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DNF Review: How to Meet Boys by Catherine ClarkHow to Meet Boys by Catherine Clark
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: May 6th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Source: Received in exchange for review
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Lucy can't wait to spend the summer at the lake with her best friend, Mikayla. But when Jackson, the boy she's been avoiding ever since he rejected her, reappears in her life, Lucy wonders if this summer to remember is one she'd rather forget.

Mikayla's never had much luck talking to boys, but when she (literally) runs into the cutest guy she's ever seen, and sparks fly, she thinks things might be looking up...until she realizes the adorable stranger is the same boy who broke her best friend's heart.

As things begin to heat up between Mikayla and the one guy she should avoid, will Lucy be able to keep her cool or will the girls' perfect summer turn into one hot mess?

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Ooh, boy. This book and I did not get along well. How to Meet Boys is the example of useless drama. This will not be a happy review, that’s for sure.

The thing with How to Meet Boys is the following: there is no real conflict, but the characters are making it one. The big problem is that there’s this girl, Lucy, who used to crush on a guy, Jackson. That was years ago, and he rejected her then. Ever since, Lucy’s disliked Jackson and wants nothing to do with him. Then there’s Mikayla, Lucy’s best friend, who runs into this guy she immediately likes and crushes on. Big surprise: it’s Jackson. Okay, so it could be a more fortunate situation, but still, what’s the deal? Okay, so Lucy used to like him, but not anymore. But noooo, it’s all a big drama and all of a sudden their “friendship feels different” and blahblahblah, this is me rolling my eyes.

I’m serious. Mikayla and Jackson kiss, Lucy sees them. First thing next morning, Mikayla tells Lucy what happened with Jackson. She’s not secretive about it, she just tells Lucy. Then Lucy goes around saying stuff like this:

It’s just… I really trusted her. With everything. […] And now, I’m not sure that I can.

Dramatic much? No worries though, Lucy isn’t the only overly dramatic character in this book. Mikayla is as well, though in a different way. This story is told in dual POV, and I just couldn’t tell these two apart. I had to check a couple of times whose chapter I was reading again. They sounded exactly the same, even though we’re told – told, not shown – that Mikayla is the shy one who can’t talk when she’s around boys. Well. I noticed none of that. Yes, in a couple of chapters she stammers a bit and has nothing interesting to say, but then after she’s crushing on Jackson she’s suddenly all flirty and not awkward at all anymore. Huh? Oh, but perhaps it has to do with this “connection” she feels with Jackson. Because they “just click”, you know, even though they know nothing about each other. I mean, it’s all just soo romantic, don’t you think? Just look at this quote!

But if this wasn’t love at first (and second and third) sight, what was it? Since the day Jackson had nearly run me off the road, this was how I felt around him.

One thing I’ll say about Mikayla: she can do math. Indeed, she thinks this after having had a grand total of THREE encounters with Jackson. (Ironically, I keep mistyping his name as Kackson. FYI, “kak” in Dutch means “shit”. Hah.) And then, completely out of nowhere, they kiss! Hooray!

NO. I’m unshipping this SO HARD. Mikayla and Jackson have less than zero chemistry. They have negative chemistry. They have had like two conversations by the time they’re kissing. And those conversations were meaningless and boring. I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling the love here. Or should I say the instant love?

I was also really, really pissed off at the way Lucy saw Jackson. She constantly refers to that time she tried to kiss him and he didn’t want her to. He said, ‘Uh, don’t.” Okay, so he could have phrased it better, but I still see no problem with this. Yes, it must’ve been embarrassing, but if he didn’t want to be with Lucy he had EVERY right to reject her. Hell, he has every right to reject her even when he does want her. But Lucy just keeps saying that he was so rude and how she hates him for that et cetera et cetera. I’m sorry, but NO. A world of no. If someone tries to kiss you and you don’t want them to, you can reject them however the hell you want. You have NO obligation to that other person. You can say “uh, don’t”, you can say “Oh, I’m really sorry, but I don’t feel that way about you” or you can say “get the HELL away from me” and it’s all fine. This goes for both boys and girls. I’m just really not okay with the message this book seems to be sending out.

Another thing I had trouble with was the writing. It was ALL telling and zero showing. Right in the first chapter of the books we’re introduced to the characters, and a little bit of information is told about each of them, and a little bit of information is told about their lives, and their summer, and how they came to be here for the summer, and where Lucy’s going to work this summer, and that her grandparents are trying to get sued by Apple (don’t ask), and wah wah wah. I don’t care. SHOW me these things. SHOW me who these characters are. Alas, I’m afraid that the characters don’t get fleshed out. Halfway through the book, I still knew next to nothing about them. Only what jobs they had and what their relationships were. Also, THIS:


Yes, SERIOUSLY?!?! “?!?!” is NOT something I ever want to see in a book. Ever. It should be banned from all books, and I’m really surprised an editor didn’t catch this. “?!?!” is just no. No no no no no.

This book. I just couldn’t. Maybe it’ll work out better for other people, but as it is, this book and I didn’t “just click”. I DNF’ed this around 52%.

~Thank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy~

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22 Responses to DNF Review: How to Meet Boys by Catherine Clark

  1. Tanja says:

    Nope! No-no-no-no. Useless drama is the most useless thing that could be found in a book. Gah I cannot even. Not to speak about that writing, I want to read to see pictures!! That’s why I love reading, it’s not just reading but IMAGINING! Key word my friends. I’m so sorry that this one was disappointing but yeah I’ll skip it. Great review 🙂
    Tanja recently posted…Blog tour: Fledgling by Nicole Conway (scavenger hunt #5)My Profile

  2. Oh…gosh. *snickers* I really like your reviews. You are awesomely honest and you say it so awesomely. JUST SAYIN’. Anyway. Useless drama is my nemesis. Not liking the whole ?!? thing in a book either. I mean, informally on blogs/texts/twitters that’s fine. BUT in a book?? I’m expecting a professional level there. So yup. Probably a skip. But the title told me that too. loooool
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Alexander Altmann A10567 by Suzy Zail (tissues, I need tissues)My Profile

  3. Melliane says:

    Oh I’m sorry lady but I can understand the problem, when there is so much drama it’s sometimes really too much and it is upsetting. I didn’t know this one but I think I’ll pass. Seriously doesn’t really bother me, but maybe because I’m French.
    Melliane recently posted…Deep Blue by Jennifer DonnellyMy Profile

  4. Oh this one sounds so good! *sarcasm* Great review Celine! =)
    Bieke @ Istyria book blog recently posted…Review: Rebel Belle by Rachel HawkinsMy Profile

  5. Ugh. Why would she not trust her best friend?! Did she lay down a rule about staying away from her ex-crush? -_- I may use “?!?!” BUT HELL NO TO SEEING IT IN BOOKS. Sometimes, authors try to hard to get us to relate to books that they come off as pretty unprofessional. :/
    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted…Review: Played by Liz FicheraMy Profile

    • Celine says:

      No, she didn’t, which makes it all the more annoying. *rolls eyes* And my eyes were seriously burning when I saw the ?!?!. IT SHOULD NEVER BE IN A BOOK EVER.

  6. This wasn’t my favorite but it was cute. I was not a fan of Lucy. Why get mad if she didn’t even like Jackson??? And I was surprised that the characters were 17. They acted like they were 15. I was disappointed in this one. The summary sounded so good.
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Audiobook Review: Twisted by Emma Chase!My Profile

    • Celine says:

      Yeah, I wondered that as well. If Lucy and Jackson had had an actual relationship or if Lucy still really liked Jackson, then okay, I can see where she’s coming from. But this just seemed like there needed to be drama, so Lucy got mad. Really disappointed as well 🙁

  7. LOL Your reviews make me giggle. <3 I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I haven't read it yet, though I do have it on my review pile. Now I know what to expect with the chemistry (or lack thereof) between these characters. Great honest review!
    Lisa @ Lost in Literature recently posted…Review: Boys Like You by Juliana StoneMy Profile

  8. When I came across this one it didn’t appeal to me at all and I dismissed it straight away, looks like I was right to. Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂
    Rochelle Sharpe recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday: Shimmer By Paula Weston.My Profile

  9. YES omg this book was so stupid I agree with everything you said! Mikayla and Jackson had no chemistry, and Lucy got pissed off at Mikayla for dating Jackson even though she was like “I should get over this. BUT I CAN’T HE EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATIZED ME!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?!?!” I just feel like the hwole build up of this story was ridiculous because you don’t even get the friendship dynamic between them EITHER. Ugh fantastic review, Celine, sorry this one wasn’t for you! <33
    Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain recently posted…Random Talk Time (9): Romance Pet PeevesMy Profile

  10. Melanie says:

    Lol this was like the only book I didn’t download off Edelweiss when they sent out a new batch, looking at this review now, I’m glad I did.

    Kudos to you though! <33

  11. Woah, this book sounds like a world of unnecessary drama that will have my eyeballs rolling out of my head! Especially that quote that you posted, I mean my friend likes this guy that rejected me, wow wee. lovely review Celine!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira Review: Get the tissues readyMy Profile

  12. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh, yes I totally agree with you, Celine! D: This book just really made me… want to tear my hair out and stuff my face with cotton balls >< It made me feel as if my brain was melting because 99% of the time, things DIDN'T MAKE SENSE!! And exactly, Lucy was pretty insipid and (if I may say so) stupid. She really irked me, and I felt like there was no chemistry between the characters AT ALL. BLAH. I don't get it!! Really I don't. And I'm so glad to see that you have the same opinion as me 😛 Lovely review, Celine!! 🙂
    Emily recently posted…Reactions To Drama?My Profile

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