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Review: Shimmer by Paula WestonShimmer by Paula Weston
Series: The Rephaim, #3
Publisher: Text Publishing Australia
Release Date: July 3, 2014
Genres: Action, Fantasy, YA
Pages: 393
Source: Received in exchange for review
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Gaby thought her life couldn’t get more complicated.

She’s almost used to the idea that she’s not the nineteen-year-old backpacker she thought she was. She can just about cope with being one of the Rephaim - a 140-year-old half-angel - whose memories have been stolen. She’s even coming to grips with the fact that Jude, the brother she’s mourned for a year, didn’t die at all.

But now Rafa—sexy, infuriating Rafa—is being held, and hurt, by Gatekeeper demons. And Gaby has to get the bitterly divided Rephaim to work together, or Rafa has no chance at all.

It’s a race against time - and history. And it may already be too late.

Once again, Paula Weston manages to throw me back into the world of the Rephaim like I was there just yesterday; when actually, it’s been more than a year since I picked up Haze. No disappointments here, my friends (not that I was expecting to be)–so if you haven’t picked up this series thus far, get your butt off your seat and head over to the bookstore right this minute. If not…you are on my hate list. *side eyes all of you* Paula Weston’s Rephaim series, is not your typical angel story. It’s not secretly just an angsty love story like most I’ve read are, but it’s got kickass characters, an intricate and intense plot line, as well as brilliant relationships. This series contains all the secret ingredients you need for a fantabulous story.

The night spins around me. Three more blasts–I feel them through my palms. The cloisters shimmer, orange and yellow. Something metallic coats my tongue. There’s grit in my mouth. I try to focus on the building ahead, but the image won’t sharpen. And then I understand.

The commissary is on fire.

I feel like I knew Gaby even more after this novel. I certainly felt a connection with her in Shadows and Haze, however, having the opportunity to see her function without Rafa around was nice for a change. Gaby is still reeling from that fact that Rafa has been taken away from her and trapped, helpless by the Gatekeeper demons, and her constant anxiety and determination to get him back is realistically portrayed. One of my main worries during my read was that Gaby’s charisma would be washed away by her anxiety and strong and perhaps dense headedness, but that wasn’t an issue at all. Gaby is a very witty and authentic character, and her approach to her problems is very well and smartly planned out.

What’s more, despite the crazy number of characters Paula Weston has in this series, all are thoroughly developed and realistic. Jude was definitely a favourite, and he and Gaby’s sibling relationship is so well written. After reading the ending of this novel…damn it will be INCREDIBLY interesting to see how their relationship will continue in the last instalment. Moreover, I definitely enjoyed the idea of the Garrison and Outcasts attempting to work together in this one to save their people (Taya and Rafa) as they have been always so divided and ill-treated towards each other.

Shimmer is ineffably a brilliant novel, yet what holds me back from giving it a full 5 stars is the pacing. Despite the fact that it reads intense and has plenty of things happening, I felt like the main plot line wasn’t moving fast enough. We get a lot of tension of all sorts, planning and more character building–which is all great–but I felt myself start to lose attention here and there. Aside from that criticism, Shimmer was near flawless.

Beautiful writing, witty dialogue, badass characters and an intense and richly-crafted tale, what else can you ask for? If you want an angel series that will blow your mind away, this is the one. Now, I only have one question: where’s book 4?

~Thank you Text Publishing Australia for sending me this copy!~

4 Stars
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24 Responses to Review: Shimmer by Paula Weston

  1. Siiri says:

    MEEELLL!! Ok, I want to read your review, but am afraid of (unintentional) spoilers since I haven’t read Haze yet (but would love to sometime soon), I’m staying away from all reviews until then. I’m so glad to see based on your rating that you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll love the final book as well 🙂
    Siiri recently posted…Review: The Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaMy Profile

  2. I had to skim this review cos I haven’t read this series before, but I think I’ve seen it in bookstores everywhere with a slightly different a bolder cover? So glad this was amazing as well, it seems like series’ these days stumble somewhere along the line with one or more books. Hope you enjoy the 4th one as much when it comes out!
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Book Review: Dead Ends by Erin LangeMy Profile

  3. I love the fact that despite there being so many characters, they are all well developed. That’s so important in a story. Great review, Mel! I’m happy to see how much you enjoyed this one!
    Lisa (Lost in Literature) recently posted…Blog Tour: Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine ~ Review & Giveaway!My Profile

  4. This sounds wonderful! I dont like books with a ton of characters so glad to hear you say they are well developed.
    Sheila (Book Journey) recently posted…Saturday Snapshot : TORNADOMy Profile

  5. I have never heard of this series, but the writing sounds wonderful. I love when you can slip right back into a tale after a year wait. You have me excited at how developed all of the characters are. When I can easily identify and connect I can get lost in the story.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…The Promise by Robyn CarrMy Profile

  6. Lexa Cain says:

    I’m not a lover of angel books, but you’ve made me want to read this series! 🙂
    Lexa Cain recently posted…Egyptian Comics & CelebrateMy Profile

  7. Glad you’ve consistently enjoyed this book and it is a skill to develop most of your characters well, much less a whole cast of them. Sounds like you enjoyed it a lot Mel!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #34 – This one’s short and sweetMy Profile

  8. Mad respect for authors who can fully develop so many characters. You have me interested in this series now.
    Jennifer Bielman recently posted…Kindle & Nook Freebies #85My Profile

  9. Tanja says:

    LOL Girl I’m on my way to get this series, right now. I have got the first one somewhere on my kindle, but I’ve been waiting for the whole series to be out. I’m so happy you enjoyed Shimmer and it sounds so amazing. Finally, as awesome angel book. I’ve been waiting for it. Great review, Mel 🙂
    Tanja recently posted…Sunday Post (#12)My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      oh Tanja, that is a smart idea–to wait for all of them to be out. Tell me when you start them! (though the last book ain’t coming out until next year D;)

  10. I haven’t heard of this series yet. 🙁 Book one isn’t even on my TBR, and I’m glad to say that now it is. 😉 I love authors who can write billions of characters who are all in one book and not get the readers confused. 😛
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…In All Honesty: Blog StatsMy Profile

  11. Rashika says:


    How could you?

    My whining aside, I am so glad to hear that even without Rafa, Gaby remains a brilliant character.

    I am so excited to read this book.. too many emotions.

    Fantabulous review, Mel!

    I am going to go rock back and forth now in anticipation of this novel.
    Rashika recently posted…Potato Prints #2: Words of Radiance, Across the Universe, Hunger Games, If I StayMy Profile

  12. Henrietta says:

    I loved Gaby in Haze and I was wondering if without Rafa she’d change into someone less likeable – so glad this isn’t the case!! Pre-ordering this now… Loved your early review, Mel!
    Henrietta recently posted…The Witness – Nora RobertsMy Profile

  13. I plan to buy the first three books in this series from TBD/Fishpond one the third book is released. I’ve heard amazing things about it, so I can’t wait to get started. 🙂 I’m glad the third one doesn’t disappoint!
    Danielle @ Love at First Page recently posted…ARC Review: Pieces of OliviaMy Profile

  14. Zoe N. says:

    I haven’t heard of this series before, but I guess I’m definitely going to have to give it a try! I’m really glad to hear that this series isn’t going downhill for you as it goes on – that’s a really great sign! 😀 Thanks for sharing Mel, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3
    Zoe N. recently posted…The Half Life of Molly PierceMy Profile

  15. Mel! This sounds so good! I just skimmed through your review because I haven’t read the previous books in this series, but they sound amazing! Great review 🙂
    Maddy @ Symphony of Words recently posted…Review: Half Bad (Half Bad #1) by Sally GreenMy Profile

  16. This series is totally new to me, but it makes sense because I’m not the biggest fan of angel books, tbh. I’ve read quite a few and so far they’ve all either been “meh” or just so-so. But I’m glad to hear that the recapping in this book was done seamlessly. That’s mostly the problem I have with sequels. I suffer from horrible book amnesia, so I need a pretty detailed recap (or a good memory-jogging one) in order to remember what happened in the previous book. Otherwise I’m basically reading the sequel blind. >.< Yep, that bad.

    Anyway, happy that you enjoyed this! I'll go check out the first book and see how much I like it.

    P.S. The cover is GORGEOUS. <3
    Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) recently posted…Dullest Whodunit Ever?: The Body in the Woods, April HenryMy Profile

  17. Alise says:

    I’m not sure I’ve heard of any of these books but I sure don’t want to be on that list ;P I’ll have to check them out soon, I’ve yet to find some good angel reads.
    Alise recently posted…All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie BerryMy Profile

  18. I still need to read this series! I skimmed your review because I plan to read it all in one go, but I’m glad to see it was still just as enjoyable! That’s very promising indeed, despite lacking tension here and there 🙂 And oh! Witty banter! Who doesn’t love witty banter? ;D
    Faye D’Social Potato (@kawaiileena) recently posted…ARC Review: In The End by Demitria Lunetta – RANT ALERT!My Profile

  19. Lynn K. says:

    Will definitely look out for it when I pop into the bookstore this week. Really looking forward to reading more about Jude outside Gaby’s memories.
    I read 1 & 2 because I thought 3 was the final (forgot that it was a quartet…) is it more advisable to wait for the last??? —> “…how their relationship will continue in the last installment. “

  20. This is one of my favourite series! I loved Shimmer but that ending, argh! We have a whole year to wait to see what has happened.

    I agree with everything you mentioned, the pacing was slow in parts.

    A wonderful review.
    Sharon – Obsession with Books recently posted…Review: Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea FineMy Profile

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