floating high on cloud nine. I’ll try my best to make this review coherent and not just endless gushing, but it’s quite difficult when Perkins writes these stories that just have such  an emotional impact on my mood. I went from having a semi bad day to feeling completely ecstatic while reading this novel. I think it really says something when an author can create such palpable and real emotions from words. It’s […]

By: Celine | August 26, 2014 | (25) Comments


This is one of those times where not reading the synopsis because I want to go in as blind as possible wasn’t the greatest idea. If I had read the synopsis, I would have known that Kiss of Broken Glass is actually told in verse, which was a big surprise for me. I have to admit I had a bit of trouble with that. Though I enjoy poetry once in a while, I’m not a huge poetry-reader and I always feel the style stands […]

By: Melanie | August 25, 2014 | (34) Comments


Honestly, I just don’t think Kiersten White novels work for me. Paranormalcy was a dud for me as well as Mind Games which I actually ended up DNFing because I couldn’t get into the story not matter what. Illusions of Fate, though better than Mind Games, still felt like a chore to get through. Jessamin, the main character was someone I had little interest in. I did like her sass, but she was awfully stupid and stubborn. She is constantly falling for tricks antagonists pull in front of […]

By: Celine | August 24, 2014 | (15) Comments

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This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week ——— Latest Happenings Mel I recently decided to rewatch Catching Fire and I still cannot stop gushing about it to anyone I see. Basically, I am in love with that movie. Speaking of movies, IF I STAY CAME OUT! SQUEEEEEEEEE. I want to go see it so badly, as well as The Giver which I think has been out for a little longer. […]

By: Melanie | August 22, 2014 | (28) Comments

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The very fact that I spelt ‘choose’ wrong the first time around goes to show how sleep deprived I am right now. Like seriously, did I even spell it right, this time around? I AM SO CONFUSED. STUFF YOU GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. YOU’RE TOO ADVANCED FOR MY POOR LIL’ BRAIN. Why am I sleep deprived? Answer: school. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Last year, short story, I went to a pretty ‘meh’ school. I never got any homework, barely any […]

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I cannot remember the last time I’ve read something like The Minnow. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever read anything like The Minnow. Utterly beautiful and magical, The Minnow sucked me in completely, and I’m sure Tom’s story won’t be leaving my head any time soon. Tom is a girl. Her real name is Holly but everyone calls her Tom. The reason? You’ll just have to find out yourself. Tom, for me, was a fantastic choice of a protagonist. Though odd and […]

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