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Latest Happenings


Hiiiii guys 😀 We Midnightians are coming back and will be posting more frequently soonish! *fingers crossed* Looks like we all end the term around the same time (though I’m quite certain I have to suffer one extra week). BUT GOOD NEWS IS NO MORE EXAMS AND ASSIGNMENTS (not major ones at least.) I’ve just come home from Winter Concert rehearsals in which I must sing this 50 paged song by Rutter and MY THROAT KILLS. Especially since I sing soprano. Blurgh. I also ate A LOT of chocolate lately, so I really must cut down on that. *pokes at flab* Yeahhhhh.

To all you nice souls out there: I did end up catching up on a lot of sleep 😀 Woke up at 11am the next day to my mum calling me a pig which was just lovely.


Annnd I’m almost done with school! Just one more week of hell (test week *makes face* goodbye sleep, goodbye life) and then FREEDOM. I’m really looking forward to that but on the other hand I don’t have the feeling school’s almost out at all. I feel like I still have to go for like half a year. And then next weekend is going to be super awesome, not just because school’s over (temporarily) but also because I’m going to give a performance with my dance school in an ACTUAL THEATRE. We’re going to do three shows (one on Saturday and two on Sunday) and it’s going to be awesome 😀 I did it once before, two years ago, and the high you get from being on stage and dancing is amazing.

The past week has been pretty okay: of course it’s busy, but there’s also that end-of-the-year vibe. Twice teachers have treated us with ice cream (!!) and we also did a high tea in Religion/Philosophy class (also I call it Religion class but it’s actually just watching movies and then analyzing them. I swear, it’s literally all we’ve done for the past couple of years) because we had our last Religion class ever. We also had our last Sociology class ever, and we did the most fun thing of all: a test -.- Oh well. It’s a bit strange to have all these “this was our last class ever”-things, but also freeing because it means less work next year 😀 Either way, the past week was pretty good and we had some lovely weather. Oh, and THE NETHERLANDS DEFEATED SPAIN IN THE WORLD CUP WITH 5-1 I SWEAR THIS IS A FRIGGIN MIRACLE. Just so you know.


School is basically done for me, now all I have are exams. I’ve written two already, now just one to go. It’s on Thursday ahhhh. So I have a lot of time to study. And by ‘study’ I mean work and freak out periodically, with a little bit of studying on the side [;  The end of the year pranks this year were interesting. We got a mariachi band to follow our principal around and played High School Musical on the P.A.

  I’m so excited for summer to begin, can’t wait to go down to the lake! There I can swim, read and have a cute little picnic. I also can’t wait to spend time with my friends outside  of school. It’s hard to really connect with a person when all you see of them is in a little crammed classroom doing a dissection on a pig fetus O.o …Yes, that actually happened. Ahhhh, I can’t stand dissections tbh.

Other than that I’ve been seeing more movies! (: I saw Maleficent and it was pretty good. I also caught up on Revenge, which a pretty captivating TV show. I really think it would make  a good book.

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The Secret Diary of Lizzie BennetTop Ten Clues You're Clueless

Read by: Mel Rating: 4.5 stars | Read by: Celine Rating: 4 stars | Read by: Larissa Rating: 3-3.5 stars

Larissa’s Book of the Week

 I’m super excited to read another book by Abigail Haas! Her first book I read was entitled Dangerous Girls, and it totally blew my socks off with a fast paced mystery and a mind boggling ending. This one is set for release in August 14th, but I needed it like yesterday.

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TFiOS Poster + Penguin Tote Bag + Free Movie Pass


Okay, so there actually isn’t anything new on my shelves (I resisted EW, NG and The Book Depository! I basically deserve a medal for this), but I want there to be 😀 I’ve been thinking about giving myself a you-survived-another-year-of-school gift, so I’m going to need recs from y’all. On my list are Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and The Assassin’s Blade, but I need something more to choose from, haha. So, what are some of the best books you’ve read lately/ever?

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None at the moment 🙁

That’s all from us this week! Did anything awesome happen to you? 

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Celine is 17 years old and from the Netherlands. Quite obviously, she loves books! She has been a reader for as long as she can remember, and she believes she will be a reader forever. Celine is also obsessed with food, and loves singing along to music as loud as possible, dancing and doodling on nearly everything.

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17 Responses to Midnight Madness Newsletter (56)

  1. Good luck on your assessments girls! I can’t wait for my TFIOS poster to arrive, looks like you went to the PTA function Mel.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #33: Lifeline Bookfest Sale dayMy Profile

  2. DANGEROUS BOYS DANGEROUS BOYS DANGEROUS BOYS! Oh my god, I have a copy and I’m going to read hell out of it, I can hardly contain the excite, eeeeeeeeeek! Anywaaaaaay, so glad you girls are reaching the end of your school year, so am I, but I’m stressed over the uncertainty of next year at the moment. The mariachi band sounds hilarious Larissa, and Mel, don’t stop all the chocolate, I’m on diet at the moment, so eat some for me, right? Right! So many people received Apple and Rain and I expect great things from it, so I’ll be looking out for that, and I have Lizzy Bennet Diaries too, that’s up in the next few! Great week and good luck for your exams girls! 🙂
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…In Bed With Badger #15My Profile

    • Larissa says:

      I’m so totally jealous Amanda c: You gotta let me know how it is omg. I’m so excited! Ahhh, thank goodness summer is basically here. Though uncertainty is quite a awful feeling,I’m not the best when it comes to change. The mariachi band was quite hilarious. Thank you Amanda!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my post here, you guys! Feel so honored. <3

    Mel: Yay! So glad that school's going to be over soon for you. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with studying, so I can tell you that you're going to feel SO relieved when you're done with school! Ouch about the throat though — my mom always said honey lemon helps soothe it, so maybe you could try that. 😀 Looking forward to seeing more of you around the blogosphere, Mel!

    Celine: Good luck with all your tests! And lol I know — my dad's a huge football fan so we heard all about the Dutch beating the Spanish. Congratulations on the win! My country is like super small (and corrupted, stupid politicians) so we don't participate in huge international events like this much. It's sad! Anyway, have fun with the last week of school — you can do it!

    Larissa: My gosh, I'm so jealous of you three, able to blog while having school, and worse: exams. I had to go on a really long hiatus to focus on my studies 'cause I wasn't able to multitask. You guys are like wonder people, seriously! All the best with your exams, too, Larissa! I'm sure you'll ace them all. 😀 Haha, one of the things I like about being homeschooled is that I don't have to do any of those gross experiments. I just rely on the textbook to tell me aaaalll about it, so I don't have to get my hands dirty. xD And ooh, so glad you liked Maleficent! I haven't seen it yet, but have heard a lot of good stuff, especially from book bloggers, so I have pretty high expectations. All I can say is that Angelina Jolie fits the role of the villain so. frickin. well.

    Hope you three have a lovely week!
    Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) recently posted…This Week: My First Weekly Recap of 2014!My Profile

    • Larissa says:

      No problem, I really enjoyed that post. I found it to be quite enlightening. Haha I’m just glad it’s summer so I can focus more on one thing :p Multi tasking can be quite the challenge. I’m going into my final year of highschool next year so we’ll have to see how I deal with that. Thanks Megan, I hope to do well too *crosses fingers* I want to keep the marks I have. Lol yeah, being homeschooled certainly does sound like it has benefits in that way haha[; Angelina Jolie totally made the movie work, she’s really such a talented actress.

      Thanks Megan and I hope you also have a brilliant week <33

    • Melanie says:

      yes, honey and lemon does help a lot. thanks for suggesting it 😀

  4. Larissa: Yes, I really want Dangerous Boys too. At least it’s not too long before it comes out!!

    Celine: How fun about having a dance performance. I just started dancing not too long ago and had my first ever recital a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Killer Instinct by S.E. Green + Make it a GiftMy Profile

  5. Melliane says:

    wow so many wonderful boks for you ladies, I hope you’ll like them all. Happy reading and have a nice week!
    Melliane recently posted…The Revealed by Jessica HickamMy Profile

  6. Amir says:

    I’m currently watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube and then I saw this post! I Checked on NG and they have it so I requested it, especially since Mel gave it such a high rating! Hopefully I’ll get approved but I can’t wait for Mel’s review 🙂

    I’m pretty excited with Dangerous Boys too, I loved Dangerous Girls and I cannot wait to get my hands on this!
    Amir recently posted…Review: Shield of Winter by Nalini SinghMy Profile

  7. *pins medal on Celine* WELL DONE. You have resisted all temptation! I….have not. -_- I discovered Edelweiss and someone handcuff me please.

    I have Razorhurst and Apples & Rain too…and the tissues. Frankly, the tissues scare me, but I’ll keep them handy. Juuuust in case. That’s awesome that you’re ALL nearly on holidays! YAY FOR HOLIDAYS. Mime is off in 1 week and then I have her 3 week break totally planned out with the awesomeness that is my imagination. She’s worried. I have no idea why.
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…30 YA Books That Changed My WorldMy Profile

  8. Thank goodness you ladies are done with your exams, because WE MISS YOU! xoxoxo

    That Penguin tote is too awesome, and Larissa, I’m so interested in hearing what you think of DANGEROUS BOYS! I liked the first book but was a bit uneasy when I heard there was a companion novel, and it’s so weird that apparently either review copies aren’t available to US readers? Or it’s not being published here? My self-centered American soul objects.
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda: Exclusive Cover Reveal + giveawayMy Profile

  9. OMG, Dangerous Boys! *grabby hands*

    And Mel, super glad there’s no more exams and homeworks for you! WOOT!

    (Celine, I couldn’t relate to anything world cup. I felt like balls were bouncing on my head when I saw my Facebook feeds with World Cup stuff!)

    Larissa, summer here is about over. The lake sounds so wonderful! I want to swim there, too. Picnics sounds perfect with a book at hand 😀

    Have an awesome weekend, girls!
    Dre @ Sporadic Reads recently posted…The Weekly Roundup #012 : TFIOS, The Thing That Made You CryMy Profile

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