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Review: Secret by Brigid KemmererSecret by Brigid Kemmerer
Series: Elemental, #4
Publisher: Allen and Unwin Australia
Release Date: January 28, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, YA
Pages: 376
Source: Received in exchange for review
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Nowhere is safe. Not even home…

Nick Merrick is stretched to the breaking point.

Keep his grades sky-high or he’ll never escape his hometown.

Keep his brother’s business going or the Merricks will be out on the street.

Keep the secret of where he’s going in the evenings from his own twin—or he’ll lose his family.

Keep his mind off the hot, self-assured dancer who’s supposed to be his “girlfriend’s” partner.

Of course there’s also the homicidal freak Quinn has taken to hanging around, and the Elemental Guide counting the hours until he can try again to kill the Merrick brothers.There’s a storm coming. From all sides. And then some.

Nick Merrick, can you keep it together?

My Review

Don’t let my rating sway you. Secret, the fourth instalment to the Elemental series was another brilliant read; however there are a few quibbles here and there that I have discovered in hindsight. Perhaps I’m being too picky? But I can’t seem to lower my expectations on a Kemmerer book no matter how hard I try—most likely because I know how fantastically well she can write—especially after Spirit—and as for Secret in my opinion, this book could’ve been so much better.

We’ve read about three of our Elemental boys so far: Chris, Gabriel and Hunter. We’ve all fallen in love with them and I know you all secretly (or not so secretly) want a Merrick guy or a Hunter Garrity. And now in Kemmerer’s latest, we fall in love with Nick even more. (Because we all totally loved him way earlier on in this series–even after finding out he’s gay and no female can truly have him. He is still an endearing character nevertheless.) Unlike other books in the series, where the books follow one Elemental however still have the others as sub-main characters, Secret focuses solely on just Nick and his development as a character. We don’t have much heart-racing action or badass-ery-ness. Sure, there still is some, but to a much muted point compared to Kemmerer’s previous instalments. I guess this is where my first complaint kicked in. I went into Secret expecting what I expect from this series; a whole heap of action. (And romance—though I did get that.) But I didn’t exactly get that. Maybe this is an “it’s me not you” situation.

Regardless of the lack of action and plot movement, Secret was still a captivating read. Nick’s character was no disappointment. I loved how Brigid Kemmerer handled Nick’s struggle of opening up to himself and his feelings. That it was okay to be gay. His confusion and constant fear that he’d be mocked was realistic and I was rooting for him the whole time. He wants to tell his brothers—Gabriel in particular about him but he’s afraid of what they’ll think. Nick’s always been the one that’s there to help his brothers whenever they ask. Nick’s the one that cares about school and his work. But with everything going on, he may not be able to keep it all together for much longer.

Other than Nick’s POV, we also have Quinn’s POV—Becca’s best friend. I honestly wanted to like this chick. Her family has practically torn apart, her brother hates her and her mother is literally a crazy nut-case. She even threw a knife at Quinn once. The poor girl. All the people who were meant to love her didn’t. And you know what? I. Don’t. Care. This girl has got to be the most annoying character in the Elemental cast. She gets mad at Becca because she didn’t tell her anything about who the Merricks and Hunter truly were even though it wasn’t Becca’s secret to tell. And when Quinn finds out that Becca nearly died and got raped? Quinn only got madder. NO. JUST. NO. Stuff you. Oh and she ends up finding her own love interest—Tyler. WHAAAAT. Even though Nick warned her and told her the things that he did, Quinn still goes to him. Like who in their right mind? Stupid and selfish.

Although Secret let me down in the plot and action (and one of the characters), Nick’s storyline still made an intriguing read. Oh and did I mention the romance Nick has? It. Is. AWESOME. 

~Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for sending me this copy!~

3.5 Stars
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33 Responses to Review: Secret by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. Paij Slater says:

    Great review. I have not heard of this series until now, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Paij Slater recently posted…H10 N1 by M.R. Cornelius – ReviewMy Profile

  2. Emily says:

    Sounds like this was an enjoyable read!! 🙂 I did enjoy the previous books in the Elemental series, and though this weighs quite heavily on the LGBT aspect (it seems), I’m interested to see how it all turns out… 😉 I’m glad Nick was a great character!! He was my favourite of all the boys! 😀
    Fantastic review as always, Mel! 😉 <33
    Emily recently posted…Heartbeat by Elizabeth ScottMy Profile

  3. Oh Mel, I don’t think it’s you…it’s us too, so it must be the bookie! As you know, Kate and I had very similar feelings to yours on this book. Love Nick, still not a fan of Quinn’s, and WTF with Tyler. Seriously, WTF.
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Reviews: Going Rogue and Burn BrightMy Profile

  4. Um, what happened to my comment? 🙁

    I don’t think it’s you, Mel–sadly, I think it’s the bookie, because Kate and I felt the same way about this one! Love Nick, meh on Quinn, and WTF with Tyler. Seriously, W. T. F.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Reviews: Going Rogue and Burn BrightMy Profile

  5. Lexa Cain says:

    I think it’s important for an author to pay attention to consistent branding, especially if it’s in a series of books, so your reservations seem well placed to me. But it’s good to know that you still love the author and will read more of her books. 🙂
    Lexa Cain recently posted…Road to Somewhere, Giveaways & CelebrateMy Profile

    • Melanie says:

      Yes, I would never stop being a fan of Kemmerer’s novels.

      • Dany says:

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  6. Hmmm though I like the sound of Nick, when a book fails to deliver a solid plot, I struggle a lot. Because of this, I’m not really sure the book would work for me in the end. I am, however, glad to see that you enjoyed it as a whole! Great review, Melanie 🙂

  7. I haven’t had the chance to start this series, but I’ve seen a lot of bookies reading this. Nick seems like a good character, and Quinn would probably annoy me a lot, too.
    Dre @ Sporadic Reads recently posted…Book Review 116 : Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh MafiMy Profile

  8. Filia Oktarina says:

    Thanks for sharing your review. now i am curious with the story, hope i can read this series.

  9. I’ve only read Storm, the first book in this series, but I’m feeling like I should continue, based on the positive feedback that everyone gives her books. I don’t even know how many there are because it feels like new ones just keep coming out and I have no idea which ones are novellas and which ones are the full books because the covers are exactly the same O_O But I’m glad that you enjoyed this one, even though it was a milder version of the other ones in this series. Nick’s character sounds fantastic, and Quinn’s sounds absolutely horrendous, especially with her choice to go with Tyler >.< Fantastic review, though, Mel! <33
    Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (59)My Profile

  10. I still need to try this series, I have all three books and have yet to read them…. It sounds like the author after three outstanding reads missed the mark a tad, hopefully the next book will be back on track.
    Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings recently posted…Review: The Dream Thieves (Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie StiefvaterMy Profile

  11. Aw. This series has been on my radar ever since I started blogging but I was never tempted to try it. Perhaps someday.

    I think the author was really tired about expanding this series more. Is this book full of fillers? Or the plot was just really dull?

    I hope that the author will be able to pull her act together in the next book.

    Lovely review! <3
    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens recently posted…Stacking The Shelves {25}My Profile

    • Melanie says:

      I don’t think the author was purposely stretching out the series–because Nick’s development as a character was pretty long. I guess the book would’ve felt crammed if there was a lot of action as well, I think–as an afterthought

  12. Olivia says:

    I adore this series too 🙂
    I’m glad the book is about Nick, he totally needed his own book! So who’s the next book going to be about, I wonder…
    I got this for review as well but still need to read it. It’s my favourite Aussie edition of the series (LOVE the purple).
    The Merricks are sooooo fantastic, I don’t think anyone can sway me from Becca as a favourite female but a favourite male…well that’s a different matter! Glad you liked it 🙂
    Olivia recently posted…Bang ReviewMy Profile

  13. Oh Mel, I have read the previous books before this one but I think I’ll pass this one. Heh. I’m sorry about this one being with less actions and plot but I’m glad you were still able to enjoy most of it. I’ve heard a lot not liking Quinn too, so yeah, that as well. Thanks for the honest review, Melanie! 🙂

  14. Melliane says:

    I really need to try this series, I even have the three first books as I won them signed but I really need more time!
    Melliane recently posted…Gilded Hearts by Christine D’AboMy Profile

  15. Tanja says:

    I still haven’t started with this series but I’m planing to. I have heard great things about it and I’m so glad you enjoyed this book despite those issues. I’m a bit afraid of it being a bit slower so to say. We’ll see. Oh and I love the cover. So much better than the first one. Great review, Mel 😉
    Tanja recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Reading WishlistMy Profile

  16. I haven’t had the chance to start this Elemental series, but like the sound of the it and have heard so many good things about Kemmerer’s books. I’m glad you still enjoyed this one despite some issues, and I love the sound of Nick’s character. Wonderful review 🙂

  17. Rachel says:

    I’ve been really hesitant to pick this up because the last book frustrated me so much. Nick’s story sounds wonderful. It’s sad that Quinn is still so unlikeable! I had softened on my opinion of her in the Breathless novella, but it sounds like she’s just as annoying as ever. Great review, Melanie! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Cover Fever #5My Profile

  18. Lovely review Mel, I haven’t read this series yet but I’m glad to read more about it from your reviews. Man Quinn sounds super irritating, I haven’t read any of her character yet and I already want to punch her. But hey, at least the guys sound swoon worthy!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Shadow Kiss: The Graphic Novel Review – See VA come to lifeMy Profile

  19. Kate says:

    Yeah, I’m still bummed about the Quinn/Tyler thing. Just… really terrible decisions coming out of that girl. Grrrr. Hate.

    I’m glad Nick got fun sexy fun, though. He’s such a sweetie face.
    Kate recently posted…Cruel Beauty: reviewMy Profile

  20. Annie says:

    I read a Nick novella ages ago and really wished he’d get an entire book… fast forward to today when I realise he has one! Yey! 🙂 There’s just something about BKs books, and yes, 90% of it may be the guys, lol. Lovely review honey.
    Annie recently posted…Book Review: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund HodgeMy Profile

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