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By: Melanie | December 31, 2013 | (24) Comments

Aaaand here is the last post of 2013! I spent quite a lot of time wondering what I will be posting about and I guess it’s time to look back on this year and take a peek at what’s happening in 2014. What I’ve Accomplished in 2013 I changed my blog name I got a new design I started receiving ARCs from publishers I went to my first book event- Penguin Teen Live I moved to self-hosted WordPress I started co-blogging at […]

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“Maybe I’ll kill you so no one else can have you.” I found myself totally surprised when I put this book down, and had a feeling of satisfaction. After reading many reviews from my friends, and hearing that there is slut-shaming, a boring and weird protagonist and gory details about animal deaths, I was pretty much 100% certain that I would downright hate this book’s guts. I even contemplated on not reading No One Else Can Have You all together before I […]

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The thing about See Jane Run was that either I was bored, or I was annoyed. The Summary Riley Alan Spencer’s life changes when she discovers a hidden birth certificate in her baby book when she and her best friend, Shelby are snooping around in her parents’ room. The problem with the birth certificate is that it doesn’t have Riley’s name printed on it. It says: Jane Elizabeth O’Leary. And when she starts getting creepy postcards from an unknown, Riley begins to […]

By: Melanie | December 23, 2013 | (22) Comments


After reading Where The Stars Still Shine and hating it with all my might, I still ended up wanting to read Something Like Normal as it sounded like nothing I’ve read before. I am glad I gave Trish Doller’s works another try because her debut in my opinion; was a huge success. Ever since Travis Stephenson joined the Marines, his life has been everything but normal. Suffocated with grief, guilt and confusion when he finally comes home for 30 days from Afghanistan, […]

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Woah O_O I seriously can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for one entire year now! I am not someone who can normally do something on a daily basis for such a long period of time. I mean, I get sick of playing piano after 1.5 hours. That’s how bad my concentration and patience levels are. But blogging is something I have loved and still love doing even though it gets a little hard and crazy sometimes. I don’t think there is anything […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a discussion post of all things bookish. ——— Hey guys! CHRISTMAS IS IN 5 DAYS. OMG. I. CAN’T. WAIT! Finally gonna have a white Christmas as I am holidaying where IT ACTUALLY SNOWS. *squeals* Other than that, I have my first blogverse tomorrow and my best book bloggy friend’s birthday also tomorrow so this will be a short post as I am working busily on those two posts. I think commenting is better […]

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This excerpt was kindly provided by Sourcebooks Fire An excerpt of Empower by Jessica Shirvington Chapter One “But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Robert Frost My sweater was coated in a layer of mist—-again—-a by–product of life in London. I barely noticed the constant drizzle anymore. It’s not as if the cold bothered me, not when I was the very definition of cold. What was bothering me was […]

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I’m a little hesitant about posting my review of this book as I had to skim the middle of this novel and jump to the end. Clearly, I’m going to miss some things. The Art of Falling was a cute and fun read about two teens who fall into an unlikely romance. See, that’s exactly the problem. There wasn’t much else. There’s a minor family dynamic but I felt that this book was just all about the romance. I’m totally cool with […]

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