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Into The Still Blue is the final conclusion to the Under the Never Sky trilogy and delivered a lot of kick-assery, sweet romance, unforgettable friendships and higher stakes for all the characters. And as a last instalment does, Veronica Rossi adds to this mix with some heartbreak, second chances and sacrifices. Our two main characters, Perry and Aria were both fantastic narrators and have both come so far. Perry’s bravery and leadership is strong and I enjoyed his determination to get to […]

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Wow. I’ll be honest; I was not expecting Uninvited to be this good. Sophie Jordan’s first YA series, Firelight, was not exactly what I had hoped for so I went into this one cautiously, a little worried that I would not enjoy it as much as everyone else. Anyway, perhaps ‘good’ is an understatement, even. Uninvited is a refreshingly fun dystopian that made it difficult for me to put down; within just hours I managed to fly through this. Davy had the […]

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Iron Fey read-along large

Banner credit to Emily of Constellation Chronicles Not long ago, I made a post about books/series that I really needed to read by the end of 2014. In that post, I included six books/series that I really wanted to read by the end of this year. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa was one of them. My best book bloggy friend, Steph @ Chasm of Books left a comment on the post suggesting for us to do a buddy read and so […]

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Hey bibliophiles! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future for YA Midnight Reads. I am currently a 14 year old student and am about to enter Year 9 (freshman–in American terms) in a fortnight. And quite frankly, studying is going to consume most of my time nowadays but I would hate to have YA Midnight Reads barely active. So, I was only left with two other alternatives. To ditch YA Midnight Reads completely (but I wouldn’t be in my right mind to […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a discussion post of all things bookish. ——— Hola people! As for 2014, there are going to be some significant changes to the blog. This year is going to be pretty tough for me since academics are going to play a bigger role if I do not cut back on blogging, so I will be blogging much less. Here’s some things I will be doing to cut back on blogging. Getting a co-blogger. […]

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Fairytale retellings have always been a hit or miss for me and Cruel Beauty totally met my expectations. Cruel Beauty contains; a love story, a destiny and betrayal as well as one brilliantly constructed protagonist and love triangle–that I must admit was rather enjoyable than annoying. Hundreds of years ago the country of Arcadia had been cursed and was controlled by demons and still has been ever since. The price of demons–The Gentle Lord is known for making bargains with desperate people, […]

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Despite my one star rating, I wasn’t at all disappointed with Defy. Simply because I knew it was going to be bad, and I went into this novel just to see how terrible it was. However, I had not expected it to be so bad that I nearly vomited in my mouth. Defy checks all boxes for one of the worst fantasy books I’ve read this year. Sure, we’re only 7 days into 2014 but I can just feel like it’s going […]

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This tour was made possible by YA Bound Book Tours LUMINARY Playlist   “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on violin (theme song for the trilogy) “Radioactive” Imagine Dragons  “Past the Point of No Return” Phantom of the Opera “Bring the Rain” Mercy Me “Battle Song” Colbie Caillat “I Look to You” Selah “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry” Darlene Love “Fearless” Taylor Swift “Daniel in the Den” Bastille “The Lord is My Shepherd” Keith Green “Healing is in Your Hands” Christy […]

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