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By: Larissa | May 31, 2014 | (14) Comments


I’ve read two other books by Elisa Ludwig, both part of the Pretty Crooked  series. They were enjoyable enough reads, perfect for a light summer read. I’ve read them quite a long time ago though. Still, it’s because of them that I requested  Coin Heist, excepting something similar. However, I found myself to be quite disappointed by  Coin Heist. My expectations were quickly dashed and I even found myself questioning my love for the Ludwig’s other books due to the time that has passed since […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a discussion post of all things bookish. ——— This may seem like a very random discussion but it’s a topic that’s been on my mind for the previous few weeks. In my English class I got the chance to write a personal essay on a topic that interested me. It took me awhile to come up with an idea but I eventually settled on women in our past who were very influential and […]

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17 First Kisses is an interesting book. The thing is, your enjoyment of this novel almost entirely hinges on the way you interpret this. You can either see this as petty, pointless drama or an in-depth examination of a friendship. Personally, I saw this book as the latter, but I know plenty of people who think it’s the former. 17 First Kisses is told in “the present” and flashbacks to all of Claire’s kisses. In the present, Claire meets a boy named Luke. She […]

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Discussion Review by Melanie and Celine *This review is spoiler-free* Melanie: How awesome and adorable was The Art of Lainey? I. LOVED. Every. Bit. (Well majority of it, anyway.) Celine: It was SUPER awesome and adorable! It was just so fluffy and cute and MICAH. But more on that later. Melanie: Eeep that name just makes me want to get up from my desk and do a mini fangirly dance 😛 Celine: (Micaaaaaahhhhhh!) Melanie: Lainey was a brilliant protagonist. She was so fun and I liked how we […]

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It has been almost half a year since I picked up On The Fence and fell in love with it. During this span of time I have reread it 3 times; recommended this author to my friends multiple times and have thought about this book more than I’d like to admit. In my experience, no one has written better cute and fluffy reads than Kasie West. This woman knows exactly how to catch our hearts, pull the right strings and hits all […]

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midnight madness newsletter

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week ——— Latest Happenings Mel This week was certainly a busy one for me. I have announced on twitter quite crazily that I am going to America (!!!) It’s not Rome, but hey. A-FREAKING-MERICA. It’s for school to make us more motivated about science and I will be going to places like Disneyland (totally science related :P) Stanford Uni, Space Camp, NASA etc. I […]

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Say What You Will is hands down, the most surprising novel I’ve read so far in the year of 2014. Everything about it–the characters, the twists, the romance, the plot; all of it was remarkable. I do have my qualms, but this is going down as one of the most incredibly unique novels I’ve read. EVER. Cammie McGovern’s novel is surprising and unique for one main reason: the characters. Amy was born with cerebral palsy and cannot walk without the aid of her […]

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I’m running out of praises to throw at Katie McGarry. This is yet again another brilliantly woven story and contained a swoon-worthy romance. Despite the quibbles I have with these novels, she’s still one of my favourite authors. I’m starting to feel like the characters are overlapping one and another. What I mean by this is that some of the characters feel like they’ve taken parts of someone else that we’ve already read about in previous instalments, and used bits of them […]

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