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I fall for anything Courtney Summers writes. And this one was no exception. Eddie Reeves’ father, a legendary photographer, commits suicide but no one knows exactly why. And Eddie wants to know. She wants to know why he left her. Why he left her mother. Why he left the world where he was such a respected photographer. When Eddie begins to believe that she’ll never find out the reason- she meets Culler Evans. Ex-student of her father and photographer himself.  Culler seems […]

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Some girls are bitches. Some girls are blackmailers. Some girls are bullies. Some girls are liars. Some girls are were your friends. “You only get to walk variations of the same lines everyone has already drawn for you.” I read this book about a month ago however it is still vibrating through my body, still so vivid, still so affecting. Some Girls Are, turned out to affect me more than I expected. So forgive my personal review. Which mind you, took many […]

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People change. Some change more than others, but they all change. Parker Fadley changed. Perfect Parker Fadley. Changed. A lot. From captain of the cheer squad, girlfriend of a hot guy and a constant high achiever, no one knows what happened to her. But something did. Something huge and so conflicting that Perfect Parker is now not talking to anyone about it. With her parents, teachers and fellow classmates watching her every move, they all wonder the same question. “What happened?” She’s […]

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midnight madness newsletter

This meme was created for YA Midnight Reads to showcase upcoming posts and hauls from over the past week. Overall: Okay. I think I just experienced my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I’d like to say thanks send virtual huggles and kisses to Steph @ Chasm of Books and Hannah @ Book Haven for the awesomest blog posts ever! I did not expect to get hijacked by the birthday blog hijacker, I was actaully expecting Steph to be posting on my blog but turns […]

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What will our world be like in a few decades’ time? Will it be thriving with the interminable technology? Or will it be in decay from a Word War III, on the brink of extinction? Or, would our world be one with water everywhere, but not a drop to drink? “Water water every where, but not a drop to drink.” Mindy McGinnis, invites readers into her imagination view of what the world will be like with water still around, yet undrinkable due […]

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HEEEEEY! It’s the Birthday Hijack Alien here to wish Melanie here a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It’s my goal to turn her from having a great birthday into having the BEST BIRTHDAY EVARRRR!!! Which obviously means we gotta have a dance party! *****cue Felix!***     *****cue penguins***   *****and random cartoon character!!!*****   So Melanie, just wanted to let you know how awesome you are! I’m not as close with you as Steph here is, but it’s so much fun when I […]

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The same and I are sworn enemies. Hate: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry. Example sentence: I didn’t hate this book but I didn’t love it. Hate Is Such A Strong Word was a book I heard very little about; but hype doesn’t say everything about a book so with the intriguing synopsis, I dug right in. It’s the last year of high school and Sophie wants […]

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There are two main subgenres that peel off from contemporary; the sweet and fun or the dark and meaningful. In this case, The Summer I Became A Nerd is a copacetic mixture of the two, turning out to be a cute yet depth-contained novel. I thought that the story was slightly unrealistic and the main character lacked self-esteem but in the end, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Leah Rae Miller created quite a handful of character moulds. And, as the story went on […]

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