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By: Melanie | October 31, 2013 | (24) Comments


There seemed to be an endless supply of completely mixed reviews for Wild Awake so I went in with low expectations and then got swept right off my feet. I see where this book could have gone upside down for some, however this madness? I loved every bit of it. Kiri has always believed that her sister, Sukey died in a car crash five years ago. That’s what her family told her and she never questioned upon it. Yet when she gets […]

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Man Made Boy is many things and genres. A retelling, fantasy, romance, humorous and contemporary. However behind all this, Man Made Boy is a coming of age novel. Highly entertaining and relatable, Jon Skovron weaves a story suitable for all ages. While I would say more boys would love this, I still think anyone could fall in love. Boy (yes, that’s his name) has never set foot outside the house. Living under a monster sanctuary in the theatre, Boy, a monster (son […]

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Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for hosting this blog tour. I see that Jump (or Twinmaker) will have a large range of strong opinions. Strangely, I was not one who had a strong opinion, whether negative or positive. I would be lying to say that this book is completely flawed, but I also would be to say that Jump was perfect. What Worked: I really liked the idea of Sean William’s world. Clair lives in a dystopian world that has been […]

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midnight madness newsletter

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week. What’s been happening lately… Wassup bibliophiles? I recently had an end of year band concert and I pretty much died on the spot when I finished. NEVER PERFORMING AGAIN. ALL THE STRESS. I stress a lot, if you didn’t know… Here’s another update on Finding Fright in Books! (It’s basically a Halloween event that has been running throughout October on my co-blog, Finding […]

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In a way, I expected this. To be disappointed. It’s happened too many times already with the hyped series; Delirium and The Hunger Games. However, Allegiant disappointed me not because of the ending, but more because of the characters and the romance. My rating still is wavering, I’m sitting on 3 stars for now but that could change anytime in the future. “You don’t believe things because they make your life better, you believe them because they’re true.” Due to the fact […]

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discussing through midnight

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads as a discussion post of all things bookish. ——— Today, I decided to make a blog post about which aspects determine whether I follow a blog or not. I may seem like a whole lot but it’s really easy to achieve. The Design: People always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. However I can’t help but think that many people do, me being on of them. If your blog has clashing colours […]

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After all the praises I heard from The Demon Trappers, I was truly convinced that Briar Rose would be an outstanding read. However, that was not the case. Briar Rose has been obsessed with fairy tales from a young age–however she does not live in one. With her parents following her every move, and not letting her go anywhere near the boy she once played with all the time. But it’s worse as her ex-boyfriend has been spreading fake rumours around and […]

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Have you ever just read a book and wondered if someone got into your brain and put parts of your life down on paper? When I read This Song Will Save Your Life, that’s exactly what I was thinking. This is one of those books that will crawl under your skin and stay there forever, keeping its mark. After one day of reading this, I have been contemplating about this book non-stop. “People are who they are and, try as you might, […]

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