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Discussion Review: We Were Liars by E. LockhartWe Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Publisher: Allen and Unwin Australia, Delacorte Press
Release Date: August 1st, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Drama, YA
Pages: 240
Source: Received in exchange for review
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A beautiful and distinguished family. A private island.

A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.

A group of four friends - the Liars - whose friendship turns destructive.

A revolution. An accident. A secret.

Lies upon lies.

True love.

The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense that will leave you reeling.

Read it.

And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.

Discussion review by Melanie and Celine

*This review is spoiler-free*

Melanie: So…We Were Liars. Totally not the most heartbreakingly epic I’ve read EVER. Nope. Not at all. 

Celine: No, not at all. Instead of ripping your heart out and shattering it into a million pieces, this is a very calm and happy book. *cough cough*

Melanie: Sunshines, lots of kissing and hand holding, drinking lemonade in bikinis at the beach with friends. *happy sigh*



Seriously though, THAT ENDING. But we’ll get to that. First, what did you think of the writing? It was certainly unique.

Melanie: Yeah, it was beautiful and eerie all at once. I read in some people’s reviews that they didn’t like the writing, actually. I guess it’s choppy and VERY different but it just made me love the novel even more. 

Gat, my Gat, once upon a time my Gat–he has come out to see me, too. He stands back from the slats of the fence, on the rocky hill that now leads to Clairmont. He’s doing pretend semaphore, waving his arms in ornate patterns as if I’m supposed to understand some kind of secret code. He is contemplation and enthusiasm. Ambition and strong coffee.

*dreamy sighs* 

Celine: I have to be honest, the writing style wasn’t really my thing for a good part of the novel. It took me really long to get into the story, I felt very detached from it due to the writing. That is not to say that the writing isn’t great, though, because it is. I also feel that should I reread this, I would appreciate the writing a lot more, knowing what happens.

Melanie: Agreed! I plan a reread sometime in the future. Now that we know what happens, it would definitely be exciting to read it knowing why everything is the way it is. >.< 

Ooh lets talk about the characters. What were your thoughts on them? 

Celine: The characters… Mixed feelings. Like I mentioned, I felt pretty detached from the novel for a while, and that includes the characters. Except for Gat – I loved him from the beginning. The rest, though, I felt pretty meh about. However, when I really got into this I started to like the characters as well. I finally got a feel for them and the differences between them. They definitely had their problems. I should warn readers, though: it’s very much rich people problems. I personally don’t mind reading about that, but I know some people do. Their problems get a lot more serious, though…

Melanie: Ooh yes, I adored Gat from the get go. He was incredibly sweet and had a lot of depth in his character. I agree about it taking some time to click with the other characters, especially in the abnormal it was narrated, but by the end, I loved them all dearly. I liked how there were two boys and two girls, too. 

The rich people problems didn’t bother me at all, either. It was written in the sense that was made to come off as irksome either, which was good. But yeah, be careful if you hate rich people issues with a passion! 

Celine: Speaking of Gat – I loved how his character subtly brought the issue of racism to light. Gat is Native American and there is a character in the book that has a problem with that. I loved how Lockhart, though this book is mainly about other issues, managed to subtly incorporate that racism isn’t a good thing and that people shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin.

Melanie: Yes this was just what I was thinking! Apart from the stunning story, I loved the topic of racism pulling through as well. Ooh, and I have the perfect quote. 

What if we could stop being different colours, different backgrounds, and just be in love?

*standing ovation* So very well said. 

Celine: YES that is the perfect quote! And it portays exactly the message this book is trying to bring. 

And I also really loved that Gat was the love interest, meaning there is a love interest that *gasp* isn’t white! Speaking of the romance, it was different as well (like everything in this book). We don’t really get any kind of slow buildup, because, let’s be honest, this book isn’t exactly about romance. Instead, when Gat is introduced, we are told how they came to be together. Normally, this wouldn’t work for me at all, but in We Were Liars, it just fit. I immediately felt for the romance, and I really liked it. What did you think of it? 

Melanie: Yeah, I don’t think there are enough books in YA fic that have non-white love interests/protagonists. I was so glad We Were Liars had one, because diversity FTW! Yeah, the romance doesn’t overpower the plot but was a nice addition to the novel which I also clicked with seamlessly. It’s actually hard to not (or eventually) love everything in We Were Liars, in my opinion! 

Celine: I’m definitely with you on that! It’s just so unique and wonderful, and heartbreaking too. 

Melanie: *cringes at the word ‘heartbreaking’* That doesn’t even begin to explain the horror at the end…

Celine: *sniffles* It just totally didn’t happen. Right? RIGHT?!

Melanie: Did you cry while reading it? For the last part of the novel when Lockhart was unveiling the truth, I was like: “Shit shit shit shit shit shit no no no no no” the whole time. I was so shocked, I didn’t cry until I put the book down. 

Celine: Yeah, I was going wtf no no no no as well, but I didn’t cry. I never cry while reading! That doesn’t mean the ending didn’t break my heart, though. 

Melanie: LE GASP. Are you even human? How can one not cry after that?

Celine: What can I say, I’m heartless 😛

Melanie: *judgey eyes*

Did you see that twist coming though? I mean, I had the thought merely sweep past my eyes but I brushed it off quickly. But now to think of it, it was rather obvious, in a way, after all the indirect but frequent clues here and there that we got.

Celine: I have to admit I didn’t see it coming, though I probably should have. But I think that even if I had, my heart would still have been broken. Because OUCH. 

Melanie: Yeah, I haven’t read anything like this. We Were Liars has definitely left its mark.

Celine: You could say that, yeah. I had a MAJOR book hangover due to We Were Liars. That ending… I mean, by now everyone has heard of it, but whatever you think will happen, it’s worse. And I mean “worse” in a good way. And nope, I’m not telling anyone WHAT happens, even though you’re dying to know, hehe. This is a book that you should go into completely blind, knowing nothing about it. I really think that makes for the best reading experience. 

Melanie: Yeah, I heard it had an epic ending, and I was absolutely dying to find out, and the only way is to experience it yourselves.




~Thank you Delacorte Press and Allen and Unwin for sending us review copies!~

5 Stars
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23 Responses to Discussion Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

  1. I LOVE THIS. THIS IS THE BEST. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK. Ohhhh, that ending. *runs around like a headless penguin* I had such a book hangover…and the books I proceeded to read next just weren’t as good. Although I did love the writing style…the kind of choppiness? I lovelovelove that. So the whole thing was just insta-win for me. I was breathless at the end. Honest. I didn’t see it coming and it just…wow. Not okay though. Talk about ripping out feels and stomping on them.
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #26My Profile

    • Celine says:

      THAT ENDING. And I was one of the first ones to read it (wayy before the release date because I’m organized like that) and I was like I WANT SOMEONE TO SCREAM WITH, but alas 😛 The ending was… shockign and heartbreaking, to say the least. And yay, I’m so happy you loved it too 😀

  2. I’m kinda iffy on this one because the general rating for We Were Liars is pretty low. 🙁 But all my friends loooove it like a lot! I hate to be disappointed…I’ve been staring at a copy of this near my bookstore. I bet the lady thinks I’m crazy HAHA but seeing how you enjoyed makes me feel at ease. I think I’ll buy a copy soon.
    Chyna @ Lite-Rate-Ture recently posted…Bookish thoughts: What makes me love another blog?My Profile

  3. Sarah P. says:

    Oh how I wish I liked We Were Liars like you guys did. But I figured everything out even before the reveal and it ruined the book for me. I wish it had taken me by surprise because it’d definitely change how I feel about the book. One of my problems as well was the narrator. It’s unreliable and detached so I kind of felt detached myself, too. Although now I know how things would end up, I’m up for a reread as well and maybe this time around, I’d like it better.

    Lovely discussion, ladies! 🙂
    Sarah P. recently posted…When I met Stephanie Perkins…and Jarrod!My Profile

  4. If you’re looking for a love interest that isn’t white, Face Time by Pajonas is great! It’s an adult romance, but as Korean culture, race involved, covers depression and so much more, might be worth a shot? 🙂 I loved this, I’m amazed you managed to not include anything about the big secret.. I NEED THIS BOOK BUT NO MONEYS! 🙁 Fantastic review though girls, really!
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…How Many Memes Mean Too Many Memes?My Profile

  5. I really enjoyed this one too! I loved Gat and thought it was a really beautifully done book. So addicting!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Review of World of Trouble by Ben H. WintersMy Profile

  6. *cries* I still have two books in line before I get to this one and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OH MY GOODNESS. Actually, I read another of E Lockhart’s books and didn’t like it, so hopefully I’ll like this one. I’ll feel very disappointed if I don’t.
    Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer recently posted…Breaking Butterflies by M. Anjelais – Disturbing But GrippingMy Profile

  7. I’ve heard that this book is great, and this review seems to confirm that. I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the review, ladies.
    Alex from Electrifying Reviews recently posted…Future Favorites #166My Profile

  8. I swear, so many people love this book. Like I see it on Twitter all the time, and on Goodreads, and there was even a Twitter read-along for this which many bloggers joined! I want to try it out especially since the majority cried in it and was calling their support groups. Haha.
    Faye D’Social Potato recently posted…Potato Podcast #1: It Doesn’t Matter What You ReadMy Profile

  9. Lexa Cain says:

    I loved your funny discussion. Yay for a 5-star book!
    Lexa Cain recently posted…Celebrate & Elspeth-The Living Dead Girl & FreebiesMy Profile

  10. Rachel says:

    I’m very nervous about picking this up but I’ve heard great things. Not sure about that ending you ladies are talking about. I don’t like being shattered by an ending and I know I’d probably cry like you, Melanie! Wonderful discussion here! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Written in Red by Anne BishopMy Profile

  11. Melliane says:

    what a fun review, I love the way you did it together. I confess that I didn’t look too much into the book but I think it was a mistake because it sounds really good. I’m glad you had a great time with it. Great review!
    Melliane recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #101My Profile

  12. Tanja says:

    That sight of relief when you scroll to the rating 😀 I can read the review now ;)brb 😀 Celine you didn’t cry, actually you don’t cry while reading! Like, seriously? Wow that’s admirable. I’m so glad you both enjoyed this one and yes “What if we could stop being different colours, different backgrounds, and just be in love?” is my favorite quote too. Great review.
    Tanja recently posted…Movie Review: The Fault in Our StarsMy Profile

  13. Olivia says:

    My finger hovers unwaveringly every time I go on my Kindle and see this book. I want to read it SO BAD. But I will refrain, I could probably turn it into some workout, actually. If I make sure We Were Liars was up on my Kindle screen and then put it just out of reach. Great for stretching. Anyway, I’m glad you loved it.
    Olivia recently posted…Prodigy (Marie Lu) Inspired OutfitMy Profile

  14. Alise says:

    All the reviews about this one lately have definitely made me interested! I’ve seen a variety of ratings though so I have no idea what to expect. You guys are such a tease about the ending 😉

  15. Ariel T says:

    Oh gosh, I’m scared for the end now! I actually just got this today and even though I’ve seen some mixed reviews, I’m still really excited for it. I’m so glad to hear that you all liked it!

  16. The writing’s definitely one you’ll either love or get annoyed with. Unfortunately, I’m part of the latter. 🙁 Gat, though, I definitely liked from the parts that I managed to finish. 🙂 I still don’t know how the book ends since I put this one off! D: Glad you girls loved this one!
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…YA Fantasy Authors (Part One!)My Profile

    • Celine says:

      Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t like the writing 🙁 It’s definitely not something everyone would enjoy. I would recommend you’d read the ending though (or I could spoil it for you in a DM if you’re like “I can’t ever touch that thing again!” haha. But I’d recommend reading it over that 😛 ), because it’s really shocking and just made the book a whole lot better for me, especially since I *did* struggle a bit in the beginning.

  17. Oh my gosh, We Were Liars was so amazing, I have finished it and still gathering my thoughts on it! I can see why some people would feel detached from the characters and the writing, but I thought the way this book was set out to lead to the shocking conclusion was just like wow. That literary experience was wonderful.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Indulgence Insider #2 – Blogoversary Week!My Profile

    • Celine says:

      So happy you loved it as well! That ending was shocking, wasn’t it? I just sort of reread those pages a couple of times and then I was like. Well. Whoa. 😛

  18. Zoe N. says:

    OH MY GOSH. THIS BOOK! *cries* SO fantastic! <3 I totally agree with everything you've said! The diversity in this book was wonderful, and while the writing definitely isn't for everyone, I'm glad the three of us all found it wonderful! (Notice how I’m purposely not mentioning the ending out of fear that I might break out into tears!) Lovely discussion girls! <3
    Zoe N. recently posted…Do You Ever Feel TOO Critical?My Profile

  19. Kelly says:

    This blew my socks clean off my feet. I honestly thought it would be just another book that couldn’t live up to the hype, but boy was I wrong. I actually really enjoyed the short,sharp sentences. It completely drew me in and then they became actual chapters. That ending though, you really need a support group for this one, we’ll be talking about it, or NOT talking about it for months to come. Awesome discussion girls, I might reread it too now knowing the ending.
    Kelly recently posted…Storm by Brigid KemmererMy Profile

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