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Review: The Fall of Five by Pittacus LoreThe Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore
Series: Lorien Legacies, #4
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA
Pages: 342
Source: Received in exchange for review
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The Garde are finally reunited, but do they have what it takes to win the war against the Mogadorians?

John Smith—Number Four—thought that things would change once the Garde found each other. They would stop running. They would fight the Mogadorians. And they would win.

But he was wrong. After facing off with the Mogadorian ruler and almost being annihilated, the Garde know they are drastically unprepared and hopelessly outgunned. Now they’re hiding out in Nine’s Chicago penthouse, trying to figure out their next move.

The six of them are powerful, but they’re not strong enough yet to take on an entire army—even with the return of an old ally. To defeat their enemy, the Garde must master their Legacies and learn to work together as a team. More importantly, they’ll have to discover the truth about the Elders and their plan for the Loric survivors.

And when the Garde receive a sign from Number Five—a crop circle in the shape of a Loric symbol—they know they are so close to being reunited. But could it be a trap? Time is running out, and the only thing they know for certain is that they have to get to Five before it’s too late.

The Garde may have lost battles, but they will not lose this war.

Lorien will rise again.

My Review

His chest is shredded from where Eight slashed him, he’s got a fresh black eye, and I think I notice a trickle of blood from where I struck him with his staff.

The Lorien Legacies has a little bit of everything for everyone; romance, action, sci-fi elements and a diverse collection of characters. The Fall of Five, which is the fourth and second last instalment was no exception however there were some point that did make this read less enjoyable than it could have been.

Pittacus Lore does not hesitate with his characters. We are once again re-united with our colour cast; however it is told in the perspectives of Marina, John and Sam. John is like the leader of the group, he’s guiding them through and makes the paths, we are finally introduced to Five, a little odd and oblivious too, Six is badass as usual but with a loyal heart all the same, Marina has to be my favourite character, she’s utterly sweet and probably felt the most genuine. Then there’s Eight, man I love him, selfless and strong, and Nine, cocky and arrogant. But of course, we have the human allies, Sarah she’s not really important in this story, but I still am no fan and Sam, he’s okay, relatively likable. My main issue with this book was how many characters there were, and I mean a crazy lot. Pittacus does a decent job at evening the characters out however I can’t help but feel that there wasn’t much depth in them as there were so many characters. Looking on the bright side of things, the characters were somewhat unique and distinguishable.

With majority of the book consumed with character dialogue and happenings the action and actual plot line is scarce. Nonetheless when present, it left a smile on my face and me turning the pages eagerly. Unfortunately, also due to the mass of characters, nothing really happens, most of the story, is set in one destination whereas in The Rise of Nine, it was pretty much everywhere. I am starting to feel that the author is deliberately dragging the story across into five novels when I deem that a trilogy would have been more ideal. The writing is also rather bland apart from the action scenes. It’s rather odd but I do believe the author succeeds at writing faster paced novels if anything.

Overall, The Fall of Five was rather average for me. The action and idea was good however the pacing and large amount of characters ruined it a bit. Still, if you’re looking for so fun, action on a lazy day, this series may just suit.

~Thank you Penguin Australia for sending me this copy!~


3 Stars
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23 Responses to Review: The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

  1. I love Marina and Eight! *cries* They’re amazing together and gosh. I can’t right now. NO. I’m going to hide in a hole and scream. Fab review, Melanie

  2. Amelia says:

    I am a huge fan of this series however I haven’t yet read The Fall of Five, it’s sad that you couldn’t connect with the characters as much because there were so many. But I agree with how the author is stretching the series apart, it’s way too slow for my tastes.

  3. I haven’t read I Am Number Four yet, even though I’ve had it for months. Damn TBR piles! I’ll have to squeeze it in somewhere soon because I’m most probably missing out. I’m sorry this was kind of average for you, Melanie.

    Great review!
    Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (18)My Profile

  4. A shame that this one of wasn’t one of your better reads Mel. Such a shame, I hate it when nothing really happens and dragging things out for the sake of a series is a real thing. Some of those characters sound really good though! Great review!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…ARC Review: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia Review – Supernatural Meets Teen MelodramaMy Profile

  5. Shelly says:

    I really enjoyed the Fall of Five but I totally agree that the human characters were not really important. I don’t like Sarah at all so I was a little disappointed that she’s in this book. Eight was totally my favourite character so the ending…. (well you know what happens next!). Anyway, the extreme amount of characters and lack of setting was a little bland but I think the ending totally builds hype towards the next book. Awesome review! 🙂
    Shelly recently posted…Shelly Seeks Advice: The Goodreads DebateMy Profile

  6. I’ve only read the first book in this series, but I’ve always wanted to continue with it! Too bad you didn’t enjoy it as much. Great review! 😀
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…Review: Silent Echo: A Siren’s Tale by Elisa FreilichMy Profile

  7. Alise says:

    I really like the cover for this one, I own the first three books but still have yet to get around to reading them. I did like the movie though. I usually like a lot of dialogue but not when it just completely takes over the story.
    Alise recently posted…Review: Arabelle’s Shadows by Fleur GaskinMy Profile

  8. I’m pretty much planning on reading this one after I finish the book I’m on now. I thought the other books were pretty good, but it’s too bad that this one felt slow to you.
    We’re All Mad Here recently posted…“The One” CoverMy Profile

  9. Ariella says:

    I Am Number Four wasn’t my cup of tea so I never continued the series. I’m so sad to hear that you didn’t enjoy the Fall of Five though! A lot of people have been waiting on it. Hopefully the last book would be better and be the final ending that everyone hopes for!
    Ariella recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #45 – Back from My HiatusMy Profile

  10. For some reason, I stopped after listening to book 1 on audio. I liked it, but I was never interested enough to continue the series. The sheer number of characters in this one sounds overwhelming and the lack of plot worries me a bit, but overall, I’m glad you had fun reading it.
    Maja (The Nocturnal Library) recently posted…Review: Death and the Girl He Loves (Darklight, #3)My Profile

  11. Stepanie B says:

    Ah, I hate it when the pacing is off. Pacing can really significantly affect a novel no matter how good the plot and characters are.
    Stepanie B recently posted…Expanding the Age GroupMy Profile

  12. Rachel says:

    I stopped reading this series after the first book. I guess I wasn’t that interested in carrying on. Nice to see you enjoyed it overall, Melanie. Great review! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Showcase Sunday #36My Profile

  13. ienne says:

    I’m definitely not a fan of this book series though I want to know what happens in the end so I’m reading on. You’re exactly right when you said that the author is just stretching the whole story out. After reading the latest in the series, I felt like I just read the first few chapters of one book and the other half’s missing. Nothing really happened except for that one part. The part when we all shouted NO! and wished so bad it wasn’t so.

    ooh I’d just like to share this for no reason at all… I really do not like Sarah and Sam so much so that I kind of wish they’d be killed off in the next page the whole time I was reading in the book. I sound evil. Yes, I know. I’m not though, I just feel like Sam’s incredibly whiny and Sarah’s cock-blocking Six. haha

    -super talkative ienne from the PH

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